lamborghini athon

The Athon, a name taken from an ancient Egyptian sun god, which means something like ‘Hymn to the Sun’, became an instant success. The public and the critics loved its spectacular look, the clear lines of the nose, the large curved windscreen, which was also the only protection for the driver because there was absolutely no top on this dream car, and the clever design of the engine hood. It incorporated the air filter in a very graphic form, just before this hood a small luggage compartment was located, even the design of the wheels was praised, they even returned on the Jalpa much later. The interior was very futuristic, with the controls located on satellite’s like in a Citroën, and a very stylistic gear shift lever. The steering wheel completely blended in with the dashboard and the electronic readouts were just a bit too futuristic at the time. It was completely upholstered in a beige/brown leather.