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tbhestrella  asked:

——— earlier, i could’ve sworn i saw { REECE KING } walking across the courtyard, but it’s just { ACHILLES SUTTER }, who i heard is a { 21 } year old { JUNIOR } majoring in { EDUCATION + HISTORY } here at crawford university. they are apparently a { MEMBER } of { LAMBDA THETA CHI }. according to the rumours, people call them the { HELLION } because they are supposedly very { HONEST }, but also very { AGGRESSIVE } but who knows if the stories are true. ( im dying squirtle. )

pack your bags & come over to crawford, ACHILLES REECE KING! you have 24 hours to send in your account before your role is reopened !


Kappa Phi Gamma for #ReclaimTheBindi! 

Kappa Phi Gamma Sorority, Inc. is the first South Asian Sorority in North America. The sisterhood instills the pride of culture, womanhood, and self. Although Kappa Phi Gamma was founded as a South Asian sorority, she has expanded the warmth of her Sisterhood to any and all motivated young women, willing to make a difference. Sisters of different backgrounds learn about the importance of South Asian culture and work together as one on promoting cultural awareness on their campus and in their community. 

We would like to commend reclaimthebindi for initiating this movement to allow females of similar backgrounds to share their stories and to empower young South Asian women worldwide. Culture is not a costume and appropriation is not equal to appreciation.

manilla-folder  asked:

The fraternity in UCLA that had the "blackface Kanye Western" party was not an Asian fraternity. The member of Sigma Phi Epsilon at the UCLA chapter were largely white. Idk where you got that information because in that article, it said NOTHING about Asian men so I don't know why you are saying things like this to make Asian people seem like the bad guy when your experiences don't define everyone with Asian American ancestry.

So this is about to get funny-

1) You’re totally right- I did link the wrong UC blackface party in my piece on Asian antiblackness. This is partially because there have been SO MANY blackface parties in the UC system, and also because I didn’t recheck the link properly. The party I linked was a white blackface party at UCLA and incorrectly labeled it as a “UCLA Asian frat” blackface occurrence.  I do apologize for that, as it was improperly cited.


2) Your attempts to defend Asian antiblackness by pointing that out still failed, because, as I said above, I just put the wrong link. It was an Asian fraternity at UC Irvine that did the blackface in 2013. I’ve updated the link in the original post accordingly.

Here’s a screenshot of them in all of their glory:

Quote from the correct article:

The gentlemen behind the video are members of Lambda Theta Delta, UC Irvine’s first and largest Asian Greek fraternity, and are apparently not affiliated with the APSA. In the two-minute May 2013 installs preview video, Justin T. Nguyen, Tony D. Duong and Philip Lam appear clad in their suit and tie best as they dance to Justin Timberlake’s, you guessed it, “Suit & Tie” single. Everything seems jovial and racism-free until :55, when Rainier Nanquil enters the scene as “Jay-Z.” Nanquil decided to really get into character by painting his face to match the color of Jay Z’s.

“really into character” using blackface- right.

So number one was wrong on my part, but your antiblack attempts to void my entire argument about the severe levels of antiblackness in your community with one link have failed.

So I guess my question now that I’ve debunked your point is- who exactly is “[making] Asian people seem like the bad guy”? Is it me, a black person who has been personally affected by your community’s antiblackness, or fools like the Asian guy above running around in blackface and ones like you defending them and the antiblackness in your community?


Click here for my piece on Asian antiblackness

heterosexualvolcano  asked:

Sorry, is there any particular reason why your icon is alpha theta lamda?

Surprisingly, this is the first time someone has officially asked me that in nearly 3 years of blogging! So either it’s really obvious or really non-obvious, I’m not sure. 

Anyway, alpha theta lambda is the acronym of All Things Linguistic, but using Greek letters because really, “thing” doesn’t begin with a /t/ sound. And it has the nice bonus that all three letters are used as symbols in different subfields of linguistics: alpha in phonology for alpha place/manner, theta in both the IPA and in syntax for theta roles, and lambda in semantics for lambda calculus (and also in the IPA). [Update: the symbol ʎ is in fact a “turned y” and therefore looks like a backwards version of a real lambda λ. Although I’m pretty sure I’ve heard other linguists also call it lambda.]

Bonus fun facts: I have grapheme-colour synesthesia, so the green shade that I use as the theme accent colour is quite similar to the green that corresponds to t or theta for me. I picked the t colour because a and l are both shades of yellow/white for me, which wouldn’t show up well on a white background.

And the header photo I took in the linguistics section at The Montague Bookmill, a delightful used bookstore.