Dinosaur Crystal Gems Headcanons

After a long discussion with my bud @thenerdbeast, we’ve figured that the gems correlate to these prehistoric creatures:

Steven: Protoceratops A small ceratopsian with a little shield-like frill

Pearl: Pelecanmimus An ornithosaurid with a long beak

Garnet: Baryonyx A carnivorous theropod with strong arms and long claws

Amethyst: Postosuchus A bulky and strong psuedosuchian (not a dinosaur)

Rose Quartz: Kosmoceratops A ceratopsian with a decorative frill

Greg: Segnosaurus A humble therizinosaur with bountiful plumage

Peridot: Troodon A little raptor with a large brain

Lapis Lazuli: Pteranodon A big Pterosaur that lived on the seaside (not a dinosaur)

Jasper: T-Rex A big Theropod using it’s head for attacks

Bismuth: Ankylosaurus A strong herbivore covered in armor and equipped with a clubbed tail

Ruby: Archeoraptor A tiny but tough raptor

Sapphire: Europasaurus A small delicate sauropod

Alexandrite: Suchomimus An enormous spinosaur with the head of a crocodile

Malachite: Spinosaurus An enormous water-dwelling theropod without the charm of Suchomimus

Sardonyx: Lambeosaurus A graceful hadrosaur with a fancy headcrest

Sugilite: Carcharodontsaurus A giant shark-toothed theropod

Opal: Dilophosaurus A medium-sized theropod

Rainbow Quartz: Pachycephalosaurus A hard-headed bipedal herbivore

Connie: Turanoceratops A little ceratopsian with sharp brow horns

Stevonnie: Zuniceratops A medium-sized ceratopsian

The Diamonds: Titanosaurs The biggest dinosaurs ever, all sauropods

Ruby Squad: Raptors All different species, when fused create Dakotaraptor

The Cluster: A Mass of Fossils

“Lambe’s lizard”
Late Cretaceous, 76-75 million years ago

Lambeosaurus was a duck-billed hadrosaur with a decorative, hatchet-shaped crest. As with other hadrosaurs like Parasaurolophus and Corythosaurus, scientists believe that the specialized crests served various social functions: noisemaking, sexual display, etc. Older hadrosaur specimens, however, automatically assumed the crests were gang symbols.


Ornithopods at the AMNH
Other herbivore dinosaurs at the AMNH
Armored Herbivores - Ceratopsians - Some Sauropods - Psittacosaurus
Photos by me

Ornitópodos en el AMNH
Otros dinosaurios herbívoros en el AMNH
Acorazados - Ceratópsidos - Algunos Saurópodos - Psittacosaurus
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A mounted Lambeosaurus at the Royal Ontario Museum.  Lambeosaurus is a type of hadrosaurid dinosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period (~75 million years ago) in North America.  This bipedal/quadrupedal, plant-eating dinosaur is known for its distinctive hollow cranial crest, which in the best-known species resembled a hatchet.  The most widely excepted theory about it’s hollow crest is that is aided in social noise making, amplifying sounds.