Lambhelps Graphics: Character PSD #1 -- 'Shampain'
  • I’ve made bio graphics before for my own RPs but this is the first one I’m releasing so I hope you like!
  • It’s super simple and should be very easy even for those who aren’t great at graphics. So long as you have Photoshop and can find or make pngs to use, you can use it!
  • I used Dolce Vita for the character name, Celine Dion Handwriting for the age and FC name, and Postage Stamps for the embellishment above the name. You can change the embellishment if you wish, but make sure that when you’re typing in the letter to look at the other stamps, you’re using uppercase! It doesn’t work otherwise.
  • I reccommend a png that has at least the waist and up, if not full body. You can use whichever of course, but I think that full bodies give it the best feel. The PNGs used are from here and here.
  • Please don’t claim as your own! You don’t have to credit me up front, but please do so if someone asks. Redistributing even with alterations is also a no-no.
  • A like or reblog would be super appreciated and would let me know there’s interest in me making more PSDs.
{Download Here}