lame hobbies


This is really really off topic, but I consider it quite an accomplishment so i’m posting about it. My dad and I finished the Ravensburger puzzle  "Views of Modern Rome"  - we started on it in May last year and have worked on it off and on until the 18th when we completed it!

It has over 5000 pieces and is 60" by 40"! I really like jigsaw puzzles. In the same way I find hand sewing relaxing, there is something really calming about sorting the pieces and putting them together. 

(I have lame hobbies) 

Just got a letter from a pen pal asking me about this blog.

Snitchin’.  Ass.  Motherfuckers.  WHY write someone talking about this blog?  Are you so boring that you have nothing else to talk about…?

This tumblr shit is getting so ridiculous.  It’s barely even fun or interesting anymore.  It’s a headache every day for a multitude of reasons.  

Enjoy my silence for a bit.  I don’t think I’ll entirely stop updating, but I don’t think I’ll be answering questions as freely.

Edit: Oh, and just so everyone is aware…I try to help out everyone I write in any way that they need help.  I’ve sent the last of my paycheck before because somebody needed it.  So if you’re looking for someone to talk shit about, you’ve picked the wrong person.  I’m also in a relationship so I’m not trying to sit on any of the dicks of the people I write, and if you are, don’t worry…I’m no competition and I’m no threat.  So why talk about me?  I’m so frustrated.