lame i h8 myself


name. Vivian
age. 18
pronouns. she/her
sexuality. pansexual
zodiac sign. libra
taken or single. single but lowkey crushing, i h8 myself
three facts. 1. I’m lame af tbh . 2. I work at old navy, come and see me c: 3. I’m 5′1


platforms you’ve used. kik was where i started, i’d roleplay dancemoms and shit it was wild. then i moved to instagram and now i’m here :0
best experience. talking to tones again because i love em and yes, meeting two of my old friends who i appreciate v much, and realizing tones lives HECKA close to me muahaha i’m comin to fight you tones watch out


female or male. I play both, sometimes i tend to prefer female sometimes i prefer male, depends on my mood 
least favourite face(s). nONE I THOUGHT IT SAID FAVORITE WHOOPS
multi or single. i’m a multi blog yeee bby


fluff, angst or smut. i’m a sinner and smut is my lover, but then again angst is my lover- i cheat on them both with fluff,, hm
plots or memes. i tend to like memes mostly because i suck with thinking of ideas and memes help a lot with that
long or short replies. i just match whatever the other person does, that way we both have enough to write about

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