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eh, no, i’m lame. my brain is kinda stress™ i think i’d cry if i had a crush as well 😂

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*hides* Ok ok @thomasdean bc mimi is super sweet 💞 , @wotcherpotter bc their tags on posts are always liiiiittttt, they’re a wonderful presence on my dash 💯 , @lilyvans bc cecilie is an absolute sweetheart ✨  (and u ofc too bc we talk sporadically and ur a gem)

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Okay, so I finally got my hands on the VLD comics, and I came across this part in the 4th issue. I’m sure this has been addressed before but…

(I took out the text cause it didn’t make sense out of context anyway…)

So now I know I have a really wild, like too wild imagination but this is just hit me, like… PINING RED???


1. There’s that HC that Red and Blue love each other too – which I like a lot – so I don’t really know how sentient robot lions do the thing, but just imagine them being cuddly and pressing their noses together and just be cute and affectionate (gay) robot lions, like awww :’) And now just imagine that they have to hide this because their current paladins are oblivious toddlers who can’t get past the flirting-with-teasing-and-childish-bickering level, cause you know, they’re just like a pair of kindergarteners.

Like seriously guys, grow up. And seriously, someone please draw Red and Blue snuggling up when they think no one sees them, but eventually Lance and Keef catch them, or maybe the others too, or whatever you can come up with, there’s so much that can be done with this, and I’m dead. (Also I hope someone has already done this before and I can find it.)

2. The lions are just like their paladins, so Red is actually pining after Blue, in which case my heart is aching for Red, and I like the first one much better. Like it’s enough to see Keef’s wtf tender faces when he looks at Lance sometimes or when he talks to him and no one sees he’s making that face… I can’t handle the same thing with Red too, it’s just too much for my heart. :’)

Now that I got this out of my system, I will go on reading the comics, and think of giant robot cats being in love with each other and I’ll die. Bye.

Tonight, tonight 

It all began tonight 

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I saw you and the world went away

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Tonight, tonight 

There’s only you tonight 

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What you are, what you do, what you say

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Sorry but I couldn’t help myself!  In response to the de-aged Oro ask:

It starts subtly, as most things of the snakey persuasion do. In Kakashi’s defense, the days immediately after Lady Hokage handed him a fun-sized version of Konoha’s Number 1 Most Wanted claiming it absolutely wasn’t punishment (and flashing a saccharine smile that said yes, yes it was) were… ah… unusual. Unnerving. Terrifying.

(Insane mass murderers were par for the course considering Kakashi was a ninja but this was a tiny mass-murderer to be. A creepy tiny murder nugget in his house and hasn’t Kakashi already paid his dues? Hasn’t his own crack at teaching pacified Minato-sensei’s ghost? Or is this Kushina-san’s retribution? It seems like a thing she’d do.)

So in light of the fact that walking into his kitchen to find Killy McShrimpy carefully emptying 6 year old seasonings into the sink to make room for powdered extract of melt-your-trachea was Kakashi’s new normal, he might be forgiven for taking a day or two to notice the scarf.

“He’s cold?” Kakashi offers a bit lamely. His lizard brain would light up in gibbering terror at Sakura and Ino’s matching expressions, if not for the fact that SlaughterLite now shared his bathroom and ‘gibber’ was a fairly standard state. “Snakes are cold blooded?”

“That’s definitely not it,” Sakura declares, and Ino immediately agrees. What are you doing here, Kakashi wonders. Don’t you have a life? You should get one. Somewhere else. Please. Kakashi is viciously disappointed in the Yamanaka’s clear inability to read his mind.

(StabbyMeal, as if made of nothing but spite, tugs his dark blue scarf more firmly across his nose. Both women make a soppy, sloshy kind of sound. Kakashi hopes they’re not contagious.)

Another half hour of pokes and prods and chakra twisted in simply unnatural ways and Sakura declares him a perfectly normal 6 year old. And worse, Ino declares him a perfectly normal 6 year old. Apparently its now a thing where they won’t lock you up for literally all the illegal if you just don’t remember doing it, and also are now a 6 year old.

“Are you sure?” He whines. Nobody pays him any attention. Instead they are patting murdercheeks and stroking murderhair and exclaiming enviously over tiny perfect murdereyelashes. Psycholet endures it with the longsuffering patience of something that routinely uses it’s shiny scales to tempt honest folk close enough to stab in the back. (Well. At least that Kakashi doesn’t have to worry about any more. Mid-thigh at best.)

And so the sudden incidence of scarves wound around half a tiny head is barely a blip on the radar.

But then there’s the shirt.

(What? No. Why?)

“Sensei was saving it to make a quilt as a wedding gift, if you ever got married,” Tenten explains as if that made any of this any better at all. (It doesn’t, even a little bit. And Kakashi had thought she was the sensible one.)

“What? No. Why?”

“You probably threw it away when you grew out of it,” Tenten continues, as if picturing Gai rummaging through his garbage instead of breaking into his house and raiding his storage made any of this better at all. “And since sensei had planned to use it in celebration of a new chapter in your life…”

What? No. Why?

It’s bagged, and stamped with a date that would have put Kakashi at 7 years old. He feels distinctly stalked.

Naturally, Nightmare on Sesame Street loves it.

It’s a size and a half too big for him, just enough for him to weaponize the air of waifishness loitering about his skinny arms and neck, but still small enough that the tiny built in mask doesn’t slide down his face. Tenten and Sakura and Ino all make the sloshy noise. It is contagious after all.

“You look just like Kakashi-sensei,” Sakura chirps in that one voice that means evil and humiliation. The Tadpole of Death turns bright, bright red. Kakashi isn’t quite sure, but something tells him up to that moment he had yet to taste true terror.

(What? No.)

Your nightmares have been coming back. You try your best to hide it, to force yourself awake before your thrashing and heavy breathing wakes up any of the other gladers. You try to stop. Tonight you couldn’t, tonight the terror in your mind was taking over your uttermost being and no matter how hard you tried to force yourself free and wake yourself up you couldn’t. As the terror sets in, trapped in your nightmares, you feel someone shaking you, you feel yourself coming back into consciousness. You jolt awake, Newt hovering above you with a worried expression.

“Are you okay love?” He whispers, pulling you into his arms and rubbing your back, “you are here with me, you are safe,” he whispers to calm you.
Newt stays up with you all night, talking out your fears and helping calm your anxieties despite his full lack of sleep because he is more worried about you than his own well being. He brushes your hair out of your face, touching you so gently as if afraid to break you.

In the morning Newt refuses to admit he is exhausted, and refuses to let you apologize for keeping him up. As Newt goes out to help Alby with the crops he grips his staff to steady his tired body, nodding along to Alby’s words as his eyes start to droop. His hands slide down the staff, muscles weakening as sleep threatens him even as he is standing.

“What is with you?” Alby hits Newt on the side of his head to wake him. “Wake up you shank.”

  • Dazai: Atsushi-kun! Name the God of Cheese~!
  • Atsushi: ..does someone like that even exist? I mean if they do it's most probably the cheese go-
  • Dazai: Cheesus.


        “ Excuse me miss, but I believe these are yours. “ A hand would reach out to lightly tap the girl’s shoulder, her other hand holding various herbs neatly tied together. Once the other had fully turned toward her, she’d offer the plants back. “ I think your bag may have gained a hole in it. “ 

That feel when you hit a wall with writing that you can’t get past because this problem is important and needs to be resolved, but you’re too tired to figure out the answer, so you need to stop writing, but your body is too tired to play Overwatch, but your mind is too awake to sleep, but you want to be productive so you can’t just lie in bed watching netflix, so you want to write but that problem is still a problem so you should sleep-

I’m tired, is the gist, and I want to write but I’ve hit a problem, is the longer gist.

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I can't get the idea of Skull being Reborns illegitimate child out of my head >.< like Reborn was 15 and he just started his career as a hitman and he was high after a successful hit and slept with this gorgeous purple haired lady and left her pregnant with Skull. Fast forward 17yrs later and Skull, curious about his father puts his stunt career on hold to track down this 'Reborn' fellow that put a bun in his moms oven then left. He meets a strange man who tells him if he goes to a meeting he

(2/?) will meet his dad. And that’s how Skull becomes the cloud arcobaleno. Meanwhile reborn is confused about the lame brain rookie of the group that reminds him of something, which pisses him off to the point he becomes aggressive and takes out his anger on his new ‘lackey’. Skull meanwhile thinks Reborns a jerk and he really doesn’t like him, especially since he keeps removing his helmet, which Skull wears to hide his black eyes since contacts hurt after a while.

(3/3) Of course much much later on after the curse was broken Reborn finds out about Skull being his kid and tries to form a relationship with his son since family means a lot to him, only Skull has way to much survival instinct and does not want an abusive father thank you very much. The other arcobaleno and maybe the Vongola watch with popcorn and rather horrid advice as the worlds greatest hitman stumble into the forays or parenthood.

Oh wow, this is just a mess of a relationship. Kawahira’s a manipulative ass, seriously 17 and already an Arcobaleno? And of course, Reborn’s beating him up left right and center, and when the truth finally comes out, no way will Skull want anything to do with his ‘dad’.

And can you imagine Tsuna’s reaction? He knows all about shitty fathers - he’s got one of his own - and Reborn may be his tutor but there’s no way he’s going to condone abuse, so he helps Skull hide whenever Reborn tries to track him down. And Reborn’s just so frustrated with everything because he’s new with this whole dad thing, and he already got off on a ridiculously wrong foot with his son, and the rest of the Arcobaleno are absolutely useless with their ‘advice’.

And Tsuna and Xanxus invite Skull to join their Crap Fathers United Club to commiserate about the worthlessness of fathers everywhere;)


“My old man lied about my entire life and put me on a career path that was never even fucking possible to begin with. I spent all those years preparing to become Decimo for nothing.”

"Yeah, well my dad was never even around to so much as warn me about the mafia in general. I didn’t even recognize who he was when he showed up at the door when I was eight. And he stayed for three days before leaving again, and I never saw him again until you Varia nutjobs showed up.”

"Shut up, trash. Don’t think I won’t kill you just because you’re drunk.”

“Bite me.”

“Neither of you have it as bad as me. My- I can’t even say it. Reborn smacked me around for over ten years. He’s literally been trying to kill me since he met me!”

"…Yeah okay, we can’t really top that.”

“Want us to fuck with that scum a little? I could always do with a workout. And if we end up killing him, the Vongola’s reputation will never be stronger.”

“Really?  Can I help?”

“Are you both crazy? Reborn will kill us.”

I’d like to see him try, the stuntman trash over here is already used to that, you’re also already used to that - I don’t see the problem.”

“…Oh what the hell, why not?  Reborn’s not exactly in my good books right now.  But we’re not killing him.”