lamb kabab

Pregnancy Series #25 ~ Talking to His Mum/Family

Niall (your pov) ~ “Come on Theo, I want to see on of those kicks like at your game last weekend!” Greg yelled from where he stood at the barbecue. Theo set the ball on the ground a few meters in front of him and stepped backward. You smiled, watching as the boy began to run forward towards the football. You watched in awe as the ball was sent flying directly into the upper corner of the net Niall had bough him for his birthday last year. He began cheering and ran towards Spud, lying down on the ground to let the dog lick his face.

“I’ll send that to Niall,” Denise said from beside you. You were sat at the patio table in their backyard, with little Evie pulling herself up with her small hands on your knees. You had come to pick up Spud, but Theo had grown attached to him and begged you to stay for ‘just a bit longer,’ which was approaching the two hour mark. 

“Yeah, he’ll be showing everyone out there what his nephew can do,” you laughed, handing Evie another banana flavored cereal puff. 

“Soon he’ll be doing that with this little one,” Denise said, smoothing your dress over your growing belly. “The two of them will be chasing each other around the yard in no time.” 

You nodded, staring off at the clouds which hid the mid-afternoon sun from your sight. The scent of Greg’s cooking filled the yard, Theo’s cheers and yells were heard each time he kicked the ball, and Evie’s little gurgles were just audible over your’s and Denise’s voices. You couldn’t wait to have lazy days like this one with Niall and your children. 

“Mummy! I’m hungry!” Theo yelled. He was lying down on the grass, the July sun finally peeking out from behind the clouds and soaking his skin. 

“Dad’s cooking now, be patient,” Denise said, sighing. You laughed as she rolled her eyes. He began crawling around on the grass with Spud barking excitedly thinking Theo was playing. The two made their way to the table, and Theo stood up. 

“Aunty Y/N?” he said, and you pulled him onto your lap. He squirmed around your belly before settling on your knee with his small torso pressed against your bump. 

“What bud?” you replied, ruffling his hair a bit. 

“When will you be back?” His big blue eyes looked up at your sadly. You pinched his chubby baby cheeks that never went away with a frown on your own face.

“Soon, why?” 

“You just got here, and you have to leave the same day. I missed you. I’m going to miss Spud. And when is Uncle Niall coming back?” You smiled down at your nephew sympathetically. You may not have been if his life for all six of his years, but both Denise and Greg swore that he loved you nearly as much as Niall. There was no competing with Niall, so you were happy with that. Theo and Niall had some sort of special bond that you were nervous Niall would neglect when your baby came. Theo has always had Niall: the cool uncle who had a lot of money, was good at football, and had no kids to compete with. 

“I promise he’ll be here for your birthday. He told me so,” you told the boy. He held out his small pinky finger for you to lock yours with, and you did, saying, “I swear on it.” 

“Good! Can you bring Spud, too?” you nodded and watched him run off towards the football net. 

“You’re going to be an amazing mother, sweetheart,” Denise said, patting your cheek in a loving way. You smiled, muttering a ‘thank you’ and went back to watching your nephew. “You know, when we first had Theo, the first thing Niall said was ‘I can’t wait for my own.’ I’ll never forget that, hearing my 19 year old brother-in-law, who was busy touring the world and living the life, say he wanted kids. I think he had the career he dreamed for, but you’ve given him the life he needed.”

I just wish his mother had realized that. I’ve gotten to know you, the real Y/N, over these past years. She’s so wrong; everything she said about you was so wrong. I hope for someone like you to come into Theo’s life when we get to that time. She’s so stupid for not realizing what you’ve done for Niall. Just know, we love you.”

You looked at her with one of the biggest smiles. You couldn’t help the tears from falling. You were always scared that Niall’s family would all realize Maura was right- which she absolutely wasn’t. But the thought was always in the back of your mind when you were around them. You quickly wiped your tears away, and looked back to the yard. 

“I think a dog is in order,” Denise said, breaking the silence that had come upon the yard since her moving speech. You laughed, and knew exactly what you would be getting Theo for his birthday next month. 

Zayn (your pov) ~ Having a day without nausea or pain in your back and feet was a blessing. Zayn took you, his mum, and his two younger sisters out for a late lunch just outside the city where hopefully there would be less paparazzi. He was trying so hard to redeem himself, though you had already forgiven him. You had told him so, but he continued to pamper you and do everything he could to keep you happy. You couldn’t lie- you loved it. You did feel bad that he was working himself to the ground for you. 

“Are you okay, Y/N?” Trisha asked, rubbing your back gently when the food came. You squirmed on the pillow that Zayn had brought along to ensure you would stay comfortable. You took a deep breath, trying to fight the sudden wave of nausea that had swept over you.

“Just the smell,” you said, nodding towards Safaa’s dish of lamb kababs. She quickly pulled the dish away, noticing your pale complexion. Trisha gave you a small smile and pulled you up to your feet. Zayn was off somewhere, like the bathroom of having a smoke, but you wished he was with you. Your mother-in-law led you out of the cafe and draped her sweater over your shoulders. 

“Fresh air might help,” she said sweetly. You sat down on the street bench and closed your eyes. Your nausea began to pass, relief washing over you. Trisha reached over and rubbed your arm comfortingly over her knit sweater, smiling when she saw the color had begun to return to your cheeks. 

“I had awful morning sickness when I was pregnant with Safaa,” she told you, placing her hand over your belly. You giggled when the baby kicked, definitely feeling better now that you were away from the many smells of the restaurant. “But nothing could beat what you’re going through? It never stopped, I guess?”

“No, ever since the first few weeks. I’m not made for pregnancy, I guess,” you said, sighing. You smoothed your t-shirt over your rounded stomach, frowning. “I’m exhausted, but I can’t sleep. I get awfully dizzy. My back hurts so bad sometimes.”

“Have you talked to your doctor?” she asked, looking at you worriedly. You nodded, quickly glancing into the restaurant through the windows to see your Zayn, Safaa, and Waliyha playfully hitting each other and goofing off. You loved seeing Zayn happy, and you hoped he would wear the same smile he is now when he held your baby. 

“She says it’s just my body’s way of dealing with the baby. There’s really no medication she could give me that didn’t come with a chance of harming the baby,” you said, sighing once again. “But I don’t mind, somehow. I just love feeling the baby move, you know?”

She nodded, smiling wide at you. “Zayn’s been beyond perfect. You know, we had those rough few months at the beginning, but everything is alright now,” you assured her. 

“I’m glad you’re happy. The both of you,” she said, and stood up to help you to your feet. You turned and looked at Zayn, who looked back quizzically. He had missed you almost being sick, so he was probably insure as to why you were outside when it was cold. You smiled and gave him a thumbs up before walking past the restaurant and going into a small store the next door over with his mother.

Liam (your pov) ~ “Sweetheart?” You heard Liam call. You continued putting your pajamas on while you answered back to him, telling him that you were in the bedroom. He came in moments later, his phone pressed to his chest. He reached out and handed it to you, “It’s mum.”

“Why didn’t she just call me?” you asked, now putting the phone to your chest. He shrugged, and walked to sit on the bed.

“She said she tried, but you didn’t answer. Go talk- she’s been dying to talk to you.” You smiled at him, and walked out of the room. 

“Hello?” you said as you put the phone to your ear. 

“Oh, Y/N! Love, how are you? You well?” Karen asked, her voice almost comforting to you in a way. You smiled and sat down on the couch in the lounge room, pulling a blanket over your legs. 

“I’m good, and you?”

“Oh, the usual. I called to talk about you, not me. So, are you and Liam ready yet?” You could almost hear the smirk in her voice, and you laughed. Actually, you and Liam were almost set. The nursery was done, and the changing table was overflowing with diapers you had stocked up on. 

“Pretty close. We just need to buy some last minute things, but besides that, the only thing we’re missing is the baby!” you said, making her laugh. 

“What about you, dear, are you ready for this?” With her question, you suddenly realized that, maybe, you weren’t. You were going to be a mother in a few weeks, and there was nothing to prepare you mentally. You could read all the books and look at all the websites in the world, but you would still be unprepared. Your body wasn’t changing and preparing you physically. A baby would just be handed to you and that was it. 

“No, I’m not. I- I- I-” you stuttered, fear completely taking over. You eyes welled up and the tears spilled over. “I’m not ready.”

“Y/N? Oh, dear. Sweetheart, I’m sorry. Please don’t cry. There’s nothing to worry about. Y/N, please?” Even with her pleas, there was no way to get those thoughts out of your head. The fear was real, and you were terrified. Suddenly, you didn’t know what you were getting yourself into. What if this… and what if that… All these questions were running through your mind, scaring you half to death. 

“You’re going to be an amazing mother, no doubt in my mind. It was stupid of me to ask that. Of course you’re ready. You’ve been ready for as long as I can remember. Everything will work out, I promise. Please, Y/N, trust me. You’re going to be the best mother- Liam thinks so too. Darling, don’t worry,” she said, calming you down a bit. Of course, you were smarter than to get yourself into a situation you wouldn’t be able to handle, but there would always be doubts. 

“I’m sorry, I just-” you began, sniffling again. 

“No, don’t apologize. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have scarred you like that. But every mother goes through this. I know, I went through the same thing with every pregnancy. It’s normal, sweetheart.” You swiped the back of your hand under your nose, wiping away the snot that had accumulated. You dried your eyes with the blanket. 

“I feel so stupid for crying,” you sighed. 

“No, no, no! You shouldn’t, it’s normal. Please don’t beat yourself up about this,” she told you. You nodded, forgetting she couldn’t see you for a moment. You agreed, and continued to talk to Karen about everything and anything, until you hung up and snuggled into Liam’s sleeping frame. 

Harry (your pov) ~ When you returned from your vacation in the states, Anne and Robin, along with baby Felix, were coming to visit. It was a bit much for you, since you were so far along and rather uncomfortable, but Harry assured you that his mum and step-father would carry their own weight. Plus it was only for a few days while Gemma and her husband got some private time in France. 

“Where is she?” Anne said, walking into your flat, right past Harry. She had handed her bags to her son, and came to find you. Robin walked in with the diaper bag slung over his shoulder and Felix’s baby carrier in his hand. Harry frowned, not happy that his own mum passed right by him with out even a hello. 

“Y/N?” she called, walking down the hall and into the kitchen. You were sitting at the table drinking your afternoon cup of tea and eating a biscuit while reading a baby magazine at the table. As you turned your head to face her, she wrapped her arms around your neck and hugged you tightly. “Oh, look at my darling!” 

“Y/N, you look amazing,” Robin smiled, the baby now in his arms. 

“Doesn’t she look great? Pregnancy is treating you so well, love,” she said, kissing your cheek. You blushed and thanked her, handing your nearly empty mug to Harry to refill. “That’s right, you should be sitting down. Good job Harry.” 

“Finally some recognition,” he muttered. Robin and Anne were now sitting at the kitchen table, Robin flipping through your magazine and Anne gushing about you and your pregnancy. 

“So, not long now. Has my son finished the nursery yet?” she asked. You smiled and nodded. 

“Yes, mum,” he said, defending himself. 

“Wasn’t talking to you, Harry. Y/N, can I see it?” You lead her down the hallway to the room next to your bedroom, and opened the door for her. 

“Harry did it all,” you told her, and she nodded. She looked at every detail of the room: running her hands along the crib railing, feeling the curtains, toying with the stuffed animals.

“I did,” your husband said proudly. 

“So, is everything else organized yet?” she said, not looking up from the baby book titled ‘Goodnight Moon’. You smiled and sat down in the rocker, the soreness in your back and legs from standing those few minutes easing. 

“Well, we have the nursery finished, obviously. Although Y/N keeps making me move the furniture around…” Harry sighed, smirking playfully at you. 

“You should be doing anything she asks you to. What about the name? Pick anything out yet?” her hands were still wandering along the room, touching every surface. 

“Mum, we told you already,” Harry said. 

“No, you didn’t. You picked out a name and didn’t tell me!” she yelled, not too angry, but angry enough to scare Harry. Robin exited the room slowly, muttering something along the lines of ‘you deal with her now’. 

“Cordelia! We’re calling her Cordelia! I’m sorry mum, I thought I told you! I’m sorry, yeah, okay! No! Stop it! Mum!” Harry ran around the room, dodging Anne’s flicks and swats at his head. It was comical, watching the grown man run from his mother. You sat back, laughing and enjoying the show. 

“Okay, you could have at least told me,” she said, rolling her eyes as Harry stuck his tongue out at her. “I just hope you’re both excited.”

“We are,” you told her, “but he’s nervous as anything.” 

She laughed, and you all left the room, shutting the door behind you. “I love you, Harry,” she said, running her finger over his cheek. 

Louis (your pov) ~ “I don’t know how you did this, Jay,” you sighed, slowly lowering yourself onto the couch in your living room. “Twice with twins…I can’t even imagine.”

She sat down beside you and placed her bags on the coffee table. She flipped her hair over her shoulder, and sighed leaning back into the cushions. Ernest and Doris could be heard running around in the backyard, yelling and screaming. Doris started crying, and then Daisy began yelling at someone. 

“It won’t get any easier,” She said, rubbing her temples with her fingers. She had her eyes closed and her head back, trying to get a moment of peace. 

“Gee, thanks,” you said sarcastically. Your mother-in-law chuckled, sitting up to get a better look at your swollen face. 

“I’m sorry, babe. It really is worth the struggle. Trust me, when you hold those boys against your chest when their little faces are still blue and they’re wailing, you’ll forget all the pain of birth and pregnancy, and everything you went through will be forgotten,” she said. Her hand was placed on your knee. You had your legs spread to accommodate your large stomach. “I know it’s hard. You’re doing an amazing job dealing with it, too. And it is harder with twins.”

You nodded, tears in your eyes. Your hormones were raging, and her words were so sweet. Tears were inevitable. You ran your hands over your bump, and lifted up your shirt. “I still can’t believe it,” you said smiling. You reached up and ran the side of your index finger under your eye, wiping away the water that had begun to spill. 

“And neither can Louis,” Jay reminded you. A smile formed on her lips, her pride for her son showing. She was so proud that her little boy was becoming a father and having two little boys of his own. Ernest came running into the house, dirt all over his knees. He jumped up onto the couch beside his mother, his bare feet bringing dirt onto the cushion. She pulled him onto her lap, and pushed his dirty blonde hair away from his face. He did look a lot like your husband, despite having different fathers.

“Why don’t you go get your sisters and give Y/N what we brought for her and the babies?” She whispered into his ear. He jumped off her lap, pulling his shorts up in the process. 

“I’m going now. You’re going to love it!” he yelled as he ran up the stairs to the room where they were sleeping for the weekend. Lottie was still with you, and you couldn’t be more thankful for her company. She was a blessing to have. Fizzy dropped in sometimes, too, but she didn’t help around the house like Lottie did. It was a nice surprise, though, to have Louis’ entire family with you for a few days, especially when you were missing him so much. 

Ernie returned, his sisters following close behind him. He had a bag his his small hands, which he placed on your knees. 

“Thank you,” you whispered, giving him a smile. He gave you a peck on the cheek, like a true little gentleman. You began pulling out the paper, handing it off to Phoebe. All the girls were around you, and Ernest was snuggled into your side. You pulled out a large quilt, made of various printed fabrics in every color of the rainbow. You unfolded it, spreading it across your legs. Each piece of cloth looked to be hand-sown, sometimes messily and sometimes as straight as a pencil. You eyes began filling up again as you read the small message written in the corner of the blanket. 

We love you, our two little boys ~ Love, Ernest, Doris, Daisy, Phoebe, Fizzy, Lottie, and Nana’

“It was Ernest’s idea,” Phoebe told you. 

“It was!” he nodded excitedly. 

“They all helped, though,” Jay added. 

“I went to the store with Mummy and I picked out all the stuff. See? I picked that one out, and I put this one on. Daisy showed me how, and I did it by myself-” he rambled. His mouth ran on and on, until Doris finally cut in.

“We get it,” she snapped sassily. She did spend a bit too much time with Lou, maybe. 

“You’re going to be a great uncle, Ernie,” you said, holding the soft quilt in your hands. You leaned down and kissed his forehead, and he beamed up at you.