SU Theory: The Next Bomb?

Hey guys! Today I am here to discuss the possibility that Steven Universe could return from hiatus with a Steven Bomb, and what that bombs theme/storyline could be.

First off, why do I believe that SU will return with a bomb? Well, the scenario currently is perfect! Not only is it the end of season 4 apon us, there is only 5 episodes left in season 4. AKA, perfect Stevenbomb format.

Here is my first theory on what the bomb could be about.

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The Lion Bomb

A title for a episode was recently released on Zap2it, with that episode being Lion 4: Alternative Ending. With the title of the next Lion episode being released, it got me thinking, What if the whole next bomb was about Lion? At the moment, we barely know anything about Lion. We know that he’s connected to Rose, has magical powers( some of which may still be undiscovered), and that he may or may not  have been a normal lion at some point. A few things that could be covered int he bomb would be…

  • What exactly is Lion?
  • Was he ever a normal Lion?
  • More detail on his connection to Rose
  • Why does he have magical powers?
  • How did he get these powers?
  • Why did rose put stuff in Lion?
  • Was Lion always Lions real name?
  • Why did Lion stick around with Steven ?
  • What is in that treasure chest in lions mane?

While I do believe this Lion Bomb had a decent chance of happening, I do believe there is a different story arc that has a better chance of happening.

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The Diamonds Return

A popular current theory is that the diamonds will return to Earth, or send other gems to earth, to get more humans for The Zoo. This is supported by Yellow Diamond saying “There’s still time”, after hearing the Earth is still intact, and after hearing that Blue Diamond wants more humans for the zoo. I believe the next bomb could revolve around the Diamond coming Earth and discovering the CGs. it would be best to cover this sooner that later, since it would be a good season closer and it would be hard to cover this in the final, since so much has to be covered in season 5.

I believe the bomb will open with the Famethyst and Holly Blue will return to Earth with the Diamonds order to get more humans ( since what better gems to send to get humans than the ones that take care of them) Shortly after arriving, conveniently in Beach City most likely, Amethyst will confront the Famethyst and tell them to stop, with help from Steven. This will most likely go well, due the Famethyst being very trusting of the CGs. Holly Blue, however would not be to onboard with the idea of the Famethyst ditching the mission just to hang out with Steven and Amethyst. This would lead to the first battle of the bomb: Steven and Amethyst vs. Holly Blue. This battle would most likely much harder than the first showdown with Holly Blue since A) Pearl and Garnet aren’t here to help this time, and B) Holly would have most likely learned here lesson from last time. I don’t believe Holly is a weak gem, just the first time she was caught by surprise. The fight would most likely end with the Famethyst stepping in to end the fight, poofing Holly Blue, and with Holly Blue being bubbled.

After this, I can see two events happening in the next episodes

  • War Stories

With the Famethyst now around, we would get a chance to see something we haven’t seen much of : A Homeward soldiers side of the war. While we have seen a bit of this from Jasper, this would allow us a more in-depth look at what it was like for a Homeworld soldier. This would be especially interesting coming from Skinny or  Carnlienian, and what it could be like to live in the shadow of ‘A perfect Jasper’.

  • Beach City

This episode would basically be about the Famethyst hanging out in Beach City for the day. This would not only give time for some more development for the Famethyst, but would also lead to some fun interactions between the Famethyst and the residents of Beach City.

But what happens next? Here is my guess on the second half of the bomb, The Diamond come to Earth.

But why do the diamonds come to Earth? My best guess on what happens is that Holly blue would escape, and, realizing that she cant take on the CGs alone, and finds a way to contact the Diamonds, informing them of the situation. The Diamonds, furious that there are still Crystal gems around, would come to earth to deal with the problem themselves.  This would lead to the final part of the bomb, The Diamonds vs. The Crystal Gems.

The CGs would most likely defeat the Diamonds, since this show still has one more season. As for how they defeat The Diamonds, I do not know. My best guess is that it would be a combined effort from all the CGs and their allies. after the Diamonds are defeated, they’ll flee back to Homeworld, with Holly Blue in tow.

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The Aftermath of the Diamond Bomb

I believe after the Diamonds are defeated, two things will happen

  • The Famethyst

I don’t believe the Fam will be sticking around. For, they are needed back at The Zoo. After all, they are the ones who take care of them. But, I don’t think this will be the end of the Fam. I do believe there will be a episode in season 5 where the Famethyst do return, but with the humans in tow. This could lead to a episode where Steven tries to help the humans adapt to life on Eath.

  • The Diamonds

After realizing that they cant take on the CGs themselves, Blue and Yellow would go back to Homeworld to get the help of someone even stronger than them

I believe, season 4 will end with the Diamond that’s been foreshadowed since season 1

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White Diamond

At this point, much of the KBCW fandom is inured to the strangeness that follows Steven Universe around, but The Lion is a point of contention even for the most die-hard Ronaldo enthusiasts.

The fans who think the whole shebang is symbolism and commentary on society are, predictably, divided.  Some of them think that The Lion following Steven around is meant to be a subtle nod to the true power behind KBCW’s production; some think he’s just meant to highlight the absurdity of life in a postmodern America, with a bit of LGBT positivity thrown in.  Because, you know, pink.  The interview fans immediately latched onto the notion that Steven managed to get his housecat to sit still long enough to attach a custom-made mocap suit to him; photoshops of a community member’s Bombay named Prospero flooded the fandom, replacing The Lion in every screenshot they could find.

According to the vocal minority that believes that there’s never been a special effect in a KBCW work more complex than a star wipe, local animal control hangs up the phone halfway through the name “Universe.”

I am back. Here’s a merLance (based of the Voltron merfolk) been what I’m guessing is probably the queen most distracted guard ( also that armour is useless). I may do more like this for ’#MerMay’ Still struggling with my colour but i’m working on it. If there is a mistake then I don’t wanna hear about it 😓. For those of you that followed the progress of this peice in the ‘story’ posts, what did u think of that? Should I do it more often? As you may have noticed I’m back from comic con and for the next 11 days you have my attention and then I go to New Zealand to meet family. So in that time I’ll be drawing my arse off and trying to finish 2 mini comics for you while keeping up with my post every 2 days rule. For those of you that came to see me at comic con thank you so much, it was a pleasure to chat with all of u and Big Cheers for the support, hopefully I’ll see a few of you again at SupaNova.
If you’d like to repost then please credit with @crossroad_c_pettigrew in the description.

before anything else I’d like to mention that this compilation of pearl apologizing that’s going around is only 20 fucking seconds long. 20 SECONDS out of hours and hours of show right now really doesn’t mean shit in the grand scheme of things.

Also, you know what she hasn’t apologized for? Letting him fall in rose’s scabbard. Getting them chased by the police in last one out of beach city. Nearly killing him as a baby. All the times she’s made him feel bad for not being able to live up to rose’s legacy. She herself putting those expectations onto him.

Not to mention sorry doesn’t excuse the shit she did to garnet in the sardonyx arc

Also ‘apologizes more then any titular character’. They literally make a note in the post that steven apologizes the most out of the any of the characters and his name is in the damn title of the show

Not to mention the post basically tells people they’re wrong for criticizing pearl but knowing this person that’s to be expected.

If anybody wants to add more example of Pearl Not Apologizing onto this feel free


“Nationkind are brought back at the same age they would appear on their own, under normal circumstances. They are just barely older than toddlers, physically between the ages of 3-4 years old.

Because of Nevol'nik’s control over their country’s economy and land, their growth is more controlled and regulated, rather than the inconsistent growth spurts our kind usually have. Those in the first and second generation are physically only a year apart, whereas the 3rd generations and later lag behind by a few years each.

The first uniform is when they come back initially. All of them have the same color and look to them, same blue that Mikhail has. As time goes on, they can pick whatever ribbon they want for themselves. In the second stage, they choose the main smocks for themselves and what colors they want. The further we get in generations, the more Nevo allows them to decorate themselves freely. Third stage is transition of still keeping the similar pants style but moving to a vest of their smock color and uniform white shirt. Finally we have the “ram” outfit, which they are finally given proper trousers and shoes since they have more responsibilities outside.

Scars, beauty marks, and other identifying features seem to carry over, even when no outside stimuli is given to create them. Ahoges are still in the correct places, scars still form on the foreheads that held them, and moles still appear on the same cheeks. Those marks each have meaning to our kind, and it only makes sense that such things would carry over again.”

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