Ship + Scenario #8

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Hi! I just want to sincerely apologise for the long wait, I am truly sorry if I made you impatient for anticipating your ship + scenario. I put so much effort and detail into this so I hope you accept my apology and understand.  I just want to remind you of how beautiful you are and reading your description, you sound like such an amazing role model!

I ship you with Suga ! I had no trouble shipping you, the moment I read your description, I instantly thought of Suga for some reason. But I have to say, with your qualities, I could argue that you suit all of them for many different reasons.

I ship you with Suga because:

  •   You’re quite confident in yourself which is a very great thing to be and I feel like Suga would admire that quality in you so much. From his mixtape, we learn that he used to have depression and social anxiety and I feel like he would never ever want you to feel this way at all and he feels more relaxed knowing that you are confident in yourself and know your self-worth. Of course you will naturally have your days where you do feel upset about yourself but Suga will be able to remind you that you are beautiful and your confidence is what he loves most about you. Whenever he himself is feeling down, you are able to get him back up again no matter what.
  • You are such a multi-talented person. Suga would admire all your skills and he would be in awe of how talented you really are. He likes that you know what you love and have already found your passion at such an early age and he supports you all the way. He loves that you are your own person and you aren’t just one of those people who tries to fit the stereotype. I could imagine you teaching Yoongi how to horse ride and he would wonder how you could do it all so perfectly. He’d probably waddle away from the horse hahah!

  • You’re equally as lazy as him and you enjoy and appreciate a good ‘lazy’ day. People always judge Suga for being so lazy but you understand him; he works constantly and you know he deserves all the rest he can get so he would be thankful that you are just as happy to sleep, and cuddle and just watch movies, enjoying each other’s company rather than always going out.

What I think Suga would love about you is the fact that:

  • You’re a truly nice person; yes you may dress edgy and sometimes that could scare people away however you know the type of person you are and Suga loves under your façade, you are a loving, cute and shy person. He would find your social awkwardness laughable and relatable as he too sometimes struggles to socialize with other people however he loves how sassy and sarcastic you can get. He loves to be sassy as well so he feels so comfortable around you because you two could be roasting each other, spitting fire on fire, yet still be able to cuddle on the couch at the same time.
  • You are such a selfless person who loves to help people; he would admire the fact that you’ve spent many years volunteering at an equine assisted therapy center and he would have so much respect for you because of it. He loves your morals and he is proud to show you off towards many different people. You don’t realize but you help him so much too whenever he is producing music; since you can both relate to escaping to a different world when you listen to music, you would always be the first person he shows his new production to. He’ll know its good if you start to wander off into your own little space, getting lost in his music.

  • He is your first everything; he’s your first boyfriend, first kiss and first true love. Suga would be possessive and greedy about that but in a good way. He loves you and has so much respect for you that he would treat you so well and would never hurt you in anyway. He is greedy over you in the sense that he feels like if you were with someone else, they would just use you and your vulnerability towards love to ultimately hurt you. He wants to be your first and your last and hopefully he will be.

Suga Scenario

You wiggled about in your seat, trying to find some leg room in the ever so cramped airplane. Yoongi looked at you as you huffed in frustration as you couldn’t make yourself comfortable, the irritation slowly showing in your face, trying to hold back his smile. You slumped into your chair, defeated, turning your head towards him, his gaze blank and emotionless. You pouted your lips hoping to earn a response, but he didn’t flinch. You sighed deeply, whilst flailing your arms in the air, grumbling what sounded like gibberish, peeking your eyes towards Yoongi. Not even a blink. You frowned once more before sitting up correctly, straightening yourself out.

“I’m annoyed.” You stated bluntly, resting your cheek on the palm of your hand, your head tilted to the side, staring at his face.

“Why are you annoyed?” He said, his voice husky and his eyes still dark and blank. You looked down at your legs, thinking of something that made you chuckle. You bit your lip and looked back up towards him, his face curios as to why you laughed.

“It’s so cramped in here, there’s literally no space for my feet…I guess you can say I’m ‘jet legged’.” You looked over at Yoongi, he was trying his best trying to hold back but failed and burst out into laughter. You laughed along with him, clapping you hands because you finally got an emotion out of him that wasn’t anxiousness.

“Seee, you’re so handsome when you actually smile.” You smirked, poking his side. He grabbed the area where you poked him and pretended that it hurt. You rolled your eyes before slapping his arm playfully.

“It’s when your like this that actually make me fall in love with you all over again…” You say playfully, but there was genuineness to your voice. Yoongi stopped laughing, a smile present on his face. He admired your face, placing his hand up towards your cheek, leaning himself closer into you. Your breath hitches as his lips brushed against yours before he leaned into you fully. You closed your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck, before pulling away and resting your forehead against in. You smiled, staring into his eyes, quickly stealing a peck before letting go. He turned back to face towards the window, beginning to get lost in his thoughts again. You observed his actions; he was biting his bottom lip constantly whilst picking on the sides of his nails. He was anxious to meet your parents.

You were both currently on the plane from Korea to America, to visit your parents and introduce Yoongi for the first time. You had already met Yoongi’s parents and thankfully for you, you could speak and understand a decent amount of Korean and managed to get along pleasantly well with his own family, even earning his fathers blessing. However for Yoongi, it was a completely different story; he didn’t know any English, and he was scared that they wouldn’t approve of him. Yes he may be an international Idol rapper but you had just graduated from university with honours and could get any job that you wanted, you had stability in your life whilst he didn’t. He was scared of so many things. He was scared of the possibility of embarrassing himself. He was scared of your father disapproving him. But most of all, he was scared of losing you.

You carefully reached your hand towards his, intertwining them, causing him snap away from his deep thoughts and looking at you, giving you a small smile.

“Hi, I’m Yoongi,” you spoke out in English, earning a very confused look from Suga. You chuckled at his scrunched up expressions before motioning with your hands for him to repeat what you had just said.

“Ohh,” he said, finally catching onto what you were implying before clearing his throat and scratching the back of his head. “Hi, I’m Suga! Nice to meet you.” He said confidently, giving you a gummy smile, making you roll your eyes, smiling at his attempt.

“Alright smart ass, that’s definitely not what I said, but I’ll take it.” You pursed your lips before giving a small chuckle.

“Good, because that’s about all I can say!” Yoongi replied, breaking a sweat, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment. You leant over and kissed his cheeks, lingering longer than usual, before bringing your thumb up to wipe over the place you kissed. You placed your head on his shoulder, hands still holding and sat next to each other in comfortable silence. Many thoughts rushed through your mind; what if they don’t like him? What if he doesn’t get on with your parents? What if they make you break up? Your thoughts were soon interrupted by an announcement from the pilot explaining that the plane would be landing in 15 minutes and to enjoy your time in America. You scoffed at the latter, anxiety rushing through your whole body.

As the plane landed, your grip tightened around his hand. You tried your best to act like everything was fine but you knew Yoongi could see right through you. You collected your bags and made your way to the departure area, Yoongi’s eyes wandered the whole crowd, trying to figure out which ones were your parents. You searched as well, only to be met by familiar eyes. The heat rushed all over your body as your parents came to you with open arms. You let go of Yoongi’s hands, embracing your mother and father.

“I missed you both so much.” You smiled into the hug, your parents not letting go.

“I missed you so much princess.” Your dad kissed the top of your head before tightening his grip even more. Your breath hitched as the hug tightened, causing you to lose oxygen.

“Yeah erm- this bear hug… It’s becoming a little too un'bear'able!” You managed to squeak to your parents, your arms flailing around as you beckoned them to let go. Yoongi looked at you and how adorably weird you could, a small chuckle escaping from his mouth, his eyes quickly averting the his shoes. Your dad let go, giving Yoongi a stare, his arms crossed and his face unreadable. Yoongi looked up slightly only to quickly look back down at the floor, his hands scratching the back of his head.

“Oh stop it honey, be nice!” Your mother playfully smacked your dads arm before giving you a warm hug, the gesture taking him aback but he gladly accepted and reciprocated, a small smile appearing on his face as he hugged your mother.

“It’s very nice to finally meet you… Yoongi? Right?” Your mother asked him, giving him a welcoming smile. Yoongi bit his bottom lip, trying to figure out how to answer her question.

“Y-yes, I am Yoongi. Is nice to meet you .” He said slowly but your mother was very surprised by his fluency and effort.

“Well it’s very nice to meet you too Yoongi.” Your mother said, before staring at your dads, who’s stance hasn’t budged and neither did his expression. “Honey..” Your mother whispered beckoning for your father to talk, trying to conceal it with a smile.

“Is nice to meet you, sir.” Yoongi said politely, giving a respectful now and sticking his arm out to shake. Your father stared at his friendly gesture, Yoongi slowly retreating his hand back when he realised your father wasn’t going to take his hand. Yoongi cleared his throat before pulling on his collar, as you stood by him, holding his hand.

“What’s your business with my daughter?” Your father said bluntly. You felt sorry for Yoongi and slightly mad but you understood your fathers place; Yoongi was the first boyfriend you have ever took to meet your parents, so this was a huge milestone for them. Suga looked at you with confusion, scratching the back of his head and letting out a nervous laugh.

“Im sorry? Can you repeat sir, please?” He said timidly. You wanted to squeeze his cheeks at how cute he was when he was nervous.

“Why do you like my daughter?” Your father said patronisingly slow, Yoongi nodding his head as he finally understood what he was saying.

“She is very uh… She is so sexy.” He said naturally, your eyes widening at his answer, the heat rushing to the cheeks as your mother giggled at his response and your fathers jaw clenching.

“What did you just say?!” Your father asked, his tone harsh. Yoongi knew straight away that that was the wrong answer.

“She is very sexy- I mean uh she is very beautiful! Yes beautiful, so beautiful.” Yoongi stuttered, causing you to laugh at the way he spoke, his lisp becoming clearer as he spoke English.

“Is that the only reason you like my daughter!” Your father scoffed, his voice rising, scaring Yoongi.

“No no no no no” Yoongi muttered quickly, whilst shaking his hands, his forehead glistening with sweat.

“Then what?! Speak!”

“Because she is a beautiful person.” Yoongi answered, his voice rising but slowly going back to neutral as he realised he was shouting. He coughed slightly, before grabbing onto your hand for support. “She has a kind heart and she is so intelligent.” He spoke very slowly, making sure to get his pronunciation correct. His took a deep breath before tightening his grasp on your hand. “I do not deserve her and she deserves so much better than me.” He turned to face towards you, your heart thumping at what he had just said. You felt yourself melting at his touch, in complete awe at how hard he was trying, even though you knew this was so difficult for him. You didn’t even know he knew these words. “But I am so thankful to have her. I l-love Y/N.” He locked eyes with you, the love clearly there. You bit your bottom lip, before slowly nodding and mouthing ‘I love you’ back to him. He took a deep breath before looking back towards your father, trying to gather as much confidence as he could. Your father stared at him, and uncrossed his arms, slowly making his way towards him. Yoongi gulped but stood his ground, his feet slowly backing away as your father was inches away from his face. Your father looked him up and down, his fists clenched. You closed your eyes, blinking hard, knowing that your father didn’t like him. You looked down at your feet, feeling defeated. Great, I guess this is goodbye to your relationship. Yoongi stared back at your father, fear evident in his face. Your father opened his mouth to speak, before being replaced with an eruption of laughter, tapping Yoongi hard on the back before pulling him into a hug.

“You’re alright son, you’re alright.” Your father approved, causing you to jump, clapping your hands together. You hugged Yoongi before bravely placing your lips onto his. He was shocked but soon leaned in.

“I’m glad he didn’t eat me alive,” Yoongi pulled away, chuckling lightly, his aura now more relaxed.

“Trust me, this is only just the beginning.” You smirked at him before pulling him along towards your car, his face dumbfounded.

i really want to apologise again for such the long wait but i really hope you enjoy this! thank you so much for your kind words as well, i really love your blog too and i want you to always remember how much of a beautiful person you are! i hope you continue to support me as i will always support you too. thank you again <3

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