lame gag

161206 Melon Radio - Describe Yourself in One Word
  • MG : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Sseub (inhaling)", Mingyu.
  • SK : What is "Sseub" Mingyu?
  • MG : "Sseub"! The point is that, everyone, you cannot exhale it, you must inhale it. Sseuubbb....
  • SK : Why? I still not quite understand (the meaning)
  • MG : Actually, nowadays whenever I said something, the members didn't really respond to it. So that's why I want to take this as a character.
  • SK : It's like when Mingyu-hyung did some gag, nobody laugh at it. Something like lame gag.
  • MG : Right now because we're in the radio, the members respond to it well with "Ah~ ah~", but if this is in daily life, they just go "Sseub..."
  • VN : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Chiyeah" Vernon.
  • SK : Chiyeah~
  • VN : It's because we have 13 members, lots of members, right? So I just want to show that among them, I'm the rapper.
  • DN : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Boom" Dino.
  • SVT : Boom~!
  • DN : Just like our title, it's BOOM BOOM and if you look at me, your heart will beat wildly, that kind of pride and confidence level, so I made that..
  • SK : I think he's really smart. There must be 2 or 3 people that thinking of using "BOOM" here.
  • WW : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Black / Dark" Wonwoo.
  • SK : Is it the "Heuk (soil)" from the sand?
  • WW : No, no.
  • SK : Dark "Heuk"?
  • WW : It's Dark "Heuk"
  • SK : Why?
  • WW : Nowadays, I somehow give out lots of dark aura, a lot of people around me told me that.
  • DK : Chic-like feeling
  • SC : That character
  • JH : That has became his image
  • SK : It's the first time that I meet with someone that appeal his image like that.
  • HS : He's tanning nowadays
  • SVT : Sseub...
  • SK : Tanning is a little bit...
  • HS : Sorry
  • HS : Hello, I'm "Heung (excitement / hyper)" Kwon Hoshi.
  • D8 : Why "Heung"?
  • HS : Recently, on the stage, I got too excited, you know (161127 Dream Concert).
  • SVT : Ah~~~
  • DK : He's too excited.
  • HS : That's right, that's right. Euumm, the sound is too soft.
  • SK : Ah, really.. There's a lot of fans there, at that time, really. Because of his excitement,our members were really flustered. So that's why "Heung"?. I got it.
  • D8 : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Whoa~" The8.
  • SVT : Whoa~~~~
  • D8 : It's because whenever I did hard level dance moves or some breaking (b-boying), the members will go "Whoa~~"
  • WZ : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Hoon" Woozi.
  • SVT : Hoon~!
  • SK : Why?
  • WZ : It's because my real name is Jihoon and also, just because I hope that it will become nice and warm or heartwarming (hoon hoon), that kind of meaning.
  • DK : There's also that, right? Our Jihoon~~~
  • JH : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Whoo~!" Jeonghan. Why I choose "Whoo~!" is that, whenever the Seventeen members were exhausted, I just want to give some strength to the members, so I did "Whoo~!"
  • SK : Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Please don't make some image that is not exist
  • JH : Didn't I gave lots of strength to you guys?
  • SK : From what I see, I need to tell this to the Melon Radio listeners, whenever the members were exhausted, he's the most exhausted one among the members.
  • JH : It's one of my inner feelings. Even though I'm exhausted, I want to give some more strength (to the members)
  • SK : So it's that why you're ACTING exhausted together with us?
  • JH : (ignores Seungkwan) So that's why I pick "Whoo~!"
  • DK : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Het" Dokyeom. We came to Melon Radio, right? So I'm feeling really good and I tried to express that kind of feeling.
  • *het is an expression of happiness just like in dehet or yehet
  • Jun : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Jun" Jun.
  • SK : That was unique.
  • Jun : That's right. Among the members name, only my name is with one word.
  • SC : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Hyung (older brother)" SCoups
  • HS : I thought "Strength" will come out, but "Hyung" came out instead.
  • JH : I'm a hyung too.
  • SK & HS : Yes, we got it.
  • JS : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Hong~" Joshua.
  • SK : Why is it "Hong"?
  • JS : My family name is Hong.
  • SK : What is your English name?
  • JS : Joshua Hong.
  • SK : I think that's why he put "Hong"
  • SK : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Hyuu! (sigh)" Seungkwan
  • MG : What is this?
  • DK : Why Seungkwan?
  • SK : For me, you can see it as I was forfeiting and try to give the chance to you guys (to be the DJ)
  • *he said the hyuu with a high-pitched aegyo-styled voice
  • *the winners with the most creative answer got to be the DJ for the next segment
Inktober Day Fourteen - cornfield

Prompt – Cornfield
Characters – Stan/Cartman
Word Count – 502
For - @cyanwings thanks for the awesome suggestion! I love these two a lot and don’t write for them nearly often enough!

Notes – I really loved this one and am probably going to continue writing for it!

  “Are you seriously that freaked out?” Stan can’t quite keep the laughter from his voice. It’s too dark for anyone to see the way that he’s smiling, though, which is probably for the best because Cartman gives one of those patented huffs of his.
  “No!” Even though the shadows hide the sneer, it’s clear in Cartman’s voice. He pulls away from Stan’s side, releasing the grip that he’d had on Stan’s hand. “This is fucking stupid. No one would be scared of these lame ass gags.”
  Something howls. In the distance, feet slam down on dried corn husks. The sound makes Cartman jump, boot clad feet skidding over the worn dirt path.
  “You look pretty scared,” teases Stan. The full moon highlights the vague shape of a scarecrow a few feet away. “Dude, all this stuff is really obviously fake.”
  “No shit.”
  “So, you’re good?”
  “Of course I’m good! Christ, Stan. Quit bitching at me about – “ Cartman’s teeth snap together. The scarecrow is suddenly gone from its post, lurching at them out from the thick copse of corn. Something close to a squeal leaves Cartman instead of the rest of his sentence, and he tries to scramble away from the scarecrow so quickly that his feet slide out from under him.
  He hits the ground back first and the actor curls over him, never once breaking character. The faint glow of the stars highlights the peeling strips of make-up, the rotten skin peeking out from between worn work glove and long-sleeved flannel shirt.
  The scarecrow juts his face it, pushing it close to Cartman’s. Cartman tries to scoot out from under him and Stan laughs because the whole thing is hysterical – but he also reaches out, taps the actor on the shoulder. “Okay,” says Stan, between snorts. “That’s enough, man. You got him.”
 Standing up, the scarecrow turns around and tilts his head at Stan. Then he rushes back into the corn field and vanishes. There’s a new scarecrow on the post in the distance.
  “Fuck that,” wheezes Cartman. “And fuck you, asshole! Quit laughing at me!”
  “I’m not,” lies Stan. He helps Cartman back up, throws an arm over his boyfriend’s shoulders. “I am totally not laughing at you right now, man. Totally.”
  “Fuck you,” snorts Cartman. He’s scowling, showing off a mouth filled with slightly crooked teeth. Cartman hooks an arm around Stan’s forearm, tangles their fingers together again.
  The grip is tight enough that it almost hurts.
  It hits Stan, later than it should have, that Cartman is actually scared.
  There’s a few inches of height difference between them. Stan has to tilt his head up, just a little, to kiss Cartman’s temple. “Dude, it’s fine. We can cut back out if you want.”

Heart Line

A/N: Was writing a bestfriend! Michael thing and this came out, but it didn’t fit the way I wanted. So I just decided to post this excerpt as its own individual blurb. Sorry I know nothing about palm reading.

AU: bestfriend! michael

“Let me see your hand.” Michael flashes his cheeky smile, holding his hand out to receive yours.

“No.” You tuck your hands into the pocket of your sweats. “Last time you asked me that, you told me to pull your finger.”

“Don’t act like you’re too good for the old pull my finger gag.” He scoots closer to you, making grabby motions at your hidden hands. “Come on, I promise I’m not going to anything stupid.”

“Usually when someone says that, they actually do something stupid. I don’t trust you.”

“Don’t be such a baby, Y/N,” he whines. “Just let me see ‘em.”

Michael reaches for your arms and you instantly dig your hands deeper into your pockets. Your resistance spurs him to fight you, trying to break your hands free. Limbs tangle with limbs as you two fumble around and nearly roll right off the couch. He laughs when you accidentally bump into his stomach and hit his ticklish spot, distracting him for a split second, but he manages to get a good grip on your arms. In the past, one defense mechanism that worked for you was to curl into a ball, but it unfortunately doesn’t work this time. Even though you have the potential to overpower Michael, he is fueled by determined to get his way. With his warm hands on you, his body weight squishing you into the leather cushions, and his face mere inches from yours—you don’t stand a chance. He is your weakness.

“On tour, we had some time to kill,” Michael says, “so Ashton dragged us all to go see this palm reader who taught us a few things. I want to try reading yours.”

“You could have just said so earlier instead of wrestling me, asswipe” you joke.

Giving into defeat, you surrender your hands into Michael’s. He grins wide, proud of himself for getting you to cave. Then he turns your hands palm-side up and slowly traces his finger over the lines to study them with care. His touch is so feathery light that it has you floating on cloud nine.

“See this line right here?” he points out. “It means you fall in love easily. But this other line means you’re also very cautious about it.”

You swallow, looking up at your best friend who can read you better than anyone. Meeting Michael was a random chance, both your names appearing on the same first grade roster. Becoming his friend was a matter of inescapable fate. Michael’s face popped up everywhere until you finally decided to accept his invitation to play Power Rangers with him, and you discovered he was cooler than his cheese-dust stained clothes let on. But falling in love with him, that had been entirely too easy- so easy that you didn’t realize it until it was too late. Of course, Michael would never find out. Your best friend knows everything about you—except your feelings. He is totally oblivious, but telling him isn’t worth the risk. Every time it got close to slipping out, you averted the subject.

“You sure you read that right? That sounds nothing like me,” you say.  “I think you need more practice.”

“Like you could do any better.” Michael rolls his eyes, shoving your hands back at you.

“I bet I could.”

You take Michael’s hand and flip it over. You don’t know shit about palm reading, but you don’t have to. Michael is the one thing you’re an expert on. His future is something you’ve mapped out for ages because you’ve daydreamed about it every moment you had.  A flame of hope burned within you, that you might be a part of his future, and that you’ll get to give him the future he deserves. In lieu of any real future prediction or palm reading, all you can tell Michael is your wishful thinking.

“This line means that, for better or for worse, you freely express emotions and feelings.” You trace over his palm gently, silently loving the excuse to hold his hand. “So find a lover who can handle it, who will appreciate that about you, and who will love you back just as deeply.”

The sweat is getting sticky between your hands but you like it. You like the sweat, you like the weight of his hand, and you like how soft he feels. Michael watches as your hands linger together longer than necessary, and you grow quiet as a button. Snapping out of it, you let go of his hand, but pulling them apart is as difficult as pulling apart magnets and as painful as pulling off a Band-Aid.

You break the tension by forcing a smile and pulling your own finger to mock his lame gag.

“But you’re still not funny.”

Can we just talk about this lovely relationship that is YOONSEOK.

We have Min Yoongi AKA SUGA “i don’t give a shit, I dont give a fuck” who is so damn soft for Hoseok it’s not even funny. Okae so yes, Yoongi is far from an apathetic or uncaring person (he’s secretly a cheeseball) but he is straight forward, maybe even rather brash sometimes. Yoongi is a softie for his dongsaengs, and it’s really pretty obvious.

I could seriously go on a rant about Yoongi really, but let’s bring it back to the main point.

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