The status of the prince in Beauty&the Beast

I see a lot of posts saying that “Belle married into royalty” or talking about “the prince’s parents, the King and Queen”. And you know, if it was a fairy tale land like in Cinderella, I wouldn’t say anything, but here it’s specifically France, in a time period we can guess as the mid-18th century.

Surprise, Louis XV never turned into a beast.

I mean, if he actually was the sovereign, then forgetting curse or not, there would be a few issues with that. Hell, in the live-action, they even go to PARIS, which seems like it’s doing fine and not lost in anarchy. And maybe there would be more than a little provincial town around the royal castle.

In France, high-ranking noblemen were sometimes given the title of “Prince” (le Prince de Condé, le Prince de Lamballe…). They were generally distant to very-distant relatives of the current royal family, but they were not royalty. They would keep the title of Prince/Princess all their lives, as if duke or marquis.

My conclusion is that the Prince in Beauty and the Beast is not royalty, he’s just a pretty extra noble guy.


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