lambylin art

“Drankin’ and Orcin’” - A Metal Playlist

Art by @lambylin

  1. “Let Us Slay” - Gwar
  2. “War Nerve” - Pantera
  3. “Numbskull” - Ghoul
  4. “I Don’t Believe a Word” - Motorhead
  5. “War Ensemble” - Slayer
  6. “The Killchain” - Bolt Thrower
  7. “Vulgaris Magistralis” - Heidevolk
  8. “Slit Your Guts” - Cryptopsy
  9. “Die with a Beer in Your Hand” - Tankard
  10. “Death in Fire” - Amon Amarth
  11. “The Wolf is Loose” - Mastodon
  12. “Vicious Wrath” - Krisiun
  13. “Beer Beer” - Korpiklaani
  14. “Battering Ram” - Black Label Society
  15. “Killed by Death” - Motorhead

okay so a little while ago thatlamekidsart made a post where they drew in the style of some of their favorite artists and IDK it looked like a lot of fun okay so I tried to draw in lamby’s style ‘cause shes one one of my favorites and her style is so much different from mine. This was a lot of fun but I had to use A LOT of refs I was like 40 pages into her art tag I am not kidding you.

Craig wasnt quite as excited as i was i guess