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Sick Pevensies?

What happens if the Pevensies get a cold in Narnia?

Just a few ideas…

Peter- seriously blows it off
-pretends nothing is wrong
-keeps going to meetings and training until he nearly passes out and Edmund forces him to go to bed
-“you’re still a human, Peter, you might need to rest once in awhile.”
-goes to bed grumpy
-wakes up to Mrs. Beaver bringing him soup
-Lucy offers to use the cordial, but Peter insists it’s only to be used for the gravest emergencies
-instead Mrs. Beaver cooks up some miracle vitamin C tea concoction and makes him drink it
-he’s better in 24 hours
-“it’s not a magic, dears, it’s decades dealing with Mr. Beaver during cold season.”

Susan: stays cooped up in her room while the others visit
-Lucy bakes cookies in the kitchen for her, and comes and plays games with her
-Peter comes to bring her tea and talk about current events in the kingdom
-Edmund comes and reads to her, funny voices and all
-Narnians from all over the kingdom send flowers until her room looks like a greenhouse
-Mrs. Beaver won’t let her go back to her duties until she has personally approved it

Edmund: rarely gets sick
-gets a bad cold, and the others think something is seriously wrong because he never gets sick
-he mopes about it constantly, and gets grumpy, but the others don’t mind because he never gets sick
-Susan sends him to bed rather harshly, but it’s because she’s worried
-Peter comes in constantly to check on him, to the point where Ed tells him he can’t sleep if he keeps coming in
-Can’t prank the others while in bed, so Lucy plots with him and carries them out as he plans them
-Lucy brings him hot coco
-Mrs. Beaver feeds him quite a lot, worrying he’s not eating enough

Lucy: feels terrible and everyone feels terrible for her
-Tumnus comes and plays his flute for her so she can fall asleep
-Peter comes and tells her stories
-Ed comes and teaches her chess, and in her second game she crushes him
-Susan brings her hot coco and tells her funny stories about local guys trying to impress her
-Edmund hears her coughing throughout the night and comes to keep her company, and ends up falling asleep next to her bed