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idk how, but someone my blog reached 100 followers today!!!! and i know no one cares and 100 isn’t that many, but i never thought i’d never get past like 2 followers… i seriously love and appreciate evERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU GUYS. every like, reblog, and ask makes my sad self a bit happier;) so yea, even if i don’t have a million, i made this to thank all my mutuals^-^ this is basically a follower forever i guess?? 

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“Are you dressed yet?” Harvey calls.

“In a minute,” comes a reply from the depths of their apartment.

Harvey paces the floor for a few moments, until he hears the sound of the shower running, at which point he shucks off his suit jacket, placing it over the back of the couch before collapsing onto it with a resigned sigh.

Time moves at a glacial pace while he waits for Mike to get ready. Harvey doesn’t know why he’s still surprised by this. They’ve known each other for five years now - three as colleagues and friends, and two as a couple - and in all that time there hasn’t been one single occasion where Mike was ready before him.

He might not have Mike’s memory, but he remembers that much.

Five minutes later Harvey watches Mike appear from the dark hallway and pad over to the kitchen, completely naked. He takes a moment to appreciate the view - he’s only human after all - before saying, “You know we should’ve left five minutes ago.”

Mike grabs a bottle of water from the drink and takes a few sips. “Do we have to go?”

Harvey rolls his eyes. “You mean to the dinner you insisted on and organized? Yes, we have to go.”

Mike puts the bottle back in the fridge before stalking over to Harvey. He doesn’t hesitate, lowering himself into Harvey’s lap in one fluid motion, a movement full of practiced ease. He cradles Harvey’s face in his hands, smiling brightly. And then, painfully slow, he leans in, stopping just before their lips connect. They both remain still, in a silent standoff, and a few moments later Mike slips his tongue out and slowly licks across Harvey’s lips.

Harvey can’t help the groan that escapes his throat. The pads of his fingers dig into Mike’s hips, and the movement inspires Mike to press in that much closer. And then they’re kissing, slow, but deep and borderline dirty. Harvey slides a hand up the warm plane of Mike’s back, pressing him in. Mike starts rolling his hips, and though there is something delicious about having a naked Mike in his lap while he’s in one of his best suits, Harvey reluctantly breaks the kiss.

Please,” he says, voice rough, “can you go get dressed now?” Because if this continues for too much longer Harvey isn’t sure he’ll be able to resist.

Mike grins, pressing his forehead to Harvey’s. “Funny, that’s pretty much the opposite of what you normally say.”

Harvey chuckles. “It’s our rehearsal dinner, we need to go.”

“Can’t we be late though?” Mike asks, voice all innocence, even as he starts pulling at Harvey’s tie.

Harvey opens his mouth to say no, that of course they can’t be late to their own rehearsal dinner, but before he can utter a word Mike is kissing him, wild and frantic and amazingly distracting, and Harvey has no choice but to give in.

“I hate that you know me so well,” Harvey groans while Mike places open mouth kisses down his neck.

Mike laughs. “No you don’t.”

“You’re right, I don’t.”

Mike pulls away so he can smile at Harvey as he starts work on undoing the buttons on Harvey’s shirt.

“Just promise me you aren’t going to be like this tomorrow. We can be late to our rehearsal dinner but not to our wedding.”

Mike grins, running his fingertips lightly down Harvey’s chest. “I make no guarantees. You’re extraordinarily irresistible you know.”

“Do you think you can resist me long enough to become my husband and let me promise to love you for now and evermore?”

Mike’s face softens from the playful expression he was wearing into something infinitely more tender. “Absolutely.”

Harvey grins. “Well in that case we can definitely make them wait half an hour for us.”

“Oh Harvey,” Mike smiles wickedly, pressing his mouth to Harvey’s. “What I have planned for you will take at least an hour.”

“Well then, we better get started.”


I just wanted to say happy 20th anniversary to Resident Evil! This is my collection so far. I’ve only known about the games for half the time it has existed, but I still love them as much as anyone. I also dressed up as Jill because why not.

 I thought maybe some of my lovely followers could also post pictures of their collections and maybe some of you can dress up as your favorite character too! I don’t care how big or small your collection is, how many years you’ve loved the games, or if you can’t find clothes that match your favorite character closely enough, just have some fun and celebrate a ridiculous game that came out 20 years ago. Also, make sure you @ me so I see your pictures!


So I revamped my entire blog…..this took me like 4 days lol. I just wanted to mention that basically everything has been updated, including all pages! I’ve added:

  • A new fics recs page (finally)
  • A new friends page - to the people that are on there: please let me know if you’re uncomfortable with being on there/want me to change the character given to you/if I’ve made a mistake with spelling or your url!! To the mutuals that feel they should be included: please let me know!!! Tbh I tried to include all the mutuals that I’ve spoken quite a lot to so if you think you belong there please tell me bc I most likely made a mistake!!! 
  • A new about page (whose playlist may or may not work bc buffering is suffering)

I’ve updated my graphics masterlist as well but like I couldn’t figure out the coding properly and tbh I don’t really care about it anymore so just ignore the way all the columns shift down ok? One day I will fix it but today is not that day lol. 

Also yeah new theme, new header, updated navigationupdated faq, and updated blogroll! Thank you for reading this lame post!! 

anonymous asked:

LOL I don't care what lame excuse the haters come up with. What I want to know is why the media says it's a reunion, they see each other all the damn time.

because that’s what they want the media to say.  if you didn’t want people to know you’re someone all the time, you have them say it’s some big reunion.  when really…