lame gag

161206 Melon Radio - Describe Yourself in One Word
  • MG : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Sseub (inhaling)", Mingyu.
  • SK : What is "Sseub" Mingyu?
  • MG : "Sseub"! The point is that, everyone, you cannot exhale it, you must inhale it. Sseuubbb....
  • SK : Why? I still not quite understand (the meaning)
  • MG : Actually, nowadays whenever I said something, the members didn't really respond to it. So that's why I want to take this as a character.
  • SK : It's like when Mingyu-hyung did some gag, nobody laugh at it. Something like lame gag.
  • MG : Right now because we're in the radio, the members respond to it well with "Ah~ ah~", but if this is in daily life, they just go "Sseub..."
  • VN : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Chiyeah" Vernon.
  • SK : Chiyeah~
  • VN : It's because we have 13 members, lots of members, right? So I just want to show that among them, I'm the rapper.
  • DN : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Boom" Dino.
  • SVT : Boom~!
  • DN : Just like our title, it's BOOM BOOM and if you look at me, your heart will beat wildly, that kind of pride and confidence level, so I made that..
  • SK : I think he's really smart. There must be 2 or 3 people that thinking of using "BOOM" here.
  • WW : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Black / Dark" Wonwoo.
  • SK : Is it the "Heuk (soil)" from the sand?
  • WW : No, no.
  • SK : Dark "Heuk"?
  • WW : It's Dark "Heuk"
  • SK : Why?
  • WW : Nowadays, I somehow give out lots of dark aura, a lot of people around me told me that.
  • DK : Chic-like feeling
  • SC : That character
  • JH : That has became his image
  • SK : It's the first time that I meet with someone that appeal his image like that.
  • HS : He's tanning nowadays
  • SVT : Sseub...
  • SK : Tanning is a little bit...
  • HS : Sorry
  • HS : Hello, I'm "Heung (excitement / hyper)" Kwon Hoshi.
  • D8 : Why "Heung"?
  • HS : Recently, on the stage, I got too excited, you know (161127 Dream Concert).
  • SVT : Ah~~~
  • DK : He's too excited.
  • HS : That's right, that's right. Euumm, the sound is too soft.
  • SK : Ah, really.. There's a lot of fans there, at that time, really. Because of his excitement,our members were really flustered. So that's why "Heung"?. I got it.
  • D8 : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Whoa~" The8.
  • SVT : Whoa~~~~
  • D8 : It's because whenever I did hard level dance moves or some breaking (b-boying), the members will go "Whoa~~"
  • WZ : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Hoon" Woozi.
  • SVT : Hoon~!
  • SK : Why?
  • WZ : It's because my real name is Jihoon and also, just because I hope that it will become nice and warm or heartwarming (hoon hoon), that kind of meaning.
  • DK : There's also that, right? Our Jihoon~~~
  • JH : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Whoo~!" Jeonghan. Why I choose "Whoo~!" is that, whenever the Seventeen members were exhausted, I just want to give some strength to the members, so I did "Whoo~!"
  • SK : Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Please don't make some image that is not exist
  • JH : Didn't I gave lots of strength to you guys?
  • SK : From what I see, I need to tell this to the Melon Radio listeners, whenever the members were exhausted, he's the most exhausted one among the members.
  • JH : It's one of my inner feelings. Even though I'm exhausted, I want to give some more strength (to the members)
  • SK : So it's that why you're ACTING exhausted together with us?
  • JH : (ignores Seungkwan) So that's why I pick "Whoo~!"
  • DK : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Het" Dokyeom. We came to Melon Radio, right? So I'm feeling really good and I tried to express that kind of feeling.
  • *het is an expression of happiness just like in dehet or yehet
  • Jun : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Jun" Jun.
  • SK : That was unique.
  • Jun : That's right. Among the members name, only my name is with one word.
  • SC : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Hyung (older brother)" SCoups
  • HS : I thought "Strength" will come out, but "Hyung" came out instead.
  • JH : I'm a hyung too.
  • SK & HS : Yes, we got it.
  • JS : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Hong~" Joshua.
  • SK : Why is it "Hong"?
  • JS : My family name is Hong.
  • SK : What is your English name?
  • JS : Joshua Hong.
  • SK : I think that's why he put "Hong"
  • SK : Hello, I'm Seventeen's "Hyuu! (sigh)" Seungkwan
  • MG : What is this?
  • DK : Why Seungkwan?
  • SK : For me, you can see it as I was forfeiting and try to give the chance to you guys (to be the DJ)
  • *he said the hyuu with a high-pitched aegyo-styled voice
  • *the winners with the most creative answer got to be the DJ for the next segment

No really, political cartoons are a serious art form…

Has no one told John that the tooth fairy isn’t real?

“Pretty sure $128 bucks (32 teeth) or $256(if both of them sell all their teeth) is gonna pay for much…

The newspaper that published a cover story on the tooth fairy is certainly going to win a pulitzer for that hard hitting story.

Rose’s editors really looked at this and said "yeah let’s print this"