lame answer wow

guyiero  asked:

1, 26 and 29

you’re asking for it buhd

like literally asking for it. you sent in an ask so

1. selfie

i just happen to be wearing the same hoodie as last time

(conspiracy theory: i knew you would ask me for another selfie so this is actually one of many taken in advance on the same day ooooo)


you’re welcome

26. idol(s):

aw shoot i can’t think of many right now but i’m pretty darn sure one of them has to be Gerard Way boom aw shucka lucka 

29. favourite film(s): 

I think this question made me realize how much i’ve deprived myself of cinema entertainment. 

um tbh Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (even though some people say it sucks i don’t know that’s your opinion but shut up or whatever suits you) and Shrek 2 (I Need A Hero cover that kills)

this is such a lame answer damn um wow i need to watch more movies yikes

(from the last ask)