Lambda Phi Epsilon Convention XXIII

I miss dancing with my girls <3

anonymous asked:

Why did you choose LPhiE? Also how active are alumni?

Hey Anonymous, feel free to message me off of anon, i’d love to chat with you, I chartered LPhiE at my school in order to create something positive, not just for myself but for people down the road.  Back then whenever I pictured LPhiE at my university, I pictured brothers going into the library/student center/Lambda House, greeting each other with happy smiles, laughing at each other about inside jokes, poking fun with nicknames and beyond.  Knowing each other to the point where subtle nuances and gestures can be traced to a certain brother, for example:  "Medic always does this face when that happens LOL.“ 

Fast forward to now, 3 years, and a lot has happened.  We’ve been through a lot of trials and tribulations, and through it all, we’re still standing here, strong, with strong family lines and bonds. We’re living together, laughing together, studying together, and helping each other reach our highest potential in whatever career we’re pursuing, all the while having fun with road trips, beach trips, gym sessions, bbqs, basketball, football, museums, snowboarding, ETC ETC… you name it!

I chose LPhiE because there was just something different, I could feel the potential brotherhood, and I could literally see it in the people that I knew who were already Lambdas. 

In reference to alumni, they are EXTREMELY active, our national board is constantly working to revamp every part of LPhiE.  Every chapter is in contact with Nationals, and you can really feel the impact, not only in our number of chapter growth, but the push to do community service, offer philanthropy, and encouragement for brothers from every chapter to take on big roles in the Fraternity, such as Board of Directors, Regional Governor, and even E-board positions.  

All in all it has been a positive experience for me, I encourage you to come off anon and talk to me about it, I’m really open to answering a lot of questions.  As with everything in life, it’s really what you make of it, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out of it, but even if do get to a point where you’re in a lull and in a low place, your brothers will pick you up out of there anyway.