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I want to cry. I feel like I can delete this blog, and no one will ever know. Honestly, why am I even writing? This blog is such trash. Gn y'all.

If you’re saying I play favorites you’re wrong. I care about all the servants equally. Except I don’t care for Finny, or Bard. Mey Rin’s feeling like a lost cause too.
—  Sebastian Michaelis

Merry Christmas @ryokho ♡ 
                        __from your secret santa

so last week I reached 2000 followers?? holy shit thank you?? its honestly a mystery why you guys follow my lame excuse for a blog. as a thank you I thought i’d put together a list of some of my fave mutuals who you should definitely follow if you don’t already!! (this took forever to make i’m sorry it’s so late!!) If we’re mutuals and I forgot to include you then u have every right to beat me up / message me so I can add you in!

thank u, I appreciate and lov u all <3

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hey!! ignore the gross banner BUT i just reached 5k followers which is really wild to think that that many people follow my lame frank iero blog?? regardless, thank you so much for following me and sticking around, it means a lot. <3 to show my appreciation/celebrate i decided to do a promo!


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this will end on may 1st and ill post the results shortly after that. if you ever have any questions/concerns, feel free to send me an ask! ✌️

So recently I hit 500 followers which is pretty amazing, and I want to thank each and every one of my followers for following my lame excuse for a  blog.

For this occasion I decided to do a follow forever with all my mutuals that make me smile whenever I see them on my dash. (also if I forgot to mention you please feel free to punch me and message me so I can add you in!)

A - C

@aaureate  @acephan   @angelicboylester  @angelphannie  @astronautdan @astrotroye  @awkwardbird  @beaisafail  @blissdaniel  @bloomhowell  @bloomingphil  @buttercuplester @carlgimes @celestialesters  @celestinehowell  @cloudyphilip  @cosmologicaldan  @colorlester  @cursivehowell

D - F

@danandphilaremyaesthetic  @dangoghs  @danffodils  @dansforeheadcurl  @danisnotonfirez  @danjlester  @damnhowxll  @dansadmirer  @dansblobfish  @danshine  @dayphil  @dearlylester  @delicatedaniels  @denimnjh  @dogdnp  @earlgreyphil  @ephemeral-dan   @ephemeralester  @existentialplight   @fabiodobetti  @fairylightfluff  @fireboltdan  @flowrphilly  @fringecheck  @fringelust  @fuqboihowell

G - N

@glasshowell  @goddesslester  @gorgeous-howell  @gravityphil  @howellscrunchynuts  @httpsdaniel @htmlvore @i-dunno-phan-you  @imlovephil  @iridescentlester  @ivorylester  @jpgghowell  @kitchensihnk  @krophan   @kyotophil   @latte-howell  @lawsofbiology  @literallyhusbands  @litraleehowell  @little-lester  @lovelylilaclester  @luminaryphan   @lumoshowell   @moonphilight  @my-lungs-will-phil  @nervous-friends  @netunophil

O - R

@occlumencylester  @outerspacehowlters   @pansexualphil  @paradisedan @phanamored @phanhallows @phaked @phanperra @phansterdam @phasteledits @philledwithpuns @phillester @phillesterstrashcan @philop @pityhowell @pixelstan @planethowell @plesty @princedaniel @princephil @pugjumper @puritylester @queen-maple-howell @rain-phan @rhapsodichowell @rosegoldjh @rosequartzlester @roseyboys @rosy-phil @rosythicc

S - Y

@sakura-lester  @saltwaterphil @scowlhowell @selftitledjoseph @serenephil @shibes-howell @sin-phil @smilehowell @smoltheatrekid @softylester @spacedust-lester @sparklephil @splashofphan @spiritedawaydjh @squidgehowell @starboydan @stardustphan @starhowell @starinorbit @starrylester @stylishphil @sunkissedlester @subbydingdan @sugarsmin @topazlesters @terrestrialhowell @theylikeboys @treephil @yuurihowell

hey if u post abt musicals like:

fun home
next to normal
spring awakening
the great comet of 1812
in the heights
west side story
heathers the musical

etc., pls like this post so i can check u out !!