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            ∟10th Generation Vongola Famiglia 

  ❝Regardless of our internal strife, in times of crisis, when we are attacked by    scumbags from the outside…We, the Vongola, are always as one!❞

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Vongola reacting to their s/o asking them about having a child together

Tsuna: He nearly fainted.  Partly out of fear, not knowing if he would make a good father and partly out of excitement.  He wanted to be a father. 

Gokudera: He pushed the idea out of the way a couple times, saying that the two of you were ready to be parents.  But you were persistent and eventually he gave in.    

Yamamoto: He was ecstatic.  He wanted to be a father and you knew he would be a good one. 

T(wenty)YL Lambo: He nearly chocked on his food.  The idea had actually never occurred to him, but he started liking it more and more.

Ryohei: He was excited.  He was ready to get started on the baby making process now.

Hibari: He mulled it over for awhile.  He knew you really wanted children and he wasn’t sure if he would make a good father.  Eventually you convinced him on having one child. 

Chrome: She was hesitant at first.  She wasn’t sure if she could balance working and being a mother, but you reassured her that it will work out just fine and she agreed.

Mukuro: He ad to mull it over like Hibari.  He wasn’t sure how it would work out.  Mostly he was just scared something would happen to the kid, he had a lot of enemies after all.  But you convinced him that it would be okay.  After all, nothing happened to you. 

Which katekyo hitman reborn character should you fight and why.

Tsunayoshi sawada: Why? why would you even consider hitting this innocent child of the sky. Whats wrong with you, you filthy animal. 

Hayato Gokudera: He is the living embodiment of embarrassment. I’d say punch him in his fucking face, but hes the storm guardian, would you really wanna risk getting your ass blown to the sun??


Takeshi Yamamoto: Don’t punch this man, he will not only laugh it off, but you will probably feel bad and end up punching yourself. Like? Have you seen his smile? 

Lambo: It doesnt matter if lambo is a baby or ten year future lambo, punch him in the goddamn face. Do it for everyone. 

Kyoya Hibari: I will pray for you. 

Chrome Dokuro: She’s not weak, but why would you punch such a sweet cinnamon roll?? Just try putting your hands on her, see if her bishie squad dont break your shins. 

 Mukuro Rokudo: Literally the worst idea ever. This mans body has been suspended in a water capsule for 10-20 years. He is itching to rip someones skin off. 

Reborn!: Not only is this baby sharply dressed, but he will sharply kick the teeth out of your head.