American Horror Story: Murder House Families + Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez

hallelujah rest n peace

the man im in love with
got engaged.
he sent me a video of his penis
with the puppet of Lambchop.

if i was speaking to him

i would say thats cute,

in a predatorial kinda way.

i cried at a delta sonic
because i didnt know how to
navigate the rope maze.
think theres something wrong
with my thyroid
you know there is.
i just want to get a rise out of you.

we’re all wondering why i just cant
use my head.

anonymous asked:

and what exactly is wrong with his last instagram post besides u being mad that he dares post pics with his gf? he's talking about the card game called "asshole" and i'm sure u will still be checking his instagram to complain about every post he makes smh.

Hi LAT🙋 (or one of her friends!) I don’t give a rat’s tail if it’s a card game GG was alluding to in that IG post, it’s not about that nor is it about him posting pics with his “gf” (*rolls eyes) It’s about him ignoring his fans, his cast mates and not even promoting his own show on social media. All he ever post about is of Lambchop. ✌

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