Good Morning from Lark-In-A-Bucket! I’ve had my 1.5 oz. of colostrum & am tucked in for morning naps while Farmer Tam sips coffee & watches cousin Samson on the #LambCam to see if he’s eating & standing ok. My sister Lupine is doing superbly with my mama Louise in the barn & my cousin Trillium is also having happy times w/my Aunt Thelma. I’m hoping to be strong enough to join everyone in a few days.
Have a happy Wednesday, all!

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St Fagans National History Museum, another of National Museum Wales’ seven sites, has a population of around 100 breeding ewes. All through March you can watch events unfold in the lambing shed on the 24-hour Lambcam! The staff there are hoping for over 150 new lambs, so it’s set to be a busy month!

Go to the St Fagans website for the live images!

New to Tumbler

Hello everyone! Lambie here! This is my very first post here on Tumblr. I am going to have to get used to this site and try to figure out what I am supposed to be doing exactly. LOL

I do not know anyone’s Tumblr accounts so I cannot add anyone. So if you are a Lambie fan, follow me and I will follow you too!

I plan on posting blogs like this, pictures, links, and things like that!

Love, Lambie

4 hours left to enter to win a skein of lovely Iris’ yarn, and at 8pm we’ll be entertaining your questions & comments on #LambCam LIVEChat from the stall. Join us for lambing commentary & other farm chat while we speculate on this ole girl’s delivery date. Hit the link in our profile and click on the blog for the details. (at Wing and a Prayer Farm)

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#TBT when MacDuff & Malcolm were one week old.

Also, save-the-date: This Saturday night at 8pm, #LambCam #LIVEchat from our very pregnant ewe Iris’ stall here on the farm. Will share details in Friday’s blog post. (at Wing and a Prayer Farm)

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This is little Mansfield, or, ‘Manny’ as we like to call him. He is 2 days old. His mama Laurel had him Monday w/many viewers on our #LambCam -it was so great to be able to share! The good news? The #lambcam is still rolling & now you can watch the little guy learn about the great world. I’ve worked with #DropCam to get the connection fixed, and it appears we’re good to go again. Have fun! (at Wing and a Prayer Farm)

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This sheep wheel hangs in my kitchen, I’ll be talking about how we use it here I our fiber farm for lambing & kidding during the #LambCam #LIVEchat at 8 pm EDT tonight. See you in a little over an hour! (Link in blog.) (at Wing and a Prayer Farm)

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You’re invited to a #lamb shower! Coming up, 8pm eastern, in the barn, Farmer Tam answers your questions about farming & lambing, etc.. Leave your questions here and I’ll do my best to answer on the #LambCam. Your questions enter you into our FREE PIE GIVEAWAY drawn randomly at the conclusion of #Lambing2015. Here’s the #DropCam link to tune in: (at Wing And A Prayer Farm)

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