lame brains

  • Dazai: Atsushi-kun! Name the God of Cheese~!
  • Atsushi: ..does someone like that even exist? I mean if they do it's most probably the cheese go-
  • Dazai: Cheesus.

Your nightmares have been coming back. You try your best to hide it, to force yourself awake before your thrashing and heavy breathing wakes up any of the other gladers. You try to stop. Tonight you couldn’t, tonight the terror in your mind was taking over your uttermost being and no matter how hard you tried to force yourself free and wake yourself up you couldn’t. As the terror sets in, trapped in your nightmares, you feel someone shaking you, you feel yourself coming back into consciousness. You jolt awake, Newt hovering above you with a worried expression.

“Are you okay love?” He whispers, pulling you into his arms and rubbing your back, “you are here with me, you are safe,” he whispers to calm you.
Newt stays up with you all night, talking out your fears and helping calm your anxieties despite his full lack of sleep because he is more worried about you than his own well being. He brushes your hair out of your face, touching you so gently as if afraid to break you.

In the morning Newt refuses to admit he is exhausted, and refuses to let you apologize for keeping him up. As Newt goes out to help Alby with the crops he grips his staff to steady his tired body, nodding along to Alby’s words as his eyes start to droop. His hands slide down the staff, muscles weakening as sleep threatens him even as he is standing.

“What is with you?” Alby hits Newt on the side of his head to wake him. “Wake up you shank.”

Living with pocket-sized Woozi means

Having literally 12 other pocket-sizeds barging into your house at every possible hour to either drag the forever sleeping Woozi to play or drag the forever working Woozi to sleep.

“Don’t you guys have your own houses to play at? Why always come to my house?”

“Yeah, but going to Jihoonie’s place is easier than making him come to one of our houses. And he couldn’t ditch us this way!”

Omfg can you imagine some guy trying to hit on you (hoseok’s girlfriend) and him not really saying anything just glaring at the boy but when you two finally walk away can you imagine hobi turning around and just intimidating the shit out of him like:

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kanos-red-eyes replied to your post “I don’t get people. You CAN’T go around telling racist jokes. That’s…”

And who are you to tell people their type of humor isn’t funny? if you took the time to actually *think* instead of just accusing people, you’d know that 90% of people making these jokes would NEVER take them seriously, and the whole reason we laugh about them is that they are such hilarious statements to us. Also maybe to annoy oversensitive people. Just maybe.

Honey what i said went RIGHT over your head didn’t it? I accused Pewdiepie of doing exactly what he did: telling racist jokes. I accused Markiplier of exactly what he did: telling people to respect everyone even if they don’t deserve it. So I “thought” and accused right lol. It doesn’t matter if whoever is telling the joke doesn’t take it seriously because guess what? It’s a joke. The teller isn’t supposed to take it seriously. But it’s just “common decency” (the word ya boy threw around in that video) that you not make fun of POC for being POC. Why is stereotyping as a joke so hilarious to you though? Why is saying “Kill all Jews” SO funny to you? Even though the Jewish people have already been killed and persecuted in huge numbers already? So you can call us oversensitive for not wanting to be joked about if you want. It really doesn’t matter to me. Just think twice before you come and make dumb ass statements like this in people’s replies again, baby. Good try, though.

Nick Clark x Reader- Mine

Requested by Anon

Set during Season One


It had been a rough seven years, forced to live on the streets since your teenage years and reducing yourself down to nothing when you started smoking. Granted, it wasn’t the hard stuff, but your smoking habit was how you met Nick Clark. And here you were, years later, still dating when most couples would’ve been married at that point. 

He wasn’t the devilish prince charming your parents would’ve wanted for you, but you loved him more because of it. He was sweet, always looking out for you when you got in with the wrong people, and had claimed multiple times he’d die for you. 

When the world ended, you found yourself at Nicks childhood home, after a rather bad quarrel about his time with Gloria, who turned into a walker. Or what other people liked to call, rotters, skin eaters, lame brains… Blah blah blah. You had been infuriated Nick had turned to her, but it was all for the drugs. That was all he cared about anymore.

Alicia gently knocked on your door, feigning a smile as you sat up in the bed. “Are you and my brother having relationship drama?” She mused. “He’s a mess, Y/N. I know Nick, and I know his heart. If he cheated on you, it wasn’t intentional. You are one of the reasons he’s still living and I can’t thank you enough for it.” 

Your heart felt like it was dying, like you had been living for thousands of years and was just beginning to die. “I love your brother, however stupid he may be, I still love him. I just don’t want to get hurt again.” 

  “He made a vow to my mom and Travis that he was done with drugs, for you. I’d say that’s a pretty solid promise.” 

Part of you wanted to go back to seven years ago, where you had been young and impressionable, and Nick was just his stupid self, with that smile you adored and those eyes that never stopped staring at you. 

Your covered feet padded along the carpet as you crept out of the bedroom and slid into Nicks, gently shutting the door behind you. It was just after ten, and he was already fast asleep spread out on his bed. A smile spread across your face as you climbed on top of him, lowering your lips to his. 

His eyes instantly shot open at the familiar body, the smell of jasmine that lingered on your skin as his hands weaved into your long y/h/c locks. “Y/N.” He breathed, gasping as he flipped you over so he was now on top of you. “I’m sorry, for everything-” 

You pressed a finger against his lips, pulling your hair into a bun which gave him full access to the bare skin that your teeshirt didn’t hide, dipping down to just beneath your collarbone. “Don’t talk.” A breathy gasp escaped your lips as his cold hand ran down your leg, his lips pressed against your jawline. “I love you.” 

  “I love you more, Juliet.” 

That next day, the military came back inside the Safe Zone for their daily run. You sat out on the lawn and watched as their armored trucks passed Madisons house, until one stopped and two men came right towards you. “I swear if you try to take me away, I can guarantee you that you won’t be having kids with any woman who’s still alive.” 

The man on the left with the name tag Carte stitched into his uniform smirked, outstretching a hand towards you. “Was that subtle flirting, Miss Y/L/N?” He questioned, lightly resting a hand on your hip. A shiver went down your spine as he traced circles on your skin, his thumb just inches away from the bottom of your crop top. “C’mon babe, there’s some abandoned houses down the street-” 

Nick chose that time to exit the house, dressed in his old man rags and snickering as you slapped the soldier across the face so hard that your hand left a print on his sunkissed skin. “You are disgusting and undeserving of that uniform.” You snarled. Before you could continue chewing out the soldier, Nick came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist. 

  “Hate to break it to you man,” His voice was calm as you turned in his embrace and hid your face in his shoulder. “But this girl right here? She’s mine.” 


I hope you liked this! Please keep sending in more requests! 

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                              slight  HESITANCE to  his  brawny  stature  once  he’s  arrived, familiar  surroundings  easing  him  into  sending  one,  two,  three  knocks  to  her  door.  shakes  off  remaining  thoughts  that  continuously  seep  into  his  psyche,  knocking  more  firmly  now  for  PATIENCE  was  not  a  virtue  he  possessed.     ❛      c’mon   d o l l,    got  an  exciting  night  ahead  of  us.