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anonymous asked:

can I request some random kevin hcs? take your time and tysm🌸

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen my trinity of Kevin Day posts [x] [x] [x] but I am always ready to talk about this loser :))

  • Nora once mentioned Kevin learning how to play piano and it felt like my Time Had Come
    • it’s so hard for him???
    • piano music (classical especially) usually has really strong and complex melodies in the right hand with simple stuff going on in the left and imagine how FRUSTRATED Kevin gets with it
    • his left hand always goes on too strong
    • the peddle’s too wet
    • the tempo isn’t even
    • and Perfectionist Kevin Day cannot stand it he’s probably never gone through an entire song without screaming at least once
    • (Thea films it and sends it to Andrew, who surprises Neil by actually letting out a bark of laughter)
  • his first year at Palmetto, Kevin convinces himself that taking bio as an elective was a good idea
    • it’s important to know what’s going on in your body, right?
    • (and at least the math’s minimal)
    • except he absolutely hates it
    • the professor’s snobby with him because he isn’t a sciences student
    • Kevin had thought he was good at memorizing things? but apparently not when trying to name all of the different enzymes in the human body
    • (it didn’t help that Andrew got a kick out of scrawling all over his notes with dumb doodles)
    • ((usually drawings of liver tumors and an arrow pointing to it saying “you”))
    • he barely scrapes by and vows to never touch sciences again, until somehow Neil challenges him to try first-year physics in his senior year
  • you know how Neil doodles little fox paws all over his homework? Kevin can draw 30+ different models with their original paintwork by memory
  • imagine him barely conscious and flipping through channels because the only games on are painful to watch
    • somehow he manages to watch an hour’s worth of Ancient Aliens and can’t sort out facts from pseudo-history the next day in class
    • the entire room gasps as he confusedly explains UFO sightings and religion before breaking off halfway in horror
  • probably tmi but goes to the washroom 10+ times a day because he thinks drinking the full recommended 2 liters is a good idea
  • the one and only time Kevin ever managed to beat Neil in running, they found out the next day it was because Neil had fractured something in his ankle and couldn’t play the next game
    • (goddammit, Neil)
  • Kevin once got banned from ever trying to coach little leagues Exy after nearly making 3 kids cry
    • it wasn’t that he was being mean, it’s just that Kevin has a hard time remembering what children are actually capable of doing
    • (also he kept assigning suicides omg)
  • can he cook? not really. but he keeps trying anyways???
  • his birthday in future years involves dinner with Wymack (and sometimes Abby and sometimes all the other Foxes crash)
    • Kevin asks for carrot cake every year and he’s happy enough that usually he’ll refrain from bugging Andrew and Nicky about the amount of extra frosting they squeeze on
Bts cheering you up:

Request: I just read all ur writings and Omgg there so adorable ur amazing😆😍 I was wondering if u cud do one of bts reacting to their s/o sobbing over something the members can’t really help. Like it’s not anything specific it cud b smthg like being stressed or annoyed🤔 How wud the members distract or cheer up their s/o

A/ N: cute, did you know you sent this after I closed the requests?


Originally posted by jiminiemini

Food and a legion of lame dad jokes. Basic but it gets the job done so why complaining. Seokjin is actually a really fun dude to be around so I doubt you’ll stay as stressed as you were for a long time.


Originally posted by yoo-ngie

His calm and cool aura will change in a millisecond once he sensed you’re feeling down and he is pulling silly faces, dancing weirdly, ordering your favorite takeout. He is working his hidden charm.


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Look I don’t know how to explain it he just can. He can make the most tense person feel easy, make a crying person laugh, he just can make you feel better. I call it the Hobi spell.

Rap Monster:

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

He would try to keep a distance so you’ll calm down on your own but seeing you crying will change his plans. Your tears are his weakness and now it’s his job to pull that award winning smile and oulling you into his chest to try doing anything to make you feel better, from watching a romcom to dangerously trying to cook you a cheer up snack.


Originally posted by jiminnieseyesmile

At first he is serious like babe talk to me, holding hands and kissing your cheeks but that’s just half the Jimin right? Slowly his methods will turn over and giggling you out of your state seemed like the best solution for the both of you.

V/ Taehyung:

Originally posted by mvssmedia

You’re sad, he’s sad so Taehyuung will be trying everything and I litrally mean everything to make you feel better. Food, music, dancing, going for a ride, cuddling. He will dedicate all his talents, abilities and time to make sure you will never cry or pout again.


Originally posted by mayfifolle

Talk to him. He will ask questions, wanting to understand the full situaion before making his move. Obviously video games will be an option, otherwise he will try to seduce you with your favorite food until you cave in. Music will be an imortant factor too. I see him pulling you into his lap and listening to music through a shared headphone while he sings to you.

anonymous asked:

eey i was just reading about astrology and lazyness lol and jimin came to mind, how he's known to be a hard worker yet has strong libra placements? and i have this theory that maybe our most destructive tendencies are precisely the things we would be well advised to perfect so maybe astrology helps in that respect too, like for example pointing to people with strong libra/taurus placements the need to focus on and perfect their productivity in order to balance out their lazy tendencies? <3

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anonymous asked:

People are getting mad over the idea that Danny Rand should've been asian; Like yeah, he was white in the comics but unlike a superhero like Luke Cage, who's ethnicity is central to his character, Danny Rand doesn't need to be white to be the same character as in the comics. And either way, Lewis Tan, who auditioned for the role, is half white and white passing. Plus he actually knew martial arts. Am I wrong?

Hell no you’re not wrong.

Lewis Tan could’ve easily been Danny Rand and it wouldn’t have jeopardized anything. In fact, it would’ve added more to it. Tan could’ve been an Asian diasporan who tries to connect with his roots or whatnot (he actually is an Asian diasporan, being born in England). Not only that but he actually knows martial arts, does his own stunts, and just him being Asian could smash the white savior/whitewashing/yellowfacing stereotype we’ve been getting for over a hundred years.

Marvel has changed the source content many times throughout its movie adaptions so “sticking to the comics” is not even a good argument. What the “source” argument does is allow fanboys/fangirls/fanpersons to cover up their racist/prejudice/colonial mentalities because they just want to see another basic, lame ass white person on television. Finn doesn’t know martial arts and he can’t act but he’s white. That’s pretty much all you have to be in order to get a leading role lol.

Angry Asian Guy

parkerplease ↬ yoinkmyheart !

hey y’all your fave gal changed her url! ❦ more juciy deets under the cut!

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