After seeing a post that said that Lilo is to dads as Steven Universe is to moms, I decided to draw a crossover between the Crystal Gems and Lilo’s family, They really have a lot of things in common!

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Cecil The Lion’s Brother Jericho Shot Dead By Poachers In Zimbabwean Park

Cecil the lion’s brother Jericho has been shot dead by poachers in a park in Zimbabwe.
The beloved animal was protecting Cecil’s lion cubs after he was shot dead by Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer earlier this month, sparking outrage around the world.
Jericho is believed to have been gunned down during an illegal hunting operation in Huwange National Park on Saturday afternoon during.
Johnny Rodrigues, Chairman for Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, said in a statement: ‘It is with great sadness and regret that we report that Jericho was shot dead at 4pm this afternoon. We are absolutely heartbroken. We have no further details but will advise as soon as we know more.’
Before his death there had been concerns Jericho would not be able to hold the territory of Cecil’s cubs alone and could be chased away by rival lions.
Unprotected, the lionesses and cubs are now under threat and also move away or be killed.
Last week Mr Rodrigues, told the Daily Mail Online Jericho was keeping the cubs safe from any rival males.

Via Daily Mail Online

anonymous asked:

Do you think it's wrong for an animal to kill another animal for food? For example, a lion hunting a gazelle.

Of course not. That’s what they need to do to survive, that’s all they know, all they are capable of, all they have access to. A lion is a lion lmao… I’m going to assume this was in response to my vegan post so……

Humans are very egotistical and we would like to compare ourselves to lions or bears. In reality, however, we are nothin to them lol. Strip us of our machines and tools we would not last in the wild (well, most of us. surely not the white kid on twitter with a camo snapback who thinks he cums bacon)

It’s always just it’s funny to see people use a lion and a gazelle scenario especially in the argument regarding meat intake and shit. It’s like they think it’s the fuck idk the word but automatically cannot be defeated not check mate BUT YA KNOW lol and it’s like??? Alright so……if you can hunt a deer or gazelle or bunny or even like a hibernating squirrel or something with your bare hands, proceed to eat it as is and not, like, die or get sick then alright the analogy fits. 

However, unlike a lion we cannot do that. We need to process meat before we can safely consume and digest it. We are programmed to be opportunistic omnivores. Sure we can eat meat, but we should be plant based. Our stomach acid levels, length of intestines, use of our colon, muscles in our cheeks and jaws, length/shape of our teeth, built of our bodies, and our speed/agility do not coincide with that of a carnivore or a lion lmao. 

Even if we were able to and had all the skills and shit..for arguments sake lets say we are omnivores and meant to eat meat. but…we don’t need to. Unlike a lion we have markets. We have a globally connected world where we have access to produce all year round. We have the means and the resources to be able to consume pretty much anything. Most of the world is plant based anyways bc meat is a luxury for many. We don’t NEED meat. Most of us, at least. Allergies and certain health conditions require diff diets of course. But in general we have options. We aren’t in the wild, we aren’t limited, we aren’t lions lol. We human beans who need beans hahahah 

Tribute to Cecil the Lion and all beautiful creatures murdered by trophy hunters. Rest in Peace, beauty.

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