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First-Date BAIT!

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First dates are embarrassing. First dates are awkward. I’ve been through countless ones, sitting across from people who bored the living daylights out of me. It was less exciting than watching paint dry. Some dates were so utterly rude - I think you and I both know what it’s like to be on the receiving end on that. But now we both don’t have to waste our time anymore!

With First Date Bait they went out for me! Afterwards, they informed me if it was recommended to go out on a second date. It’s amazing with a 99.99% accuracy rate! That’s how I ended up meeting my husband!

First Date Bait.
Why waste your time with awkward first dates?

He’s late.

That’s not a good sign.

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Official. (Part 2 of Sugar Baby)


Anonymous said: Can you do a continuation of the Sugarbaby!John story? owo

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: Aye, y’all wishes r my commands (btw I really don’t know how I feel about this cause I haven’t read that many sugar baby fics so im sorry if it sucks!)

T/W: mention of sex, nothing too detailed

Part 1: Sugar Baby (John Laurens x Reader)

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Marilyn Monroe’s beauty tricks:

Makeup:                                                                                                               - 3 different shades of red lipstick (darker on the edges and lighter in the middle, created the illusion of bigger lips)                                                             - She used short false eyelashes (part of her iconic eye makeup)                       - Marilyn’s beauty mark was real - she had it naturally (but was almost the color of her skin tone) and all she did was enhance it with makeup

Exercise:                                                                                                             - Lifting five-pound weights (repeated it 15 times)                                                - An everyday run at the morning (20 mins)     

Eating:                                                                                                                 - Breakfast: warm milk, two raw eggs, a dash of sherry                                        - Lunch: broiled steak, salad                                                                                - Dinner: lamb chop, raw carrots                                                              - Snack: sandwich              

Skin Care:                                                                                                            - When not wearing makeup she would put olive oil on her face to protect her skin                                                                                                                       - Nivea moisturizing lotions, Erno Laszlo products, Regular Controlling Lotion

Chapter 7~ For There Would Soon Be A Third

  The Roaring Twenties.

   An era of partying, wealth, and growth. World War 1 was put to end, the economy boomed, and jazz bloomed. It was a big change in culture, especially for the dolls.

   It was Stephan’s 28th birthday, and he was growing up. He grew a hard shell over himself for his tragedies in the past. He refused to think or speak of it, and was very “down to the point” as they say. His personality was also another thing that had grown exponentially. Others grew to call him silly, nonsensical names such as: “blundering scoundrel”, “arfarfanarf”, and “Spring”. Our dear Stephan had also grown troubled unfortunately. Throwing childish tantrums over nothing at all and springing into one behavior extremity to the next.

 Well in reality,

 He was a real hothead.

   However one thing that had not changed, was his and Foxy’s strong friendship, at least to our dear Ffionn. Stephan on the other hand I’m not quite so sure. Deep down I’m certain he has a heart though.

   Foxy gobbled spoonfuls of a divine pudding as dessert commenced at the dining room table where four presents lay. He had grown to be a cunning, and cheerful fox while the others I guess you could say, were boring, grey degenerates always hiding or not saying much at all. Foxy practically had the whole dollhouse to himself at times.

 "My goodness-“ started Foxy. ”a mighty fine dish this has turn out to be!”

 "No speaking with your mouth full at the dining room table-“ Started Marinella. She paused looking down somberly at her feet. ”…it’s rude..“ Foxy slumped back pouting as his older sister always seemed to scold him about nothing at all. It’s not like she was their mother. Why should he listen to her? So what if he talked while feasting. He wasn’t doing any harm, correct? He was tired of manners and etiquette. Why, the last thing he’d want is to be put in a suit.

  “My apologies, dear sister-” snapped Foxy. The ruby rose gleamed as Marinella narrowed her eyes at the younger fox.

 "Shall we open presents now?“ Said Foxy clapping his hands together. Marinella rolled her eyes as she barked out:

 "That’s for Stephan to decide.”

  The two foxes slowly turned toward the bunny waiting for a reply. Stephan sat back in his chair slouching holding out a smoldering cigarette. Marinella hadn’t bothered to correct his etiquette any longer due to her lack of care. For he was nothing but a nasty, incompetent louse.  

 “Fine, as you wish.” Sighed Stephan. He tiredly reached over to a cube hidden by a thin paper with muted colors and bows. Tearing it apart he opened a new feather pen, a satchel holding a few shillings, and two muted colored flannels which he deemed ugly and were simply atrocious to him. Tossing it all to the side ungratefully, he muttered a quick “thank you” and walked off to his room. Foxy’s ears fell as the bunny walked by. He quietly scurried up the stairs after him before having a door slammed in his face.

 "Aww come on Steph old pal,“ started Foxy. “I haveth one more gift for you.”

 "Don’t- call me that” snapped the bunny from the other side of the door. He was shaking with anger clenching his fists as his ear twitched. Foxy ignored Stephan’s hostility and continued to ask for his presence. Stephan angrily tore the door open with a frown that hung completely upside down.

 "Good heavens..“ Started Foxy catching a glimpse of the bunny’s face. His grey, bloodshot eyes twitched wanting to just be left alone. A smirk suddenly grew on Foxy’s face as he reached out grabbing the bunny’s mouth.

 "Let us turn that frown upside down!” He cheered pulling the corners of Stephan’s mouth up. The bunny cringed wanting to retch at the fox’s stupidity.

 "Stop this tomfoolery at once you mutt!“ Yelled Stephan shoving the fox away. Foxy leaned down in slight shame but jumped back up at his friend waving a small box in his face.

 "What in tarnation is that-” sneered Stephan. A smile beamed across Foxy’s face as he chirped:

 "Your present!“

   Stephan rolled his eyes holding out a hand for the fox to put it in. He studied the box carefully looking at every square inch until finally beginning to carefully tear the paper back. As more of the wrapping paper was torn away, a burgundy colored box appeared that seemed to have something in it. The bunny shook it trying to figure out what it might be. The bunny’s nose twitched in disgust as he opened the box to reveal several fancy chocolates wrapped in detailed, colorful wrappers.

 "It’s uh..” He started. “very nice-”

 "I think you’ll like them!“ Beamed the fox. “I picked them out by hand special for you.” He smiled brightly at the bunny while in return eyes rolled at the ceiling in annoyance. Stephan pouted as he pushed the fox out slamming and locking the door.

 "Come on Steph, jus-“

 "DON’T CALL ME THAT” Yelled the bunny furiously. He threw the box in a waste bin carelessly walking to his bed falling face first into the sheets. Foxy almost knocked on the door calling Stephan again, but instead walked off silently as his ears drooped towards the floor.

 "Stupid mutt-“ muttered Stephan under his breath lighting another cigarette.

 "This has got to be the worst birthday yet.” He whined out. 

  “Not that any of the previous ones were good before-” He turned towards the door with tired eyes and looked at the waste basket. Feeling slightly guilty, he stood making his way towards it taking the fox’s gift to him out. Sitting back on the bed, he took one of the fancy chocolates and carefully unwrapped the fancy and detailed paper off of it.

 Looking around cautiously, he carefully popped the chocolate into his mouth. As it melted on his tongue, sweet caramel and cacao sensations filled him. He savored the taste before it melted away forever before quickly shoving another into his mouth. He curled his toes at the taste and clenched the bedsheets as he ate each chocolate one by one.

 However, Stephan was a hard bunny to please and his short moment of "happiness” was soon cut short.

   His brow furrowed once again as he found the box to be now uhm…empty. Whilst tossing it on the ground, he loosened his tie and unbuttoned his collar falling asleep.

 As the weeks passed the days progressed as their usual, boring selves. Nothing exciting ever happened it was always the same boring and dull routine each day. But all of that was soon to change.

  Jazz blues played quietly as an ambiance on an old phonograph as the dolls ate their dinner tiredly on a blustery November evening. Each of them had a straight or tired face as they took slow, somber bites of lamb and salad sprinkled with tiny avocados and a side of mashed potatoes. Foxy wasn’t very fond of lamb, salad, or avocados..but the mashed potatoes were far from absent on his plate. He found entertainment by watching each of the dolls’ faces as they ate snickering quietly to himself.

 The large table was silent besides the occasional scraping of utensils on chinaware. Frederick Von Denton. The world’s biggest smart aleck, turned his head to see what in blazing tomfoolery the fox could be staring and laughing at. His English accent thick with annoyance as he sneered:

 "What’re you laughing at you lil’ mutt- Do you think this is some kind of joke?“ Foxy’s smile dropped as the bear continued.

 "Do I have to get th’ ol trusty bleach out and pour it down your th-”

 "That will be quite enough boys–“ Interrupted Marinella sweating nervously. She straightened her necklace and continued eating while shooting occasional glares at Foxy. Stephan on the other hand wasn’t eating and instead smoking a cigarette.

 "Do you always have to be smoking that thing-?” snapped Marinella while lighting one of her own. Stephan rolled his eyes and put the cigarette out by smothering it into his dinner plate. Ashes covered the divine meal as a small trail of smoke trickled upwards.

 Stephan stood in his chair about to leave before he was interrupted once again.

 "Ahah- were you excused?” Sneered Marinella. Stephan fell back down to his chair in extreme annoyance as he muttered “May I please be excused”. As the elegant fox nodded her head Stephan bolted and ran for the stairs.

 "No running up the stairs.” Scolded the fox. Stephan grabbed his ears yanking them in utter frustration grinding his teeth.

 "Beastly witch-“ he snarled under his breath.  Before starting up the stairs he remembered something he needed of Foxy. It was a favor, and seeing what great of friends they are, why not ask him. Walking back towards the table, the bunny rested a hand on the fox’s shoulder. He slightly jumped not expecting his sudden presence. Stephan leaned his long, tall figure over to whisper in the fox’s ear:

 "Would you mind doing your old pal a quick favor?” He said smiling a half lidded smile. Foxy jumped again wondering what it might be.

 "Of course Steph!“ He beamed.

 "Don’t call me that.” Angrily replied the bunny as he pulled the fox up leading him somewhere.

 The small fox was led to a room below the first story beneath the floorboards. But it wasn’t just a room alone such as a basement, it was a whole new floor under the main one . It had a cold concrete floor and walls smelling of blood and rotting flesh and had an eerie feel. He could’ve sworn he heard flies buzzing in the distance as if something had died; but the fox brushed it off and kept following.

  The two suddenly came across a large metal table with lights above and strange scissor like objects surrounding it. Stephan signaled for the fox to stay back as he walked up to another table. He turned back towards the fox holding what seemed to be a bundle of cloth.

 As he got closer to the fox, he handed the bundle towards him. The fox took it looking puzzled.

   It was a gown.

   A patient gown.

 The tall bunny turned around slightly peeking over his shoulder as if saying: “Go ahead, put it on” then turned again to the opposite direction.

  Foxy timidly changed into the soft gown and tied the delicate ribbons behind his back. A cold draft blew through the room causing the fox to suddenly shiver. He jumped as he was suddenly picked up by Stephan and placed on the table. It was cold, and seemed to have a few bloodstains on it now that he looked closer. Reaching out a shaky paw, he took his tail wrapping it around him tightly slightly petting it, which was a nervous habit of his.
Stephan turned around to another table full of cupboards and such and began preparing something. The small fox tried to look but was just far away enough for it to be impossible.

  Stephan turned around to face Foxy staring into his eyes in an almost eerie manor. Foxy looked back up wondering why he was brought here. He assumed the favor was to tell Stephan a bedtime story again or stock him up with more chocolate caramels. Stephan slowly walked closer resting his hand on one of the fox’s arms feeling it for something. A cold chill waltzed down his spine as Stephan suddenly leaned close to the fox’s ear whispering.

 "You may not tell anyone of this.“ He whispered. "If you do-” he stopped thinking of a consequence. “I won’t be your ‘friend’ anymore.” The fox jumped in shock. Did he really mean it..? He didn’t want to lose his best friend; they’ve done everything together.

 The bunny gently grabbed ahold of Foxy’s arm once again obsessing over one spot where his humerus met the radius and ulna. He delicately traced his fingers in small circles pushing softly on the stuffing and muscle layer beneath.

   ‘It’s only Steph,’ Thought Foxy ’he can’t do anything to hurt me….N-not that he would anyways-

 "W-why did you bring me here..?“ Questioned the fox. Stephan suddenly stopped and stood there frozen. He then leaned back away from the fox before saying:

 "We’re….” He paused thinking. “We’re going to play a little game” the fox’s ears perked up as he wagged his tail.

  “Oooh what kind of game?” He said jumping excitedly.

 "We’re going to play doctor, just like when we were little..“ Replied Stephan. "Except now, we have better props and tools to make it almost lifelike.” He patted Foxy’s head like an owner to his dog.

  He turned back around to the table  for a second before turning back around holding a green serum in a syringe. The fox cocked his head to the side curiously as the bunny walked towards him.

 "This, will cure you of Influenza.“ He suddenly stabbed the needle into the cubital fossa. The fox froze in shock as tears welled up in his eyes. The bunny quickly grabbed another syringe whilst declaring:

 "And this,” he forcefully stabbed the other side of Foxy’s arm. “Will remedy you of Pertussis.” The fox held in his tears as Stephan grabbed a third and fourth syringe; both with green serums forcefully piercing both into each arm of the fox.

  “Pneumococcal disease
and measles.” He said with a half lidded smile. The fox whimpered slightly as Stephan continued to forcefully stab and yank out multiple syringes while naming various viruses and diseases. The fox rubbed his arms as the bunny prepared a final syringe caressing  it like a newly born baby.

  He walked over to the fox slowly holding it tightly. The fox looked up at him.

 "This,“ he started, his voice shaky. He took the fox’s wrist holding it out. He had slight tears welling up in his eyes as his lip began to tremble.

  "This-” he started again as a tear dropped down his face. He looked down as a stern look grew on his face forcing himself to snap out of it. He quickly jabbed one final syringe into the fox’s arm before saying:

 "Poliomyelitis” then taking off his head mirror slowly heading towards the door.

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Bonjour Jil <3 Summer is here. And It is wonderful warm. What have you eaten yesterday & today? I am in love with all your beautiful smoothie bowls. Don't hesitate to also present us your salads sometimes ;) xxx Claudia

Hi Claudia!! Yess finally summer <3 I’m so grateful for the warmth and every bit of sunshine. Yesterday I had 1 pineapple, 1 santa claus melon, 2 banana smoothie bowls (one with wheagrass, moringa and spirulina, topped with blueberries and one with frozen raspberries, topped with maca), then I had a gigantic salad with lambs lettuce and zoodles. some steamed veggies, a small bowl of oatmeal with carob sauce and date paste, a few small peaches and almost 1 bag of raw buckwheat granola that I got from lebeleicht. It’s my obsession haha. Today I had 1 pineapple, that jar of banana icecream I posted, some zoodles and green beans with nutritional yeast, an apricot, a whole thing of strawberries and the dinner I posted (salad + sweet potatoes + avo + tahini). xxx

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what did you make for your game of thrones feast?

Here are links, with recipes.  I had to make a few substitutions depending what was on sale (raspberries for blackberries, dates for figs/currants/raisins).   HORS D’OEUVRES:SOUP/SALAD:MAIN COURSE:SIDES:DESSERT:LIQUOR: NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES:

Total meal served about 20-30 people at about $10-15/person, with leftovers.  I cooked largely by myself over the course of three days.  My sous-chef helped me wash dishes and cut vegetables.


Top Ten Things I Learned About KSA Culture

While I’m sitting in Dulles Airport waiting to catch my flight to home sweet South Carolina, I figured I’d make a list.

I love making lists.

Just ask anyone. Sticky notes be all up in my room.

I even made a comprehensive, color-coded souvenirs list for the trip, hehe.

But really, here’s my cultural Top 10 for Saudi Arabia:

1. Almost everyone knows English. Lots of people on our trip spoke Arabic and were looking forward to practicing it. But, the Saudis were looking forward to practicing their English even more! I learned a few words–enough to barter in the markets and answer simple questions–and I tried to use them to get good prices on souvenirs. It worked on a few, but the rest just laughed and tried to rip me off in English.

2. There are no dressing rooms in malls. Saudi malls in of themselves are strange. SOOO many stores, zero dressing rooms. Having never been to an H&M or Forever 21, I wanted to try on all these cute clothes! Whatta bummer it was to see my friends buy multiple things that didn’t fit.

 3. Your abaya will make you sweat. Also, it will come unsnapped at inopportune times, causing stares and haraam. You will trip on your abaya. Your hijab will make you break out. And keeping it secure is a great mystery.
4. The women are beautiful. Every single one of them! They all have fantastic eyebrows and dress immaculately.

5. Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses. Your eyes will suffer and you will look dumb in pictures! And pictures. LOTS of pictures will be taken of you. Every university, business, and institute we went to had a paparazzi following us around. So. Many. Group. Photos. I felt famous. :)

 6. The shishah (hookah) here is divine! But also really frickin’ strong. I don’t smoke it too often because of singing, but I smoked it a few times in Jeddah, the most liberal city we went to. Lemon mint is where it’s at. P.S. Don’t try to take pictures of anyone smoking it, unless you want to pee your pants. We all looked totes ridiculous!

7. There is no “p” or “p” sound in Arabic. Any word with a “p” is changed to a “b.” Pepsi to Bebsi, people to beoble, pizza to bizza. It’s absolutely hilarious! And on rare occasions, it can be flip-flopped. I don’t know why, but one of our guides, Sultan, was telling us about how much he liked Bob Marley. I mean, Pope Marley, haha.

 8. Driving and traffic there is horrendous, especially in the capital, Riyadh. And you think NYC or Boston is bad… Police sirens and ambulances aren’t the normal city sounds, tire screeching and crashing is. If you drive safely, you will get into an accident.

9. You cannot escape the Arabic coffee. It is everywhere and you will drink it, in all of its cardamom-y weirdness. Also, dates. Aaaaaaand….
10. Hospitality conquers all. Take note, America. I can’t begin to tell you how many gifts we received, how many meal invitations we got, and how many networking connections were offered to us. All of the Saudis have business cards and I have at least twenty. We did take up a few of those offers! Dr. Mody, a wonderful and charming woman who works at the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the United States in D.C., met with us before we even left the country to share about her experiences in KSA. She was coincidentally going to be in Riyadh on the same day we were there, and she invited us to her family’s personal home for dinner! Of course, it was palatial and gorgeous. We were served a huge sit-on-the-floor meal with a whole lamb, hummus, salads, pastries, dates, coffee, sodas, and fruits and desserts. Some of it was catered, but some of it, the family made themselves! We went there on the last night of the trip and it was the perfect ending. The dinner experience truly encapsulated the essence of Saudi hospitality.

I can’t even begin to write down just how much I’ll miss the Kingdom. As a Western woman, I don’t think I’d be able to live there full-time, just because I’m used to my particular freedoms. But it is a safe, welcoming, and beautiful place. I’m so grateful to have spent ten lovely days there.

 Posted by Kaylee Boalt