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Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam (mentioned), brief mention of reader’s ex and friend

Length:1919(ish?) Words

Warnings: Angst, loneliness, past infidelity, drinking, slow dancing with Dean (because I think that deserves it’s own warning), implied drunken sex

Note: This is based off of the song “Vice” by Miranda Lambert. If you haven’t heard it, you can listen to it here. Even if country music isn’t your thing, check it out. The song is beautiful and sad and wonderful. I bolded the lyrics I used for this story.

This is my first completed fan-fiction. I have had the idea since I first heard this song, but I had been too nervous to write it out until I met @wheresthekillswitch. She beta’d and edited this for me and was incredibly patient with me while I struggled with tense. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You are an amazing, sweet and kind person and I am so glad I met you.


That is what you wanted. You wanted the pain and the confusion and the guilt and the betrayal that you had endured for the last 2 months to be gone. Even for just a short time, you needed to be numb. Feeling absolutely nothing was better than bearing another night of what was ahead of you otherwise.

The ice hasn’t had a chance to melt before your glass is empty and you’re signaling the bartender for another. The drink is bitter and stings at your throat, but you don’t care. Your salvation tonight is dressed up in a pretty black label and you welcome the burn spreading through your body as you gulp the second glass of amber liquid.

In the months preceding this, you had not allowed yourself a single vice. You had worn your agony like a badge – a raw reminder to yourself of the choices you made that had brought you here.       

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Allegory of Poetry (1640-42). Eustache Le Sueur (French, 1616-1655). Oil on canvas.

This elegant Allegory of Poetry exhibits both the influence of Le Sueur’s master, Simon Vouet, as well as the development of his own more lyrical and sensual style. The painting was found to have hung at the celebrated Hôtel Lambert in the 18th century, and was likely commissioned directly from Le Sueur by the Lambert family to decorate their residence.