lambie the lamb


The first of those colorful patient boxes (Lamby) flew home and I thought you’d like to see her:

Here is her arrival photo again, in case you missed it.  She gets the award for most colorful blanket!

As you can see, she had a small face wound (actually two) and was a little flat.  Here she is out of her box:

She had a nice spa:

And got restuffed (with a heart of course):

Her wounds were stitched (including her nose embroidery) and her fur got fluffed.  Soon, she was ready to fly home to NC:

And now she’s on the plane!

11 questions

I was tagged by @h3rblkw1ngs to answer her 11 questions, and tag 11 people to answer 11 of my own. 

I kinda love to sort of junk, so yay! Even though it takes me forever

1. A song that makes you cry.
Way too many if I’m in a certain mood. How about Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy.
2. Pineapple on pizza…travesty or treat?
It can be good. The best I ever had was a white pizza with pineapple, pulled pork and caramelized onions and it was pretty rad.
3. Your favorite video game console?
Super nostalgia feels about PlayStation. Metal Gear Solid, MediEvil, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Soul Reaver…
4. What was the name of your fave plushie/stuffed animal?
The only one I remember was Lamby. It was a lamb. Wearing pajamas. And it had lamb slipper feet.
5. Still got that plushie?
No, it was in the attic of my old house.
6. What was your favorite piece of playground equipment? Slide, swings, teeter-totter etc,?
I always liked the monkey bars. Swings are cool too.
7. Have you ever gone swimming in the ocean?
Yeah. I had only been a couple times when I was a kid, and once in senior year. But I’ve been able to go a couple years in a row now in Rhode Island. It’s kind of a mess, but also amazing.
8. What’s the name of the one who got away, if there is someone like that?
Didn’t get away, sometimes it’s better if they do.
9. Can you write me a little poem? 😂
Little black kitty curled
In the middle of the bed
No one in the world
Is better kept or fed
10. Describe your favorite sweater/hoodie.
It’s gray with black hood and accents. Very thick and warm. It’s got the logo for Vault-tec on it. I got it from the Bethesda webshop.
11. If you could choose between immortality or living out your life with unlimited money, which would you choose?
If I had a way to end my life, I’d choose immortality. (If it was like a curse, that I could never die than definitely not.) Money would come eventually. And I’d stop being afraid and just do things and go places.

My questions:

  1. Who’s one of your favorite people from history?
  2. What was the last book you read?
  3. What’s one of your favorite movies?
  4. If you could be reincarnated as an animal which would you choose?
  5. What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home?
  6. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  7. What was the last concert you attended?
  8. The bartender asks what they can get for you, what do you ask for?
  9. Ten years ago, what was one of your favorite bands?
  10. What’s the strangest thing you love to eat?
  11. Someone gives you $100 and you have to spend it today, on things you want, what do you buy?

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lamby!Deerper ftw. 

Will be coloring this and adding a bonus thing later.

May also just revisit the idea, I feel like the ‘costume’ is too simple and doesn’t do anything cute with his deer half…


Aiden slid easily into place beside Lambert at the bar, snaking an arm around his neck to pull him closer and land a drunken kiss on his temple. “Lamb,” he said, slurring his words only a little, “Lamby-pamby. Lamb, we’re rich.”

The bag of coin clattered heavily onto the wood of the bar, and Aiden could feel the eyes from the dice table boring into the back of him. But his smile stayed serene as he tapped the bag with a clumsy finger. “Doubled the money from that last contract is what I did,” he informed the barkeep, who hadn’t asked him and who looked fairly annoyed at being addressed. “Here,” Aiden added, counting out a stack and sliding it to Lambert. “For what you lent me last time. We might should go, though. I didn’t make any friends at that table, if you know what I mean.”

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Lamb races through the daffodils

willisninety-six // Ahhh about a year or two ago I told you I’d make you a birthday present/ // sHOT DEAD

ANyways // here’s a thing of Lamby because she’s a sweetheart //
happy super belated/early birthday lmao

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The lambs have mastered the “not interested stare”. #farmpark #lakemetroparks #lakecountyohio #lambie #lamb

I just thought of something else I would like to see in a future gf episode. If Stan and Carla ever reunite I want there to be an instance where they have to dance together to save the day (kind of like how Dipper has to do the Lamby Lamb dance to appease the ghosts). Either the event is some sort of dance demon/monster they have to out-dance (i.e. out-fiddle the devil) or some sort of spell that requires certain dance steps. 

Stan is  feeling defeated and unsure of what to do next. Carla holds out her hand to him with a smile, and Stan takes it nervously. The music starts and they begin to dance together, a little unsure at first, but then they get into the rhythm, and then it’s almost like no time has passed between them at all. Their movement’s are perfectly synchronized, on fusion dance level, and they don’t notice anything else around them, until the music stops. They both laugh, and Carla punches Stan in the arm “ya still got it, old man”. 

When the triplets are babies, what if Dip-dop changes his appearance to calm them down? Perhaps he tries to look like he was their age? What if he also performs the ‘Lamby Lamby Dance,’ with lamb costume and all? Henry, Mabel, and Stan walk in on Dipper, appearing like a 3 year old, doing his little dance. Henry just wants to unsee everything, while Mabel is taking pictures and videos like the world is going to end tomorrow. Stan plans to use Mabel’s pictures and videos for blackmail.

After Mabel, Henry, Stan, and the Triplets die, Dipper can barely look at the lamb costume without crying, as it brings back too many memories. Dipper never destroyed the pictures or videos of him, appearing as a 3 year old, dancing and singing in a lamb costume. (Bonus: Those same pictures and videos somehow make their way onto the internet, and Dipper is at a loss for words.)