lamby lamb


The first of those colorful patient boxes (Lamby) flew home and I thought you’d like to see her:

Here is her arrival photo again, in case you missed it.  She gets the award for most colorful blanket!

As you can see, she had a small face wound (actually two) and was a little flat.  Here she is out of her box:

She had a nice spa:

And got restuffed (with a heart of course):

Her wounds were stitched (including her nose embroidery) and her fur got fluffed.  Soon, she was ready to fly home to NC:

And now she’s on the plane!


Lamb races through the daffodils

willisninety-six // Ahhh about a year or two ago I told you I’d make you a birthday present/ // sHOT DEAD

ANyways // here’s a thing of Lamby because she’s a sweetheart //
happy super belated/early birthday lmao

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