lamb of god concert

Throne of Glass Characters as people I've seen/met since I moved to LA

This is inspired by a conversation I had with @baelin-whitethorn about surfer chick!Manon

Aelin: okay listen so I’ve got this friend in college and honestly she’s one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met; like holy shit I might be ace but damn I would 100% bang her. Also her boobs were 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 like all the time; she would hug me while I was sitting down and let me tell you, I died and went to heaven. She’s such a happy-go-lucky person on the outside but she’s dealing with her own issues as well. Both her physical appearance and her personality remind me of Aelin/Celaena.

Rowan: A dude I saw at a Lamb of God concert that real reminded me of Rowan actually 😂 he was all muscular, tall and intimidating but he had the most adorable smile.

Aedion: this “typical” surfer dude (he had the whole tanned skin, 6 pack thing going on) I saw at Venice Beach one day; I frankly was gonna ignore him but a kid was running near him and she fell down and he quickly helped her up and made funny faces so she’d stop crying.

Lysandra: one of my best friend’s; they have a resting bitch face, we love talking shit about everyone (including ourself), and they’re one of the prettiest people I know. Also their contour is on fucking point like literally all the time 😩

Evangeline: this little kid I saw at the play ground while baby sitting my cousin; she was so sneaky and managed to keep scaring him 😂

Manon: A beautiful surfer chick I met in one of my college classes; she was friendly but damn did she look like she’s murdered men with her bare hands

Elide: this cute Italian girl I’m friends with; she’s a nursing major and honestly the smartest, sweetest, most innocent 19 year old I know; I’d probably kill for her if she asked me to.

Asterin: a waitress at a Panera Bread I became friends with; really hot, and confident about herself. I’m p sure that she could kill a dude ngl.

Abraxos: my best friend’s cat; she likes maybe like 3 people tops. She’ll scratch anyone else

Fleetfoot: literally every dog ever, they’re all pure

Have you guys met anyone IRL who reminded you of a ToG character?