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Jacob reacting to s/o getting him a fancy and expensive tophat ❤

((I got you, Anon))

The night was still and calm, snow flowing softly on the streets of Lambeth. It was Christmas Eve and you had just bought a gift for your boyfriend of two years. Every time you passed by this store he would look at the one top hat on display. Never fully committing a real look at it. Just side glances. But you knew that he wanted it. So you took up extra missions, fought in clubs and raced carriages just to buy that silly top hat. And buy it you did. The box was black with a red bow on it. Inside was a sheer black top hat with a golden sash around it. It cost you all your money and it made the walk back to the train seem even shorter than it was. Agnes had agreed to stop Bertha for a few minutes while you got the gift for Jacob.

Inside the train was the regular Mahogany wood with red carpet. Mr.Green had taken the liberty of setting up a tree out of books on Evie’s cart and a hanging beer bottle on Jacobs cart. Underneath Jacobs tree was two presents. One from Evie and one from Henry. Both were expertly wrapped and looked very festive. Jacob was dead asleep and snoring on the couch once you got on. The train started her slow move the second you put the sleek box under his tree and you fell asleep right beside him on the couch. Waiting until tomorrow.


The next morning you were woken up by Jacob nudging your shoulder. “Love, wake up. Love, it’s assassin Christmas!”

You slowly got up, shaking your head and seeing Jacob tear into the present Evie had left. A new tie for his outfit. It was purple and had a black pattern on it.

Jacob looked over the tie before putting it back into the box carefully, as if afraid to break it somehow.

He then opened up Henry’s box with a little more care. Inside was a new Kukri. Silver with a gold accent and an eagle’s head for the handle. Very regal looking. Jacob immediately put it in his holder strapped to his thigh.

“Would you look at this,” Jacob picked up the black box, “Santa left me a present,” He said it with such wonder, almost as if he was a kid on Christmas.

“Why don’t you open it?” You asked innocently.

He slowly pulled away the bow and shuffled open the top on the lid. It freeing itself with a pop. But he just sat there, amazed and awestruck. Before carefully taking it out of the box and putting it on his messy brown hair.

“My, that really suits you, Jacob,” You slyly commented.

“Love, did you really buy it for me?” It was like he couldn’t believe it.

“Actually, that present was for Greenie,” A sarcastic quip.

He said nothing but enveloped you in a bear hug, lifting you from your spot on the couch. He smelled of gunpowder and horse, but also something that was just, Jacob. It had been a successful Christmas this year. All thanks to that charming top hat.

Little Miss Robin Hood | Sam x Reader Imagine | Request


I clutched my growling stomach that sent hungry pains into my muscles.

It’s okay. I can keep going for another day or two. The kids, however… They cant. I need to get them some food before the day is up.

My eyes flickered through the cobbled streets of London, scanning for someone unaware.

A passing beggar… A group of children back from work with only a few coins in their pockets… A woman with a scar trailing down her neck… Ah!

My sights landed on a wealthy looking man with longish brown hair, bright green eyes, and a large lump of coins in his pocket…


I began to walk with a fake limp towards the man, expertly flinching when my ‘wounded’ leg hit the stone. Keeping my head down I bumped into the cash holder’s side, slipping my hand into his coat pocket and clutching the coins so they didn’t make a sound as I held them.

“Oh, sorry sir…” I mumbled, keeping my head low.

“Its alright…” He sounded like he had a lot on his mind. Perfect. He wouldn’t notice the money that had mysteriously dissapeared.

My limp went away, granting me the freedom to speed walk down the populated street.

Everything was going well… Until…

“Hey! Give that back!” Shit.

I broke into a run, pushing past the people and ducking into the alleyway.

Unfortunately I heard loud footsteps behind me. That little rich kid must know how to run…

Ducking around the corner I spun down the dirty trail, passing by others who looked up in curiosity. After all, this was the first time they had seen me being chased.

I contemplated drawing the gun from my holster and shooting the man square between the eyes but that would surely draw the police. Last thing I need is

Scotland Yard breathing down my neck.

Also, I’m trying to enforce this new 'No Killing’ policy. So there’s that.

As I turned past the edge of a building I swore loudly, finding only a large brick wall.

The victim I had stolen from caught up, not even panting after chasing me for half a mile.

“Now… I don’t want to hurt you. Just give me the money and we can both go our separate ways”

Sighing, I drew my single action army pistol and aimed it at his forehead.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

He only looked annoyed at the idea of facing down the barrel of a gun, “Sam Winchester…”

It was only now I realized that he was an American, judging by that accent. “Well Sammy, I think I’ll be keeping this money. There’s people out there who need it a hell of a lot more than you…”

I aimed slightly to the left of his face, pulling the trigger and catching that my targeting was perfect. He only stumbled back, clutching the narrow cut that I had made on his cheek.

“Bye love” And with a small wave I darted past him and sped off into the crowded streets.
“Miss Y/N! You’re back!” Little Kate cried in joy, running up to me and hugging my waist.

I smiled softly, “How was your day Kate?”

“It was alright, I was able to steal this bastard’s pouch when he wasn’t lookin’” I playfully cuffed her around the head.

“Kate, don’t say those bad words” I mocked.

The small Scottish girl pouted, “Its true! He was kickin’ this man on the ground when I saw him. He was too busy bleedin’ him that I just had to snatch the wallet”

I paused for a moment before peering back at the ginger, “Then yes, he was a bastard”

She giggled happily before running off to shake the other sleeping children by the fire I had started in a nearly empty barrel.

“Evie! Jacob! Miss Y/N’s back!” Jacob merely groaned about wanting more sleep and curled back into the tattered rags.

“She brought fooood~” Kate said in a sing-song voice.

Jacob darted up with a jolt, “Its a pleasure to see you Mrs. Y/N!”

“You’re such a suck up Jacob…” His quieter, more thought out sister, Evie, muttered.

“I am not!” Before the two eleven year olds could get too heated I stepped in, handing the two kids bread I had bought with that Winchester’s money.

“Jacob Frye, you are indeed a suck up. But in this world that habit’s gonna do ya some good”

The brown haired boy perked up at  this, smiling proudly as he wolfed down the loaf of bread.

And as I watched the three small kids replenish their hungry stomachs I could only smile, glance up at the smog colored sky and think…

'Thanks for the money… Sam Winchester’

I whistled as I aimlessly wandered down the rancid streets towards Lambeth where I would be meeting with someone to help free some of the indebted child workers at Arthur’s clothing factory.

Suddenly a strange noise came to my attention that made me stop in my tracks.

It was the sound of struggling and shouts of pain.

My gut told me to ignore it. To simply walk away.


I swerved around and darted around the corner to face what was going down.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

A nobleman was locked against three Gang brutes in combat but from what I witnessed it looked like he was winning.

In the flurry I couldn’t catch a good look at his face, I was too busy looking at how he fought. The noble was delivering hard punches to the one guy’s face while he managed to whirl around and knock another one unconscious.

“Holy hell…” I muttered in awe.

But he neglected the third man, who came up from behind him and fastened an arm around his throat, holding him in place while the first took on a wicked grin, and unscathed a bleeder from his belt…

Thinking quickly I grabbed my pistol and fired, the bullet going into the thugs shoulder.

“AH!” He screamed, collapsing onto the ground and holding his seeping wound.
I aimed my gun towards the one who had an arm still locked around the noble’s neck.

“Get out of here or I’ll make sure the next one hits!” I threatened, making the man hesitate before he released the trapped man, and running off with the wounded partner.

My arm went limp, swinging down lifelessly before I shoved my gun back into its holster inside my coat and walked towards the convulsing noble on the ground that was gasping for air.

“Hey, are you alri-” My breath caught in my throat when I caught a look at his face.

“You!” “You!” We both screamed at once, making Sam stand up from the ground again.

“You’re the one who took… my..” His voice faded out, making him wobble dangerously to the ground.

“Y-You okay?” I asked while keeping far away from him collapsed body, it could be a trap after all.

He coughed up a sticky spray of red blood, “He… stabbed me”

Looking down at his clothes I swallowed thickly at the sight of a steady crimson hue pooling around his shoulder. “Yeah, I can see that…”

Without hesitating I leaned down and pulled him up, slinging his arm around my shoulder and limping forward to the warehouse not too far from here.

“Why are you… helping me?” I rolled my eyes and crept a hand to his stained vest and pressed down hard, earning a cry of pain from his throat.

“Because I would be a pretty big arse to let you bleed out on the ground”

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A Nightmarish Reality {Closed}

@knightcommanderlucan plotted an AU starter

In the midst of a small skirmish in the streets of Lambeth, Isabeau had been surprised by a soldier lycan who leapt at her. She’d been successfully pushing its head back from her with her rifle, it’s snapping jaws inches from her face but a call to her had distracted her and it lunged for her shoulder. Crying out in pain, she reached back from against the wall to her shortblade now that her hand was freed and grasped it. But still the half-breed fought and it took more effort against the ever increasing pain In one quick movement she plunged that blade straight into its head and it fell from her immediately. The bite felt like it was throbbing along with the searing pain!

Shit, shit, shit! 

Isabeau knew the dangers of being bitten, the risk of that infection and so immediately reached for her blackwater in the hopes that it would take the infection away before it arose. She rose the vial quickly to her lips and drank most of the vile liquid inside. Her haggard breathing sped up at the pain of flesh sealing together but soon those breaths calmed and she was able to move normally again.

However, there was still a part of her that wasn’t so sure she had gotten to the liquid in time. She had read the studies on infection…