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Zelda’s Log #2: Teammates

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The morning of their departure to Zora’s Domain, Zelda fidgeted with the contents of the crates and boxes under the stairs, as she was already accustomed. One particular item caught her attention, for she had not seen it before.

‘Link, care to explain how did you obtain… this?’, she asked, raising the chestplate of the Zora armor. 'Please don’t tell me you got it from a tomb or something like that’.

‘No, I actually received it as a gift from King Dorephan’, he clarified, seeing Zelda’s disapproving look turn into a surprised one. ‘Mipha had made it for me’.

Zelda remained in silence for a moment, visibly surprised.

‘Do you know what that means?’


So the rumors were true, then’, Zelda thought, putting back the chestplate on its container, appreciating all the details so lovingly put with a bittersweet smile.

She went back to her preparations in silence.

6.23 a.m. My heart feels heavy. Mipha, wherever you are: I am deeply sorry. I’ll have to live with this guilt for the rest of my life. I can only promise you this: I’ll take care of Link as much as you would have. I hope I can atone for failing you this way, even if it is a little.

‘How much about Mipha do you remember?’, Zelda inquired Link while on the road.

'Almost as much as I remember you’, he started, 'I started recovering my memories about her since I arrived here looking for Vah Ruta. Some of my childhood memories of her are fuzzy though’.

'I’m so glad you do’, she assured him, smiling softly, 'I honestly thought in the beginning your memory was full of gaps,but you proved me wrong’ - she took a deep breath - 'She was the kindest person I have ever known, always trying to make all of us get along’, Zelda affirmed, gazing into the the blueish hues and intricate shapes of the nearing Domain, which shone like an opal under the starlight.

'That’s true’, he reaffirmed with a sigh.

’She gave me good advice on how to deal with you and your dashing personality back then’, she remembered.

Dashing’, Link snorted, a bit mortified by the adjective. 'As far as I can recall, I was as charming as a brick’.

You were quite the opposite, but charming nonetheless, she said to herself, avoiding imagining a brick with Link’s clothes.

After a horseback ride and some walking, they arrived quite late at night. Zelda admired the late Champion’s sculpture at  the before checking in at the Inn to get some rest.

12.45 a.m. After a long journey, we finally arrived in Zora’s Domain. Seeing how lovingly Mipha is remembered here is moving. The sculpture they made of her reflects perfectly the balance between her tenderness as a person and her fierceness as a Champion of Hyrule. Tomorrow we shall meet the King, to inform him of the current state of Vah Ruta, and see if I can do anything to make it properly function again.

Both woke up early, Zelda feeling not so rested.

'That water bed was weird’, she commented, rubbing her neck, 'I’m not so sure if I feel energized’.

She looked at Link, almost glowing. Part of her lack of sleep was due to him giggling in his sleep.

Maybe we should stay another night in here and study the side effects of sleep in these beds’, she considered deep in thought, eyes squinting at her partner, oblivious to her research ideas. ‘Maybe it can be a good idea to try them again… for science’.

Her devisings were interrupted by a very tall, muscular, red skinned Zora, wearing royal regalia and a toothy grin, striding into the Inn.

'Link! My dearest friend!’, he greeted the short blond man with a vigorous handshake, making him wiggle like a Korok leaf, ‘what brings you here​?!’

‘H-hell-o, S-Sid-don!’, Link shakily greeted back the Zora Prince.

‘Sidon?!’, Zelda almost yelled in astonishment and surprise, barely recognizing who was in front of her, ‘Is that you?!’

He turned to face the petite blonde, his jaw almost dropping.

‘Your Grace’, he gasped, then making a small curtsy and smiling widely, ‘It is I indeed’.

‘You were just a toddler when I last saw you!’, she exclaimed, all giddy, ‘And look at you now!’

'A hundred years don’t pass in vain, not even for us Zoras’.

A few minutes later, they arrived to the throne room to meet King Dorephan.

'Greetings, Princess of Hyrule’, the voice of the King echoed on the room, 'the news of your victory over the Calamity is spreading fast through the kingdom’.

'It is not mine’, she humbly denied, 'for it belongs to all of the people that made it possible, and that includes all of you, specially both of your offspring, and Link here’.

‘Do not rest value to your own effort’, said the King, ‘for despite your initial failure, you still succeeded’.

‘Your eldest daughter died for my failure’, I reminded him. ‘It thwarted her bright future and her happiness’.

‘And her sacrifice was not in vain’, he made it clear, ‘she always knew of the possible consequences of being a Champion at the service of the kingdom, so my dear Princess, do not let your heart still be weary’.

‘I shall try’. Zelda sighed, understanding the King’s position.

‘Changing the subject, I have been informed you have also come to investigate the Divine Beast’.

‘Certainly, Sir’, Zelda chimed, ‘I have observed Vah Ruta stopped sending activity signals some time after the defeat of the Calamity. I would like to check for any malfunction it may have, so I could contact the Sheikah scientists and make the corresponding repairs. I believe their protection is key for the security of the kingdom, now that we are free from our foe’.

‘Then go, Your highness, I trust your judgement’, King Dorephan nodded. ‘Sidon, please escort them to Vah Ruta - even if Link knows this place as the palm of his hand’.

They left the throne room, making their way to the Divine Beast immediately. Once there, Link helped Zelda and Sidon get on Vah Ruta with the help of Revali’s Gale and the paraglider. Not even the travel gate was operative.

'Link told me about the fight you both had against Ruta, you were amazing!’, Zelda commented while turning on her slate.

'I just swam! Link did all the job of appeasing the Divine Beast’.

'Seriously? ‘Just swam’?’, Link chuckled, elbowing the tall Zora playfully, 'I would have been smashed by those ice blocks if it wasn’t for you and your skills!’

'Don’t underestimate your abilities’, she noted, swiping her device over the entrance, looking for a reaction. 'You could have piloted this Divine Beast if you were a champion instead of Mipha’.

The travel gate lit up. A message appeared on Zelda’s Sheikah slate.

Authenticate new user.

'Looks like someone decided it was time for a relay’, Zelda guessed, her eyes turning to the Zora Prince. 'Mipha’s spirit is no longer residing inside the Divine Beast’.

'My sister is at peace, then’, Sidon concluded, with a calm smile. 'She had the closure she needed’.

'Certainly’, Zelda reassured him, Link nodding next to her.

'Maybe we should return, the-’, Sidon’s words interrupted by the flashing light of the travel gate. He had stepped on it.

Initializing biometric scan.

Pilot compatibility 95%.

New user authenticated.

Enter username.

The notifications popped on Zelda’s slate, to her astonishment, and in less extent, to Link’s.

The entrances to the Divine Beast opened. The group approached the guidance stone, Zelda stepping forward to put her Sheikah Slate on it.

Enter username to finish startup.

‘I should ask you first if you are willing to take your sister’s mantle as Champion of Hyrule’, she turned to him, with a serious, worrisome look, ‘and all that it entails’.

‘It would be the greatest honor to follow my sister’s steps’, the Zora Prince didn’t even think further, ‘Besides, working not only with such a pair of amazing Hylians, but also with my most treasured friend for all time here’ - he patted Link’s back, throwing the already merry Hylian out of balance - ‘to help our land recover from this ordeal - We would be teammates now!’.

‘I didn’t expect you to answer so quickly’, Zelda admitted, full of joy, 'but it makes me really happy your answer was positive’ - she made way for him to approach the guidance stone and the slate - 'You should do the honors, I guess’.

The Zora Prince typed his name on the device, full of curiosity at the device’s tactile screen. Once done, the Divine Beast lit up in a bright blue light.

Startup concluded.

Welcome, Sidon.

‘I want to take a picture of Purah’s reaction when we tell her what just happened’, Link commented, trying to contain his laugh. ‘I bet she will snap out’.

Zelda bursted into laugh, and the Hylians reaction made the Zora Prince curious.

‘Purah is a very enthusiastic Sheikah researcher, you will probably meet her soon’, Zelda explained, ‘She is quite… peculiar’.

‘I hope to do so, my dear teammates!’, Sidon exclaimed, enthused at the idea, ‘peculiar is never bad!’

9.17 p.m.  A most unexpected development has occurred: the Divine Beast, in a strange twist of fate, has a new pilot, Prince Sidon of the Zoras. In all honesty, it’s as if Mipha herself had pushed her brother on the gate, but I guess it solves the mystery of why it stopped working (it just needed a new master). Anyway, I couldn’t think of any other person more perfect for the job; he is enthusiastic and really optimist, besides a very charming Zora.

He really admires Link and appreciates their friendship - I know Link feels the same way.

Fun fact: Sidon doesn’t get Link’s lame puns.

I will inform Purah and Robbie - our next stop is Akkala - about this event, and the high possibility it might occur with the remaining Divine Beasts. We will have to find new Champions before the Divine Beasts go inactive. Link’s assistance in this matter will be critical.

10.35 p.m. I tried to conduct a study on the properties of the Zora  waterbeds, but I failed miserably. We accidentally punctured the mattress, flooding the room on the Inn. Maybe we will be able to repeat the experiment… when the innkeeper forgets about the mess I made… for science.

 okay no but timkon coffee shop aus could include (but are not limited to):

  • tim is a daily regular at the coffee shop and one day there’s a new barista that can’t seem to get into the flow of the store and who also cant seem to make very good coffee but tim doesn’t want to complain because said new barista is hot af
  • tim and kon both work at the coffee shop and most of their free time on the clock is spent with tim trying to explain the difference between all the coffee beans and making pour overs like “here try this one, taste the difference” and kon really doesn’t understand anything but the fact that tim is really cute when he gets excited about coffee
  • again, they both work at the shop but they work different schedules and never truly have met each other (tim’s shift always ends at 2, kon always comes in at 4) but both have heard how attractive and great the other is through coworkers and they finally met when one covers someone else’s shift and damn the others were fuckin’ right
  • tim is the asshole customer without meaning to be. on one occasion right before they were about to close for the night, he comes in getting drinks for the whole family (’who needs seven coffees/lattes at 11pm???’) and on another, right after open, he tries to use a $100 for his $2 coffee because it’s literally all he has in his wallet (and kon kind of holds a grudge about all of it for a while)
  • tim works at the shop and kon comes in every now and then, always late in the day when no other customers are really around, and tim ends up venting to him about how shitty the other customers have been all day while he makes kon’s drink and one day kon stays for a bit at a table and leaves a napkin with his number and a note about being all ear’s whenever tim needs to vent
  • a slow burn au where one works at the shop and the other is a customer that comes in sometimes and they really don’t talk beyond ‘how’re you doin’ today?’ but they both want to and eventually with every visit they begin talking a little more and more
  • neither of them work at the shop but tim’s always there with his laptop, working away on whatever the hell he’s working on, and kon goes there because it’s a nice place to just relax and they always see each other and sometimes they’ll catch the other glancing at them until one day kon sits at tim’s usual table and just starts talking
  • (again neither of them work there) but they both order the same drink and the barista calls it out by the drink, not a name, and it’s the dumbest cheesiest moment where they both think it’s theirs and need i go on

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What would Jason and Ronnie's answers to the lunchtime poll question be?

Jason retains the wonderful line of “That’s the stupidest question I’ve ever heard,” but his actual response is slightly different. He’s not trying to impress anyone with his joking, so he answers with a more truthful, “Probably donate all of it to whatever they’re doing because who cares? The world’s ending, might as well contribute so someone’s dream, as gross as it may be. I don’t want to stick around to see the end of the world if I have no say in how it happens.”

Ronnie… doesn’t get asked. Nobody pushes Heather to ask anyone way out of their social standing and Ronnie is both new and uninteresting to the Heathers. New girl who is purposely ruining her style with a big coat? Lame.

Late Night Meetings

Another Klance fic! this one was written at two in the morning, but worry not - I edited it at two in the afternoon. This one has some Galra!Keith cuz my heart needs it, cuddles cuz why not, and Forehead kiss cuz it’s the exact meaning of comfort. 

Rated: T

Genre: Fluff, Angst - comfort

Pairing: Klance

Word Count: 2874

Summary: Lance doesn’t really know how it began, but he knows that he is now paying a visit to Keith’s room every night. He constantly feels as though these events will end. But the one night when Keith’s door is locked, there is something wrong. Something is very wrong. And Lance needs to find out. (Galra!Keith. Cuddles. Forehead Kiss. Bonding Moment.)

Lance isn’t quite sure when it began happening. It has become somewhat of a habit of his now. Nearly every night - if not all - He leaves his room, shrouded in the darkness of the vast stretch of endless space; During what has been presumed to be day time, The lights of the ship are on and providing energy. But at night, they are not, and blackness cloaks all.

All Lance had to do was find a way to light his path. He found a device from the ship, likely from the control or maintenance room. Lance snuck there weeks ago. from then on, he used it to lurk from his room to other parts of the ship.

Lance sighs and glances out every glass window on his way, a wistful smile on his lips as he gazes at the millions - infinite, perhaps - stars. He was always fascinated by them back on earth, seeing them as magnificent gems littering the darkness beyond human reach.

Now, however, they are much different to him. They no longer hold mysteries. They hold nightmares - they remind Lance of his longing for the planet in which he lived for such long time - where he grew.

Shaking his head, Lance rid himself from the pain. He glances up and sees his destination before him - Keith’s door.

He debates with himself for a moment with this is truly the best option, and shrugs as he sees nothing wrong. Sure, it is far beyond the ordinary, but not wrong. It is alright to want what Lance yearns.

Swallowing and suppressing the flutter of nervousness in his stomach - a feeling he experiences, although weaker with each passing day, every time he pays one of his late night visits - Lance raises his knuckles to the metal door and knocks.

A few moments of silence greet him coldly, but Lance is not put off. Keith can easily be taking his time. Or perhaps he’s fallen asleep. The latter thought has Lance signing in rejection. He knows how Keith is normally distant from others. And he’s known since this began that it would come to an end.

A moment before he fully turns, ready to return to his room and mourn his home planet in loneliness, however, A sound catches his attention. Lance stops at once.  He blinks as he turns back towards the door.

“…Keith?” He asks tentatively, and when no answer comes he assumes it was his imagination.

Once again, the sound reaches his ears. This time, Lance stops. He tilts his head to the side, now aware he hasn’t imagined it. Slowly, he attempts to talk to his friend again.

“Keith?” He asks, voice stronger than last time.

He receives no answer again. Lance groans.

“Seriously, Keith,“ Lance says to the door, knowing his voice is easily reaching his friend. “What’s up with you? I guessed you wouldn’t want to do this anymore at some point, but I didn’t know this is how you’d go about it. Geez.”

Then a reply comes, and Lance is frozen in place.

“…Leave me alone, Lance.”

He sounds broken. That’s the first thing that dawns on Lance.

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Illegal vans and trolls: disjointed thoughts on the nature of Alternia's transportation system (or lack thereof) part 1 of 2

(This whole thing started with the responses I got to this post, and the ones that follow.)

I promised I’d write about illegal brazilian vans and by sweet golly gosh I’m going to write a fuckton of shit about illegal brazilian vans.

But first… I got several reblogs and replies bringing up ways to build and maintain basic transportation infrastructure in Alternia. Maybe drones can be programmed to do the upkeep! Carpenter Droids! Equius builds ass-kicking robots, maybe some kid built road-making robots!

Setting aside the fact that Equius was no programmer and all his robots did was punch shit so he could punch them back– I know where you guys are coming from. I really do. It sounds so simple, right? So reasonable, so easy. Just leave behind drones or droids programmed to build and maintain a network of roads for the children to use, and everyone wins. But do you know what would be even easier than that? Doing jack shit. Jack shit takes no work and is totally free.

Trust me, if the options are between doing something helpful and reasonable, and doing jack shit, the average governing power will do jack shit until forced otherwise by a catastrophic situation or a need to save face, which are sometimes the same thing. This riveting tale of the rise and fall of the brazilian illegal transportation mafia should help illustrate this fact.

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I just hit 5k+ followers and I think I might cry.

There is over 5,000 people following my blog. That’s a lot of people, there are cities out there with less people than that. I’m not quite sure what made you follow my blog, what kept you following my blog, but thank you so very much. You guys have made tumblr a way better experience for me. I know this is just a silly website but I get really happy interacting with you guys. Whenever you send me an ask, make a nice tag on a gifset I did, reblog anything of mine, reply to a text post, anything; it makes me happy so thank you. I didn’t ever think I would get this far, I know it might not be a lot to some but it’s a lot to me, so thank you all for following and putting up with my lameness. To any future followers, welcome! And to the old followers, thank you again! And to anyone who has been following me since I switched from a multifandom blog to a Hetalia blog to a Free! blog to whatever it is now, bless you and wow. To the friends I’ve made along the way, I love you guys! 

Just to everyone, I’ll say it again, thank you. 

For now, I would like to also thank the people follow, the ones that made my dash a little better every day and keep putting awesome content out for me to reblog and ignore all other responsibilities. It’s not a big list because I have never followed a lot of people but thank you a lot for being awesome and random and great and wonderful, ok. I honestly hope we can be friends if we aren’t yet. Some of you I’ve been following for a long time and it’s the point where our blogs aren’t the same but I like you on my dash because you’re great and some of you I’ve recently followed with wonderful blogs and overall, everyone is great okay. 

These are in no particular order, at all.

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all the bolded ones are my favourite blogs.

                … oh wait.

I don’t think I forgot anyone and I hope I didn’t misspell anyone’s name wrong but thank you all again for the 5k+ and thanks to everyone who I follow that make my dash great!

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All Eren wanted to do was focus on work, it defeated the purpose of getting over his mother's death when he had all the time in the world to think about it now. Waiting outside until the class was over, the boy slipped in and shut the door. The first thing he did was lean over the man's desk and kiss him. It was funny to see Levi caught off-guard. "We're going to the boardwalk today to eat crappy food and I'll win you a 'lame' teddybear." He informed him in a matter-of-fact manner. (ereeeeen)

“Don’t forget, the assignment is due next week,” Levi told his students as they started to make their way out of the classroom. He gave a soft sigh and sat back down on his chair at his desk, looking at the the textbook to see what subjects he should lecture about during the next class. Though he got shot out of his concentration when he saw someone leaning over his desk, kissing him before he even realized who it was. “Eren,” he said. He gave a soft huff and listened to what he had to say. Levi closed his book and leaned over as well a bit. “Oh really? Well, I’m not even sure if I’m interested in a lame teddybear,” Levi said with a small smirk. “The only thing I want to hold close to me at night is your naked body.” ereeeeen

The Point of Rain

“Stop it.”

“Oh come on Peri-“

“I swear to God Lapis.”

“Spoil sport.” Lapis waved her hand, halting the flow of rain pouring on Peridot. Suffice to say, the tech gem was less than amused.

“Do you mind telling me why you decided to soak me and my gear with this liquid substance?”

“It’s called water Peridot, and Steven asked me to help water the Watermelon Stevens.”

“You said water three times.”

“Stop nitpicking.”

“You got my robinoids wet.”

“Are they broken?”

“They are not built to withstand contact with this substance you clod.”

“And I’m not built to listen to your whining you nerd.”

Peridot jerked away mumbling a few choice insults under her breath.

“Hey! I heard that!”

Peridot smirked as she pulled up her holo-screen, taking count of the Melon Stevens, “What’s your point?” She ducked as a water all was chucked at her head. “Hey!”

Lapis giggled, summoning more water balls, rotating them around her hand. Peridot began backing up. “Don’t you dare Lapis.”

The blue gem grinned. “Don’t what? Do this?” She hurled lobbed one of the orbs at Peridot’s face.

“Ooo-ya!” She cried, diving behind one the Melon Stevens for protection. “Back! Back water demon!”

Lapis pouted in reply. “Demon? Well that’s rude.”

Peridot held up a Melon Steven as a shield. “I call it as I see it water baby.” She held up the Steven just in time to have a water orb chucked at her head. “Grow up you clod!”

“I’m at least 5000 years older than you, you know.”

“Big deal you clod.”

Lapis as distracted from their one sided water fight by a Melon Steven tugging on her dress. It pointed at the huge crowd of Stevens waiting to be watered. “Sorry, just give me a second.” She waved her hand, summoning a cloud of rain over the Steven plants. She smiled as they began to hop joyfully under the light shower of water. Peridot watched them in confusion, resuming her count with the robinoids scuttled between the Stevens, aiding in the census.

“I don’t understand the point of this. Why don’t they simply drink this stuff like the other living organisms on this planet?”

Lapis rubbed her head thoughtfully. “Well Steven said that the Watermelon Stevens are technically plants. And on earth plants just sort of absorb water I guess.”

“Through a series of roots and a system of xylem and phloem, which theseStevens are clearly lacking.”

“Hey, I don’t know how they work, I just know what works.”

“Psssh.” Peridot held her hand out under the raincloud, noting the water falling through her fingers. “And this…rain. I don’t understand why this planet requires its gravitational force to spread-“

“You’ve never seen rain before?”

Peridot blushed. “No,” she replied defensively looking back at her screen, “You know just as well as I do that even this water as you call it, is foreign to Home world. The alterations in your program was most likely modeled to aid in the, failed might I add, attempt to control the planet.” Her partner’s silence made her look away from the Steven count. Lapis Lazuli looked as if she had be struck. Peridot cocked her head in confusion. “Lapis?”

“How can you say that?”

“Say what? Was my information wrong?” Peridot began to grumble to herself, “I swear Citrine just gives me this lame brain information just to-“

“You don’t get it do you?” Lapis interrupted.

“What are you talking about?”

Alteration in my program. Don’t you get what that implies?” Peridot raised an eyebrow.

“Uh, noooo.”

Lapis shook her head sullenly. “Never mind. Just finish counting already so we can head back to the temple.”

“Oh-kay, fine. I’ll be done in just a moment.” Peridot returned to her screen, confused and feeling almost…hurt. “Resuming Steven count at Steven number one one four, one one five, one one six…”

Lapis lifted one Melon Stevens, hugging it to her chest. Damn it Peridot! ‘Alteration to her program?’ She was not some drone or robot to just be programed! Sure Home world altered her gem to give her hydrokinetic powers, but that…that…

Lapis looked down at the Melon Steven in her arms. According to Steven, these little guys were…designed…to be sort of like Steven’s body guards. That was their purpose, and yet, here they were, living independently, happily, being aided by the one who created them. They were basically weapons, but they didn’t have to live like weapons. Lapis glanced at Peridot. Home world last time she was there was…different then she had remembered. Everyone was so stoic and obedient. Older Gems like Jasper seemed normal but those younger gems seemed so unfeeling. Even Peridot didn’t seem to really open up till she came to earth. Is that how she saw herself? Just as a programed gem? Sure they technically had wills, but the wills of the diamonds always proceeded anything else. She assumed that after Rose’s rebellion, that’s when they really cracked down to reinforce that rule. That’s the world Peridot had grown up in, it’s all that she’d probably had ever known. But here on earth, it was different. Steven and the Crystal Gems were so free, and treated the Home world Gems, their enemies as…equals. It was weird. Lapis guessed she had just gotten used to the idea that she was more than a weapon, that she actually…mattered. Didn’t Peridot feel the same way?

“Stupid clods! Don’t touch my stuff!”

Lapis jumped up as a Melon Steven was sent flying over her head. Apparently the young melon in question was trying to pull one of the legs off of one of the robinoids. Lapis pulled Peridot towards the warp pad as the Watermelon Stevens began hissing angrily. “We should probably leave.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Let’s go, like, NOW!”


“Why are we here again?”

“I just wanna show you something.”

Lapis and Peridot stood on top of the temple’s cliff. After being chewed out by Garnet for enraging the Watermelon Stevens (again), Lapis dragged Peridot to the top of the temple, saying she wanted to explain something. So they were, standing in front of the fence.

“Peridot I-“

“Just a moment Lapis,” Peridot interrupted. “Let me first apologize for what I said earlier. It was made apparent to me, “ By Garnet, who when Peridot asked for advice on Lapis’ mood swings, proceeded to give her a short and very uncomfortable talk about relationships and a little something humans liked to call ‘tact’. “I didn’t mean to insult you. Apparently saying ‘alterations to one’s program’ is a touchy subject to you older gems.” As Pearl, Amethyst, and Jasper demonstrated by trying to stuffing her in the trash before being rescued by Garnet. “What I meant was-“

“It’s alright Peri. I get it.”

“You do?” Peridot asked, taken aback.

“Yeah, I do. You didn’t know. It’s just…my powers weren’t something I got willingly, a when you say program-“

“It felts like I’m referring to you as a thing, rather than a gem. That was never my intention. I’m used to just saying my observations. It never occurred to me that it would be offensive.”

Lapis laid her head against Peridot’s shoulder, closing her eyes. “I know.”

The green gem blushed, and scratching her chin. She coughed. “Ummm what was it that you wanted to show me?”

Lapis opened her eyes and grinned, perching on the fence, her legs dangling off the edge of the cliff. “Well you said you don’t get how water really works. Well let me explain,” Her gem glowed, and water wings appeared from her back, “Water falls from the sky.” She turned her head, grinning at a stunned Peridot. “At least, on earth it does.” She leaned forward, and fell.

 Peridot rushed over to the fence, watching Lapis fall, partly in admiration, partly in terror, waiting for Lapis to pull up before she hit the ground. She was getting closer and closer to the rocky bottom, when suddenly her water wings disappeared. “No! Lapis you clod!” she screamed panicking, leaping over the fence, and diving down after the plummeting gem.

 “Oomph!” she groaned, grabbing a falling Lapis as she went into Peri-copter mode. “You clod! What were you thinking?!”

 “Just showing you how rain works,” Lapis laughed, clutching her friend, “Nice catch by the way.”

 “Don’t do that! You scared me!”

 Lapis nuzzled her face into her neck. “Mmm hmm! I’m sorry.”

 “Sure doesn’t sound like it.” Peridot grumbled.

“Hey Peri.”

“What is it, clod?”

“You know what the best thing about rain is?”

Peridot tightened her griped on Lapis’ waist, hovering above the beach. The sun was starting to set over the ocean. “No. What is it?”

“There’s always something there to catch it.”

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Your children will continue to die when terrorists are hiding behind them. No wonder you don't hear about Hamas soldier casualties; you only hear about 'Palestinians'.

I only hear about the Palestinians, because;

I am among those people who chose to uncover their ears, hence, we hear them scream and we hear what the media silences us from;

That I am among those people who chose to uncovered their eyes, so that we see their sufferings and refuse to believe what the media shows us upfront.

That I am among those people who use their hands to pray to Allah to help these people who are being killed rather than using them to pinpoint groups of rebels or militants and call them terrorists or type on my keyboard and message all the people who talk about helping the people of Palestine with all these “your children will continue to die” cliche lines because honestly, that is just so lame.

And for your information, my children will continue to live, maybe not in this world, but in the heart of every person who believes that there is still justice in this world and that Allah is ever watchful of every deed and everything that has happened to this world.

They will continue to live and when your time is up and Allah will question every person from this world, you’ll see them either witnessing for you or against you.

And Allah knows best. May He forgive us all.

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Hi Carrie! Love, love, love your blog and your fics! Could you please help me find one Sterek fic? Stiles is always talking in polish, thinking no one understands, but Derek speaks polish and understands everything he's talking about. Sorry for the lame informations, I just really want to read it again, I hope you can help me! thanks *-*

aw thank you for the kind words! i think this is what you’re looking for:

  • untitled by cursedtruth, howlnatural (Not Rated, 1k) The muttering always seemed a bit disgruntled in tone, which confused Derek, because it was nothing but complimentary words for some man named Tadzio.  Who the fuck was Tadzio, though? Whoever he was, he had a nice ass.  And his eyes were “unfairly pretty, like some goddamn opals or something.”  It would go on for at least a half hour, the angry Polish mumbling of just how stupidly hot Tadzio was.  

ok yeah seems like dashcon is pretty pathetic and the way it’s been carried out is lackluster and disappointing. yea, it’s all pretty sketchy. people paid a shitload of money for this bullshit and it’s a pretty lame payoff. there’s contradicting information everywhere & people on tumblr are falling over each other to give their Important Opinion on it about how the people who went are stupid fandom idiots and How Dare They

but. seriously. criticizing the congoers for this shit is not only petty, it’s rude: they signed up for this (some like a year+ ago, when tickets first went on sale) to have fun with other people who share their interests. they had no reason to believe it wouldn’t be like any other con they’d potentially been to. it is not even remotely their fault that it ended up being the shitshow we’re all watching from afar. 

the bulk of the criticism i’ve seen has been about the congoers raising $17,000 in half an hour after being told the con was going to be shut down- yeah, sure, they could have spent that money to more charitable causes, but that could literally be said of any money being spent on anything that is recreational. if someone you knew and trusted rushed to you like ‘quick no time to explain something terrible is going to happen to me if you don’t spot me fifty bucks!’ would you do it? are you saying you wouldn’t do it for the sake of counterargument?

“if they could shell out that much cash in a half hour, why couldn’t they donate a dollar to my personal cause??” i dunno dude. they probably donated so much because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time, what with people of seeming authority giving off an urgent world-is-ending type of vibe. tumblr likes to overcome seeming hardship. if a hotel “threatens” to kick an entire con of volatile tumblr users out, you bet that they’d figure out a way to get on. i wasn’t there, though. i couldn’t tell you. yes, people should be more generous and charitable with their spending money, and give where it’s needed, but unfortunately that’s rarely what happens. you need money for surgery, or for medication, or for your cat’s surgery, or for rent, or for a bus ticket to go far far away to make yourself safe, and that’s dire! it really is! i hope that you get your money and that you thrive and have a happy life! but these people are still not obligated to give you their spare cash, even if you badly need it. vilifying these kids for shelling out $$$ in what seems to be a heat-of-the-moment type deal is not productive.

tumblr is making these kids out to be the bad guys when they’re probably all just a bunch of innocent, immature tweens who think fandom is the end all be all of everything and yeah they’re probably annoying the fuck out of the hotel’s staff but holy shit at least all we’re hearing about is them singing loudly and being by-our-standards embarrassing in public

foolhardy and immature? yeah, probably. scourge of society? vapidly intolerant? most likely no.

calm your shit.

Mon Beaute

I rubbed my hand in soft circles around my protruding stomach. The baby was relatively tranquil in the womb. It kicked only at the sound of voices and music. I had rejected the opportunity to learn the sex of the baby. I didn’t want to be too attached should this end badly. The door to the bunker opened and closed and I paused my movie.
“Honey, I’m home!” Dean called.
“Watching a movie!” I yelled back, I wasn’t getting up. Period. The action of standing took too much energy. Nine months pregnant and due any day did not mix with being extremely active. It took everything to get up and go to the lamaze classes. Yesterday was my last class and I planned on sitting on my ass until this baby was ready to come out of the oven. I looked around at myself and realized I probably looked terrible, especially considering I wasn’t wearing pants…There was an empty pie dish beside me and a few wrappers from my trip to McDonald’s…My hair was probably all over the place. Yep, I look like crap.
“There’s my girl,” Dean said with unusual enthusiasm. I looked to Sam confused.
“He’s excited,” Sam answered.
“Not drunk?” I asked looking to the very smiley man at my side.
“Not drunk,” Dean laughed and kissed my cheek, his stubble scratched my face a bit. I breathed in through my nose.
“Why do you smell like dog?” I asked crinkling my nose in distaste.
“Weird case,” he sighed.
“Uh huh, well I’m glad you’re here.” I smiled looking up at him. I hope our baby would have his eyes. They were simply beautiful.
“Me too,” he pressed a soft kiss to my lips then my stomach.
“How are you, buddy?” He said and a kick immediately followed his words, “You aren’t giving mama a hard time right?”
The little child was ecstatic at the sound of its father’s voice. Dean’s face was alight with a type of juvenile joy I thought long gone.
“Sam I was just thinking you’ll be Uncle Sam,” I laughed. He rolled his eyes, but still smiled.
“How are you Y/N?”
“I’m fine, I finished my Lamaze classes yesterday.” I reported happily.
“And your eating habits?” He asked.
I looked down at the pie tin and burger wrappers, “Today was a cheat day,” I said smiling.
Sam gave me a severe bitch face, “Uh huh.”
“It’s your brother’s baby. It makes me crave burgers and pie.”
“You could have made them, it’s better for you.”
“My feet and ankles are swollen,” I pouted poking out my bottom lip. He laughed and ruffled my hair before coming around the couch to sit next to me. Dean was on his knees having a nice daddy moment with the baby.
“Fine. You nervous? The big day is coming.”
“Not looking forward to the pain, but I’ll be relieved when I have my baby in my arms.”
“Yeah, any baby names in mind.”
“Yep, both boy and girl. Cassidy and Jude.” I gasped as the baby kicked my kidney.
“You okay,” Dean as touching my hand.
“Yeah you’re just making the baby hyper.” I pressed at the walls of my baby’s oven making it move in a more comfortable position.
“Don’t hurt your mama,” he chastised softly. The baby kicked as if to directly disobey him.
“Dean, when are you going to put together the crib?” I asked, “it was your idea to get the damn thing from Ikea.”
“I know, I know. I’ll do it now. C'mon Sammy,” he sighed, standing up.
“Good, Mama’s gonna take a nap,” I informed. I did just that. Carrying around the extra weight of a baby was no joke. Ninety-nine percent of the time I was tired, the other one percent I was hormonal and hungry. The other day Cas was telling the baby about the animals that once lived on Earth and I just started crying. The angel had apologized and now refrained from telling anymore stories.

I was awakened by a sharp pain. I had been having them off and on for the past two weeks. They were these stupid fakey contractions, I forget what their called. I wrote it off as that and nothing more, only to be greeted with a wetness on the bed. It took a few moments to register what was happening.

“Ah, Shit,” I groaned getting up and changing clothes. All the classes and a life of hunting had prepared me for this moment. I was calm, even as adrenaline started pumping through my veins.

“Dean,” I called walking into the room next to ours. Dean was staring all nostalgically at the little porcelain angel on the shelf that I had, for some reason fallen in love with.

“Hmm?” He asked turning and putting an arm around me.

“I’m going into labor,” I informed completely calm.

“Oh,” he answered. A few seconds passed and I waited patiently, “OH!”

I watched him jump into “action” which meant he ran out of the room yelling for his brother. He obviously wasn’t as ready as me.

“Idiot,” I laughed, walking back to our room and grabbing the overnight bag. Quick births didn’t run in my family, so I had time.

“You’re in labor!” Dean yelled as he met me in the garage.

“Yes,” I agreed, Sam came and took my bag, trying to coach my breathing, “Shut up, Sam.”

By the time the contractions started we were halfway to the hosptial. It was sharp, but not unbearable. The boys were freaked out enough for me and the rest of the Kansas. That was fine I had expected that much. They yelled at each other about which way the hospital was.

“Take a left,” I instructed, now I was giving directions. When we finally got to the hospital, there was a new little gem to behold: Sam.

The contractions had upped the stakes and I was in actual pain, gripping Dean’s hand.

“Holy fucking Vulcan death grip!” Dean yelled trying to retract his hand.

“Shut up, Dean!” Sam and I snapped at him. And that’s when I noticed Sam, holding his stomach in absolute anguish. It all made since, he had been weird through all of my pregnancy. He was super sensitive, tired, and just as hungry as me.

“Oh my god you’re having a sympathetic labor!” I laughed, once the pain subsided, “That’s sweet.”

“A sympathetic what?” Dean asked flexing his hand.

“It’s when a man, around a pregnant woman, takes on traits of pregnancy,” Sam said miserabley, so he knew what he was going through.

“We’ll get through this together,” I assured.

“Is that why you almost cried on the last-” Dean began with an amused smile but another contraction hit and I had his hand again.

Twelve hours of very dignified screaming later we had our new little member of our family, a baby girl. Sam and I took a nap after they moved me to a different room. Dean went to the nursery, after learning that some demons ate babies he wasn’t too keen on leaving our little girl unattended.

“She looks like a little heartbreaker,” I cooed once she was in my arms again, “mon beaute, Belle.” I decided.

“Belle…like the princess?” Dean asked, surprised.

“Like the word, Beauty.” I murmured coaxing her to grip my hand, “Belle Dee-Anne Winchester,” I looked from her face to Dean’s, he gave me an indulgent smile.

“You think you’re so clever,” He leaned his head on mine and rubbed her red tinged cheek with the back of his index finger, “Alright Belle. I’m Daddy,” he introduced. An award winning smile broke across her face and she started kicking her face in the snug wrapped blanket.

“She knows your voice,” I smiled. Dean’s eyes were a glow with the type of unconditional love only a true dad could hold. He’s gonna be a really good Dad, “Well Belle, I’m Mommy, the one who’s been feeding you, and keeping you warm, and safe, and I’m gonna do that your whole life,” unexpected tears met my eyes. Dean kissed my temple then held out his hands a bit, a silent request for the baby. I gave her over and he cradled her carefully, going over to Sam, who was asleep in the second bed in the room.

“That sasquatch is your Uncle Sammy. He’s super lame,” Dean informed making me laugh, “but he’s got your back little bit. So if anyone gives you trouble you tell them, my mama’s Black Widow, my Dad’s Batman, and my Uncle’s Big Foot.” He joked coming to sit next to me again. She was staring up at him with the sweetes smile, a smile that could justify the creation of the Earth. My baby, my Belle.