lambie the lamb


The first of those colorful patient boxes (Lamby) flew home and I thought you’d like to see her:

Here is her arrival photo again, in case you missed it.  She gets the award for most colorful blanket!

As you can see, she had a small face wound (actually two) and was a little flat.  Here she is out of her box:

She had a nice spa:

And got restuffed (with a heart of course):

Her wounds were stitched (including her nose embroidery) and her fur got fluffed.  Soon, she was ready to fly home to NC:

And now she’s on the plane!

anonymous asked:

i watched sock opera the other day and got to the part where bill asks dipper what mabel's done for him lately. i never thought about it the first time but after rewatching the series im thinking bill has a point? dipper constantly makes sacrifices for mabel but she doesn't seem to sacrifice the same way for him. do you have any thoughts? is this even an accurate statement? ive been thinking about it a lot lately. i was thinking they might be setting mabel up to make a big sacrifice of her own

I’d actually written about this before but it’s on a different blog and a little bit out of date so I’m just going to make a new one.

First we need to look at Dipper’s sacrifices. The one thing he constantly gives up in the first season? Wendy. It’s in “The Inconveniencing” when he does the lamby lamb dance in order for Mabel not to be possessed anymore (that’s not exactly a sacrifice if you think about it), when he gives up Wendy for Mabel to have Waddles, when he goes trick or treating with Mabel in order to stop a monster—but that still didn’t end up that well for him because, as Mabel pointed out, he lied to her the entire evening.

So are these sacrifices? The show has made it pretty clear that Wendy is way too old for Dipper and he comes off more like a jerk. In fact, the relationship between Gideon and Mabel are reflected between Dipper and Wendy throughout the entire season. Gideon is nine, Mabel is twelve. Dipper is twelve, Wendy is fifteen. Three years between both of them. Neither one a healthy relationship with both the guys manipulating the girls.

Dipper releases a videogame character to beat the crap out of Robbie. This is not a morally sound decision, okay?

Mabel is the one character that shows how relationships in this show should work; she lets Mermando go, figures out that Gabe is cute, but not the right match for her, and releases Several Timez into the wild.

These aren’t sacrifices. This is one person in a relationship realizing that the other person isn’t as consenting and willing to step back. Something that Mabel has no problem with realizing yet Dipper can’t seem to figure out.

Wendy doesn’t want to be in a relationship with Dipper and he should have backed off. Fate told him to knock it off and he continued to use time travel to see if he could change the future. When he succeeds by using Mabel for his own ends—particularly to win a girl who doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him—there are consequences that he has to fix.

They are not sacrifices if he made the mess. It’s called cleaning up after yourself.

One thing that is so, incredibly important in all this is Dipper meets younger Wendy during “Blendin’s Game”—after “Sock Opera” and “now he knows how she feels” about the whole relationship. Dipper has a moment of self awareness that he didn’t have before so the question is would he still agree with Bill after that?

The true nature of Gravity Falls is to figure out the mystery. Dipper never has to sacrifice anything in regards to that because Mabel is beside him the entire time. And the only time she isn’t is in “Sock Opera”.

With Mabel it’s different. She doesn’t put herself into the position when she needs to sacrifice something for her brother until “Sock Opera” where, surprise surprise, she is acting just like Dipper did the entire first season. The same exact way that Dipper acted towards Wendy is reflected in that one episode and Mabel blows up her hard work in order to defeat Bill and save the journal.

But all of her hard work was done to impress a boy even when she promised Dipper she would help him with the laptop.

Therefore, we can conclude that the only times Mabel and Dipper have to sacrifice something is when they turn their back on their twin in regards to the mystery surrounding Gravity Falls.

What is far more interesting is the way they save each other. Mabel often saves Dipper’s life (“The Hand that Rocks the Mabel” and “Gideon Rises”) and Dipper, in return, helps her out with emotional hurts (“Irrational Treasure” and “Land before Swine”). These two balance each other out so incredibly well that it’s almost unfair to keep score between them.

But, if you did, you’d find that it is mostly equal.

Will Mabel have to sacrifice something in the near future? I don’t know. I can’t see Mabel turning her back on Dipper again. Will Dipper have to sacrifice something? I think he is gradually learning and maturing with Mabel and that they both will make mistakes. But like Mabel, I don’t think there will be any need for a huge sacrifice on Dipper’s end either.

I just thought of something else I would like to see in a future gf episode. If Stan and Carla ever reunite I want there to be an instance where they have to dance together to save the day (kind of like how Dipper has to do the Lamby Lamb dance to appease the ghosts). Either the event is some sort of dance demon/monster they have to out-dance (i.e. out-fiddle the devil) or some sort of spell that requires certain dance steps. 

Stan is  feeling defeated and unsure of what to do next. Carla holds out her hand to him with a smile, and Stan takes it nervously. The music starts and they begin to dance together, a little unsure at first, but then they get into the rhythm, and then it’s almost like no time has passed between them at all. Their movement’s are perfectly synchronized, on fusion dance level, and they don’t notice anything else around them, until the music stops. They both laugh, and Carla punches Stan in the arm “ya still got it, old man”. 

When the triplets are babies, what if Dip-dop changes his appearance to calm them down? Perhaps he tries to look like he was their age? What if he also performs the ‘Lamby Lamby Dance,’ with lamb costume and all? Henry, Mabel, and Stan walk in on Dipper, appearing like a 3 year old, doing his little dance. Henry just wants to unsee everything, while Mabel is taking pictures and videos like the world is going to end tomorrow. Stan plans to use Mabel’s pictures and videos for blackmail.

After Mabel, Henry, Stan, and the Triplets die, Dipper can barely look at the lamb costume without crying, as it brings back too many memories. Dipper never destroyed the pictures or videos of him, appearing as a 3 year old, dancing and singing in a lamb costume. (Bonus: Those same pictures and videos somehow make their way onto the internet, and Dipper is at a loss for words.)