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Belair in Smythesdale

Not very often that you get a walk-up shot anywhere these days where there’s no evidence of modern stuff. I came out of the butcher shop across the road with a full leg of lamb in a shopping bag, which sat contently on the footpath as I got about the business of shooting this baby.

BTS Tarot Card Reading: YoonKook

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional reader okay I’m a beginner. I’m only doing this for fun and entertainment. I am in no way trying to make correct predictions on the future. If it does comes to pass then wow….I’m shook. Other then that all this stuff I’m about to say and do is all fun and games. Do not take me seriously. I repeat do not take this seriously.

I did another reading this was a suggestion from @phanofcake . I know your a fan of this ship. So I was interested too in seeing the dynamic of this ships friendship. I have to say from the last two readings they have the most loving cards I’ve seen. I just got really good loving vibes from these cards. I caught feels in the middle of this reading. Was getting low key jealous of their friendship. So I asked the cards to give me insight into their friendship. These are the cards I got.

So this first card is Seven of Swords this card means there is some trickery or sneakiness. At first I could not make a connection of the card meaning and how it related to the start of their friendship. Then all the sudden it came to me out of nowhere. Do you guys remember watching Rookie king when BTS first came out? And Suga was standing against a wall on top of a building confessing to taking Kookie underwear and wearing them. Then Kookie getting him back later and wearing his underwear. I think they have many stories and instances between them where they did sneaky stuff to each other. And out of that is where they built and formed a friendship. I’m still laughing to myself about this. I can only imagine the hilarious stuff they did to each other.

The second card is Three of Pentacles this card has been showing up again when I ask about friendship. I really think this group as a whole really enjoys creating music together and working together. This card represents that Kookie and Suga enjoy working together on whatever creative venture they have.

The third card is Ten of Pentacles this card represents legacy, permanence, wealth, ancestor, wisdom, home. It also could mean a successful financial venture. So I feel that if they open up that lamb skewer shop it would be successful for them. I also feel this card represent that they feel like they are a family enjoying there wealth together. You see the grandpa in the picture that’s Yoongi. LOL. Just playing.

The fourth card is Ace of Pentacles again this represents whatever dreams you plant it will become true. Or represents a good foundation to start anything on. In reference to there friendship they have a good foundation. I also took it to mean if they start planting seeds for the lamb skewer shop they will be good they have the right foundation for it to succeed. 

The fifth card is Four of Cups which means I’m bored. I need to go be to myself recover and I don’t really want to get up and see what life has to offer me. It could also mean don’t just stay there and ignore options or people etc. I interrupted it as Yoongi tends to get bored with the friendship or he withdrawals into himself at times leaving Kookie alone. But that offer of the cup in picture I think that means its Kookie who is always offering him love and saying he is still there for him no matter what even if Yoongi tends to ignore it or withdraw.

So you know I had to withdraw more cards to take a deeper look. Cause I’m nosy.

The first two cards I felt that Page of Cups represented Yoongi and his character. Page of Cups takes himself very seriously. When he commits to something, he is all in and all earnest. Immaturity, over sensitivity, unrealistic expectations, and a tendency to secretiveness could make him hard to deal with. Guide him gently and help him protect his heart. If you help him navigate the choppy waters you will have a sweet devoted friend. When I read that I started to have the feeling that this applied to some characteristics in Jungkook also.

The second two cards I feel like the Ten of Cups is saying that Kookie and Yoongi really look at each other as family. That’s what the card represents family and combined with the Three of Pentacles they look at each other as family they enjoy working together and being a family. 

The third two cards I got a into my feelings with this one. Because when I read the meaning behind the Ace of Cups it touched me. It read its like given a full overflowing chalice of magic potion. It brings healing, love, and grace. If you have some rough or raw emotional edges. The water will run over you washing away sediment that is holding you back from loving and living. Interpreting this into the meaning of their friendship is that qualities in Kookie helps heal Yoongi. I feel their friendship is a very loving and healing for them both and with the Ten of Pentacles card I think they really feel that being in a family environment. I feel like Yoongi doing little things for Kookie like buying him meals etc really helps keep Yoongi’s heart soft. 

The fourth two cards again the foundation is good and the Eight of Pentacles represent work or working on something. I feel this could indicate they are working on the lamb skewer business or still working on there friendship.

The fifth two cards Six of Cups means acts of kindness, caring, sweet gestures that can brighten up your day, friendliness, innocence, childhood. I started to look at the two cards side by side finding similarities in them. It always look like someone holding a cup offering something. In one card the person is not accepting the cup and in the other card the person is accepting the cup. I feel the person offering the cup is Kookie. He seems to be always offering kindness, care, love. And Yoongi is either ignoring it or accepting it. I feel that Yoongi could be hot and cold with Kookie sometimes. I feel Kookie still accepts Yoongi the way he is and is always there for him. 

In conclusion based on all the loving and family cards. They love each other and look at each other as family. They will make successful business partners because they work well together and respect each other. Jungkook plays the role of keeping Yoongi emotionally soft. They are both kind and caring to one another. All the cards are light and loving I don’t see these two falling out of friendship as of yet. Remember nothing is set in stone.

That’s it that’s all I got on these too. Again I’m open to suggestion. I will see ya in the next reading.

confidenceatitsfinest  asked:

Did someone say headcanons?!?! How about bunny hybrid Jungkook that Jimin found on the side of the road one day. He couldn't just leave the bunny in the rain so Jungkook came home with him. Please and thank you!

@confidenceatitsfinest RINNNNNNNNNN!!! I planned this out for an entire hour with @dullaxe just for you sweets! So I hope you enjoy <3

+ Jimin is grocery shopping one late night because he really wanted to try out this new recipe. When he walks from the supermarket, he sees a silhouette on the side of the road, laying down and shivering. It turns out to be a shivering boy with long ears flattened to his head. He’s unconscious and his clothes are ripped up, ankle bleeding.

+ Jimin panics because he can’t leave him there to die like that. So being the person that he is, he picks him up and walks him to his house which is a block from where he was found.

+ Jimin immediately cleans his ankle while the bunny is still asleep but whimpering, and as he’s wiping the dirt off his his face he can’t help but think how cute he is.

+ He bundles him up with mountains of blankets and sits him on the floor by the fire place, stroking his ears hoping he wakes up soon.

+ The bunny wakes up with the biggest and most beautiful doe eyes that Jimin has ever laid eyes on in his life. Stunned, the first thing he does is ask his name.

+ Jungkook is frightened being in a foreign place, so he is afraid to speak. Jimin explains how he ended up there and Jungkook is in disbelief that someone would care for him like that. His eyes shine in gratefulness towards this stranger.

+ Jungkook had a flashback to the previous nights, his eyes are now dull, as if they weren’t shining just a moment ago; since he remembered his old home; and how his old owner abandoned him on the street @dullaxe

+ The moment he hears Jungkook’s stomach growling, he jumps up to make him food. And then he makes him the dish he was going to try out for himself and ends up just eating ramen instead, while jungkook eats the dish.

+ Since jungkook is all shaken up, he can’t eat it right and his hands are still shaking so bad. So Jimin takes the chopsticks from his hand and feeds Jungkook himself.

+ Jungkook would refuse at first and turn his head away and blush. Jimin would say with a soft and soothing voice, “It’s okay, it’s okay. You need to eat to get stronger.”

+ Jungkook doesn’t look Jimin in the eyes while he feeds him, but he also sees how loving and tender his expression is unlike his old owner; and he feels his heart skip a beat @dullaxe

+ Jungkook accidentally falls asleep on the couch and Jimin sees him and how innocent he looks so he tucks him in and sleeps on the other side of the couch. Jimin couldn’t leave him alone because deep down he knows that he’s grown a soft spot for this cute bun. (Bon Voyage moment :D) @dullaxe

+ Jungkook wakes up in the morning to see Jimin making waffles and the bunny is immediately smitten. His instincts just tell him to cuddle the other man.

+ Jimin goes to work and Jungkook gets hungry. He thinks he knows how to cook so he tries to cook lunch. He tries to remember how is old owner used to cook for them, but he fails miserably and burns the food. He’s frantic and Jimin walks into the scene and he’s scared Jungkook is dying or some shit, but actually he’s crying—he thought he had made Jimin upset. Instead Jimin goes and hugs him and Jungkook is surprised at the affection but he warms into the hug and Jimin let’s him cry it out. @dullaxe

+ They eventually warm up to each other even more. Jungkook clinging to jimin when they go grocery shopping to meet new people.

+ They ask if Jungkook is his, but he hasn’t officially signed papers and it’s too soon for both of them

+ Jimin thinks about going to get the papers but he decides against it, not wanting to scare him off.

+ Every time Jimin comes home from work he is greeted by an ecstatic Jungkook that doesn’t stop bouncing on his toes and looking adorable while telling him how his day went @dullaxe

+ One day they are cuddling on the couch and Jimin gets too close to Jungkook. Jungkook ends up licking Jimin on the nose and Jimin jumps back in surprise.

+ Jimin petting Jungkook’s ears all the time

+ Jimin is surprised to find out that Jungkook loves lamb skewers. “I thought bunnies only ate leaves and stuff.” Jungkook is unamused.

+ Jimin surprises Jungkook by treating him to the lamb skewer shop that’s two blocks from his house. Jungkook gets so excited that he kisses his cheek. They both blush in shock at the affection. They hold hands quietly on the way there.

+ Since Jungkook’s ankle is still injured, he walks a little slow but Jimin always waits for him.

+ Everyday, Jimin changes his ankle bandaging for him. Jungkook finds it endearing how Jimin treats him and takes care of him.

+ Jungkook tries to do it himself one morning while Jimin is sleeping. Jimin wakes up to see him struggling. He pulls his hands away and does it for him. “I didn’t want to wake you up…” he says softly. “You aren’t a burden to care for jungkook. I’m doing it because I—” He pauses. “I really care about you.”

+ Jungkook overhears Jimin talking to Namjoon in the kitchen one day. “Namjoon I don’t know if I can do this anymore. Living with him like this…It’s too much to bear.” But he’s really talking about living with him and not having him be his officially. —Jungkook takes it as he doesn’t want him anymore, like his old owner dumped him on the street

+ Jungkook frantically packs a bag while tearing up, distraught that Jimin no longer wanted him. When he’s almost done packing, he decides against it, throwing the bag into the closet. “I can’t do this.”

+ At dinner he’s fidgeting and squirming. Jimin asks why he isn’t eating his food. Jungkook tries to muster up the courage to speak up. He wants to know if him living with Jimin is a burden to him.

+ Little did he know that Jimin is actually sad because he can’t love Jungkook the way he wants to; he’s not his. He doesn’t think Jungkook will be comfortable changing owners this soon. He doesn’t even know why Jungkook left his old owner. @dullaxe

+ Jungkook ends up breaking down and crying. “Do you not want me anymore??” Jimin is horrified. “What?! No!” Jungkook sobs, “Stop lying, I heard you guys talking.” “That’s not what that was about!” “Then what were you talking about!”

+ Jimin is frantic cause Jungkook is borderline having a panic attack saying: “"I don’t wanna be left alone again! I can’t! Don’t leave me like he did!”

+ “Jungkook no! I was saying I can’t bare to live with you, not knowing if you’re mine or not!” and he gets down from his chair and kneels in front of jungkook holding his hands. “I fucking love you, Jungkook. All I want is for you to be mine. Officially. I— I even picked up ownership papers. I didn’t sign them because I didn’t know if that is what you wanted!”

+ “Y-you love me? You actually want me?” Jimin smiles. “More than anything my little bunny.” Jimin tugs him down into a kiss that has them seeing stars.

+ The next week, they go to the courthouse and finally sign the papers that officially state that Jungkook is his.

+ Jimin ends up taking Jungkook to buy him a bracelet. “Since you aren’t a cat or a dog or anything. Let’s buy you a bracelet, to show everyone that you’re mine.” Jungkook shyly asks if Jimin’s initials could be carved next to his.

+ Jungkook let’s Jimin kneel down and put the bracelet on for him, kissing his wrist in the process.

+ Jungkook finally found his home.


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Preference #27: Your Kids Bios' (Michael)

Alex Michael Clifford

As a Baby:

You and especially Mikey are a bit clueless as first time parents, but somehow you get by just fine! His only experience with babies is Luke’s son, who he would barely let Michael near him for the first few months of his life. You try your best and even though most days are a of mess of baby puke, pureed carrots thrown at Michael’s head and dirty laundry, Alex is a happy healthy baby loved dearly by his parents. His first word was Dada, and when he said it, Michael’s face was priceless, better than a child at Christmas.

As a toddler/child:

As Alex gets older he reminded you more and more of Michael. He looks so like him and you dress him just like his daddy. The fans love him almost as much as you do, because he’s a little charmer. He’s so cheeky and giggly and he is always begging you “Dye hair purple like Daddy?”. He loves to play Legos with his Dad, lazy mornings in bed with his Mum and watching cartoons with his baby brother. He has lots of friends in school, and proudly tells them “My Daddy’s in a band!” He doesn’t like staying at home with mummy and having to go to school. He wants to tour the world with his dad, even if he does forget to feed him fruit and veggies and never puts him to bed on time. He loves what he calls “Bus Life”. He may make fun of Luke’s older son at school, but on the tour bus they were best friends. He loves being with his uncles on the tour bus, even if Calum is always annoyed because he keeps pushing little Sienna Hood over. Michael is sure its because he has a crush on her - and he’s right.

As a teenager:

He is just like his Dad was at his age, cute, constantly getting in trouble in school (and constantly failing math), he loved bands and he was certainly “fringe-tastic”. He likes to die his hair a lot as a young teenager, and by the time he’s 15 it has already been all the colours of the rainbow. Thankfully, he grows out of it, realising that all the Saturday detentions aren’t worth it. Instead, he wants to pierce his ears and lip and everything else and one day he comes home with a self-made infected tattoo. He wasn’t the smartest and he was cheeky, but really he was a sweet caring guy, so you and Michael was easy on him. He was a huge flirt, but also a huge gentlemen when it came to girls. He was one of the “popular” guys in school, but he is a family guy. If someone bullies his brother or hits on his little sister he will not hesitate to punch them.

Nickname: N/a

Eye colour: Blue green

Hair colour: Blonde

Style: He had kind of a preppy/skater look

Personality traits: Cheeky, Kind, Flirt, Sociable, Little Bit Vain

Likes: Girls, Comedy Movies, Toffee Popcorn, Skating-boarding, Annoying teachers and parents.

Dislikes: Homework, School in general, people who flirt with his sister, vegetables, pigs.

Best Friends: Ryan Clifford, Dawn Malik, Lia Irwin and Maeve Horan.

Girlfriend: Sienna Hood

Pets: A family dog named Alfie and a turtle name Bob


Ryan Oliver Clifford

As a baby:

Ryan is the giggliest baby ever. He has all of your friends and family cooing over his cuteness. He hardly ever cries and smile when ever he sees anyone. As soon he can toddle he is trying to get fans to pick him up if you are out in public. He loves to cuddle with his Dada all day and he loves when he Mummy reads him stories, but his favourite person ever is his big brother Alex. There is only 11 months between them and Ryan’s favourite thing to do is listen to his big bro’s endless babbling, even if no one including him can understand it. Everything seems to run more smoothly with Ryan as he is your second baby so you have way more experience.

As a toddler/child:

As he gets older he follows in his brothers footsteps and want to be more and more like him. When his brother is playing soccer he kicks tires to kick the ball but he falls over and hurts his knee, but it is okay because his Daddy kisses it better. He likes to dress up as Spiderman and play superheros. He has quite an obsession with bananas and elephants. He is just as cheeky his brother and even more charming. He has had a girlfriend at age 4, his first kiss at age 5 and he is engaged by age 7. From a young age both your boys slack off on homework a lot and figure out ways to prank you and Mikey instead.

As a teenager:

When Ryan started high school, he was bullied, much to you and Michael’s surprise. He has always had lots of friends and little girls literally swooning over him, but now it seems that people don’t like his outgoing, cheeky sightly overpowering personality. It knocks a lot of his confidence. His only friend is his brother for a while, until he starts talking to Luke’s daughter more. Luke’s daughter is an outcast, like Ryan at the time. Although their personalities are poles apart, they manage to bring each other back out of their shells. Soon enough, Ryan is almost back to the cute idiot he was. He keeps to himself a lot, but knows how great he is because of his now girlfriend, Aria Hemmings.

Nickname: Ry (by everyone)

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Brown

Style: Mostly skater but kinda punk from Aria’s influence.

Personality traits: Shy, Funny, Likeable, Honest, Dependent

Likes: Music, Pineapple, Dogs, Being a goof, and surprisingly, Disney movies.

Dislikes: Most people at school, being looked down on, milk, geography and when people say “You’re Michael Clifford’s son!)

Best Friends: Aria Hemmings and Alex Clifford.

Girlfriend: Aria Hemmings

Pets: A family dog named Alfie and two fish, Nemo and Jaws.


Lilia Rose Clifford

As a baby:

Michael wanted a daughter more than anything. He loved his boys, but he always wanted a little girl to spoil. He was over the moon when you got the news that you were going to have a little girl. He spoiled her so bad and called her "Princess” and ran to her whenever she cried which usually happened to be from 2-6 in the morning. Other than that she was a relatively easy baby. You dressed her in cute little pink outfits and Michael took endless picture of her. He loved to hear her laugh, so Mikey would run around the house after her and tickle her belly as she giggly, waving her chubby toddler legs in the air

As a toddler/child:

Lilia is literally a little diva. She likes to dress up as princesses a lot and paint her nails. She has been on top of ever fashion trend even as a toddler. She doesn’t just have you and Michael wrapped around her finger but her two older brothers as well. She was 6 years younger than Ryan. If she wanted a new dress at the mall, Michael would get it for her. If she wanted to watch something different than what was on TV, Ryan would instantly pass the remote. If she wanted to go for a playdate at her best friend Harry Irwin’s house, Alex would walk her there. She was definitely the boss of the household. She was beautiful. She had long blonde hair and Michael’s pale skin, but she had your eyes.

As a teenager:

Lilia Clifford is a smart, beautiful but horribly spoiled teenager and Michael wouldn’t have it any other way. She was definitely a diva, and maybe she owned over 50 pairs of shoes and more dresses then she could wear, but it was okay, because she was an intelligent down to earth girl. She a Daddy’s girl as always. She has only one boyfriend (that you know of anyway) in her teen years, mainly because Michael didn’t approve of all the other guys she liked. He desperately wanted her to date one of Luke’s sons, but when it turns out that she did, Michael had a freak attack because he was almost 3 years older than her. Thankfully, Cody Hemmings was sensitive and smart and crazy about Lilia. She still loves watching Disney movies with her brothers and baking cookies with her mum. She may be a beautiful grown up lady, but she was definitely a child at heart.

Nickname: Lily (everyone), Lily-pie (Family) & Lily-poo (her dad)

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Blonde

Style: Girly

Personality traits: Sweet, confident, friendly, funny and loving

Likes: Animals, (especially lambs), grapes, Rom-Coms, Shopping, makeup, pink.

Dislikes: Spiders, being sad, the odd time her dad yells at her, sports, the colour grey.

Best Friends: Poppy Tomlinson-Styles, Harry Irwin, Kaylee Payne, Lia Irwin, Noah Horan.

Boyfriend: Cody Hemmings

Pets: A family dog named Alfie


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Amigurumi Lamb

This little lamb is now selling on Etsy

You can buy the finished lamb, or the amigurumi pattern both in the shop. 

The lamb is made mostly with loop stitches cut into fur. I always thought it was a fun and easy crochet project and wanted to turn it into a pattern to share. If you do purchase a pattern, I’d love to see your results! Feel free to send photos to You may be featured!

Split Ends

Summary:  The curse has made Belle, now Rose French, work in a hair salon for the past 28 years to keep her from her happy ending, but she remembers everything. And now with the appearance of Emma Swan she’s not the only one who does.

AN:  This was my first Rumbelle story!  Decided I’d finally post it over here.

Rose French sighed morosely thinking about how unhappy she was with how her life was turning out.  She knew it had to be that way; there was no other option.  Because of the curse that had been cast by the evil queen.  Still, that didn’t make dealing with the disappointment any easier.

Despite the curse and its meddling with her mind she remembered being Belle.  She remembered everything to do with her past life, magnificent balls, grand castles, and true love, which served to simply make her all the unhappier.

Keep reading