Son of Haggar part 9

Lavi found himself in a room, with no windows, and a door. But he felt watched, he bit his lip in fear and anxiety started to rise up in his skin. He was so scared, where was his mother? Where’s Lotor?

Than he watched in, the Black Paladin. He looked at Lavi with loving caring eyes. He felt himself look down and blush.

‘Don’t be fooled by the Paladins of Voltron’ the voice of his loving mother rant over his head. He remembered their talks about Voltron, how dangerous they were, and how cruel they were.

“Hello, um..” he rubbed the back of his head, Lavi could feel sadness wash over the paladin. Why was he so sad? Lavi always had the talent of feeling other’s emotions, without even looking at them or touching them.


That Lance person, why did it sound so familiar?

“My name is Shiro, what’s yours?” As he put his hand out. Lavi stared at the hand, it was galra tech. “Lavi…” As he put his hand out the same way, they the two hands never touched. This Shiro chuckled and put both hands together touching.

Lavi’s eyes widened, the touch felt familiar. And felt his heart pounding.

“Who’s Lance? That you keep mistaking me?” Lavi finally said, he decide to stay calm. Maybe they’ll let him go, seeing he didn’t put up a fight, or was very calm.

Shiro eyes sadden and a tear almost came down.

“Someone I love.” He spoke, Lavi studying him. It seem to be true.

“What’s he like?” He whispered quietly, Shiro’s eyes looked up. Lavi gasped for actually seeing them. They were a stormy grey, and they were magnificent.

“He’s funny, beautiful, insecure at times, yet hides it with a smile. But his smile made the sun jealous. That time literally would stop just to stare at that beautiful smile. Eyes that were most beautiful ocean, that if you stared to long. You knew you would drown in them, not caring to look away. The stars would shine for him when he laughs. Someone so perfect, yet the flawed. But still makes me love him even more.”

Lavi’s heart skip a beat, he forgot how to breathe again. He was blushing even more and why…why was he crying?

“Your Lance, not Lavi. The person I’m so in love with. Whatever Haggar did to you to make you forget me… Put lies in your head, that made you think you were not alone but… you never were…”

“Stop lying to me!!”

Lavi closed his eyes as he held his head in pain. He whimpered as his ears when down.

“Lance?” As he felt Shiro hold him close, why does he keep calling him Lance? He head started to get foggy.

“Please come back to me…I promise I’ll protect, you’ll never feel alone ever again Lance. Your not alone anymore.”

Lavi felt tears come down his eyes and huffed out.

“Shiro…please don’t leave me..”

voltron asks!

voltron: what’s your favorite thing about your friend group?
lions: favorite animal? why?
paladin: would you be willing to do something without knowing the full details?
shiro: would you put yourself at risk if it meant saving someone else?
keith: do you get frustrated with others easily?
pidge: are you good with technology?
lance: are you good at flirting?
hunk: do you enjoy cooking/baking? if so, what’s your favorite thing to cook/bake?
allura: do you miss anyone?
coran: do you pretend you aren’t sick even when you really are?
rover: any pets?
shay: are you one to help others when it’s needed?
rax: do you trust your siblings?
zarkon: anyone you hate?
haggar: do you believe in magic?
slav: do you believe that there are multiple universes?
nyma: would you trick someone if it meant you’d get some kind of reward?
rolo: have you done anything that would consider you a criminal?
klaizap: do you think fighting is necessary?
black: are you capable of being a good leader?
red: fire; is it intriguing or scary?
green: do you enjoy nature?
blue: do you eat ice?
yellow: have you ever wished you could lead?
altean: would you like to be able to shape shift? why or why not?
galra: would you go against all you’ve known if you thought it was right and necessary?
balmaren: do you prefer to be indoors or outdoors?
arusian: do you believe in a god/gods?



You have been warned

I am heartbroken about Lance losing Blue.

It is pretty clear that Blue and Lance bonded and that it is strong. But when Blue shut him out, you can hear Lance’ s heart break. Blue gave Lance a purpose, made him feel a bit more special. She chose him in the very beginning and he chose her. And now he has to pilot Red? Like WHY hasn’t anyone drawn the separation of Blue and Lance yet? They are the closest of the five and it is pretty well know because of all the fan arts. You can also tell that Lance is still adjusting to Red and dare I say “he’s a bit uncomfortable”. I don’t know. I just want more lion angst and time for bonding.

Also can someone please draw Lance sadly looking at Allura bonding with Blue?

Or just Blue and Lance separating?

I just felt like he is taking the split a bit badly.

my friend's reactions to tv shows based solely on tumblr gifsets
  • <p> <b>supernatural:</b> the angel and jensen ackles are totally gay, right? also why is lucifer a cool guy, isn't he, y'know, the <i>devil???</i><p/><b>teen wolf:</b> so is the skinny white kid in love with that werewolf or the red head?<p/><b>shadowhunters:</b> i'm confused, are the blond guy and the orange haired girl related or not because i need to know if it's ethical to ship them<p/><b>the 100:</b> so the blonde and her boyfriend basically adopted those 100 children?<p/><b>voltron:</b> power rangers in space featuring an interracial gay couple, i love it<p/><b>riverdale:</b> k this is nothing like the comics<p/></p>


Es tu encanto mi delirio
Pero tu amor es un martirio.

Me voy. Me voy.

No se si el tiempo estará a mi favor pero lo cierto es que esto termino.
Yo no soy lo que esperabas
Tu no entiendes mi pasion
El que en esta vida se conforma no tiene ningún perdon.

Ay! y luego estas tu, muchacho.
Y luego estas tu.

Es tu encanto mi deliro
Pero tu amor es un martirio.
Seguire yo mi camino, sea sin ti o sea contigo.
Me voy. Me voy.”

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