lamborghini wheels


V12s. by Alex Penfold


Lamborghini Huracan on Rotiform KPS by Wheels Boutique
Via Flickr:
Photography by Keenan Warner

11. “Will you just shut up for a minute and let me think?!” 18. “I wish I could stop loving you.”

Smoke billowed into the sky surrounding you and Frost as you stood on the side of the road in disbelief.  J told you not to touch his purple Lamborghini but you just wanted to have a little fun, so you lied to Frost and said J was letting you take it for a ride.

Frost was pacing back and forth thinking things through as he spoke up, “Surely boss knew you weren’t a good driver when he said you could drive it right? So he must’ve realized this was a possibility.  Plus, it’s not even that bad.” He was just trying to be nice but you were freaking out.

“Not that bad?! Frost it’s completely totaled! Oh my god he’s going to kill me….” You said shakily as tears started welling in your eyes.

“Y/N like I said, he knew you were a bad driver! I’m sure he’ll understand!”

“Frost I lied to you to get you to give me the keys, J told me I wasn’t allowed to drive it. I’m so sorry Frosty….” You broke down in sobs and crouched down, no logical thoughts coming to your head.  This was it, J was going to break up with you or maybe even worse.

“WHAT?! What the fuck Y/N! Do you realize how serious this is now? It’s not just your ass on the line, he’ll probably fucking fire me for giving you the keys! It’s not like we can hide this from him Y/N, we can’t even drive the fucking car back to-”

“Will you just shut up for a minute and let me think Frost?! I know I fucked up and I’m sorry!” You started raising your voice at him, even though he didn’t deserve it.  

Staying calm was not your strong suit and panic was setting in as you realized what you had to do.  You stood back up slowly and took a deep breath before saying, “Can you call one of the henchmen to come get us? Please Frost?”

Frost stepped away without saying anything, pulling out his phone to call some help.  A few minutes later some of J’s men pulled up in a black Escalade with a trailer on the back.  The men got out and managed to wheel the Lamborghini onto the trailer. Geez, these guys are strong. You thought to yourself.  You slid into the back seat of the large SUV as the men and Frost climbed in as well.  Nervousness was building inside you, growing stronger every minute that passed.  You knew you’d be getting home any second now and you’d have to face J.

The car pulled into the driveway and the men hopped out, but you stayed in your seat.  Frost opened your door and offered you his hand.

“You’ve gotta face the music sometime Y/N.  And he’s going to notice the car’s gone any minute now if he hasn’t already.”

You grabbed his hand and hopped out of the car. Frost is right, lets get this over with. You made your way into the house and slowly walked to J’s office but he wasn’t there.  That’s odd. Walking around the rest of the house, you finally found him sitting out on the balcony attached to your shared bedroom.  He looked tense but at least he had some whiskey. Hopefully that’ll help. Alright Y/N, here goes nothing.

You stepped out on the balcony to join him and sat down on the seat next to his.  He continued staring out at his property, tensing his jaw before he spoke up, “Have something you need to tell me doll?”

You didn’t know how to break the ice. Does he already know and he’s just testing me? You reached over to his lap and tried to grab his hand, but he shifted so you couldn’t. Fuck, he already knows.

“J….I’m really sorry.  I know that an apology doesn’t make up for the car and I know that I shouldn’t have manipulated Frost and lied to you and….god J I’m sorry….” Tears were starting to well up again and you didn’t want to cry in front of him.

“I wish I could stop loving you.” J replied, taking you by surprise.

“Wh-what?” You whispered as your eyes grew wide.  J had never said that he loved you before and it definitely wasn’t the response you were expecting.

J reached over and pulled your hand back into his lap playing with your fingers as he continued to look out in the distance before speaking, “I knew you were going to take my car even if I told you no and I also know that you’re a shitty driver, Y/N,” He grinned, “I didn’t expect you to destroy the car, but when the henchmen told me what happened all I wanted to know was if you were ok.”

You couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth and you had so many questions but the only one that came out was, “The henchmen told you?” Great job, Y/N. He’s finally showing some emotion for you and that’s what you ask? Typical.

J laughed and finally looked over at you, still holding your hand, “I don’t care about the car, I’m just glad you’re safe. Frost too, of course.” He paused for a moment, “You’re flipping my world upside down, Y/N….I don’t know what I’m going to with you but I don’t know what I’d do without you. Now, no more driving and I’m done with this conversation.  Go get me another drink.” 

He let go of your hand and held out his glass for you to take.  You grabbed his glass and exited the balcony, the biggest smile spread across your face. Even if I never hear it again, he loves me.