lamb by gwen stefani

rebeccarayla: She looks like Barbie and I look like I have gold antennae coming out of my head. Strange foreign objects coming out of my head aside, @GwenStefani is awesome. She’s smart, beautiful, funny, talented (and also happens to be dating one of my all-time favorites- Mr. @BlakeShelton). Be sure to check out her fun new interview with @IamScottEvans tomorrow on @AccessHollywood along with her latest fabulous @LAMB & @gxCollection #eyewear! #GwenStefani #LAMBstyle #gxStyle #🕶 #AccessHollywood #🔌 #ProducerLife #WhyDidntIMoveMyHeadOverLikeFourInches


When Gwen Stefani got the call that Linda Perry was ready to write with her, the first thing she did was bury her face in a pillow and cry. All she wanted to do was sleep. And now she was going to have to get up and get creative.

When she arrived at Perry’s house, nothing she did seemed fast enough. Stefani would go into another room to try to write some lyrics, and when she came back, Perry would already have the whole song nailed. “Dude, slow down. This is my record. Let me be a part of it,” Gwen thought.