187-MACHEEP [Papier Mache-Sheep]
-The Colored Paper pokemon
-Ability: Cheek Pouch - Harvest (HA)
-Dex: “It lives in small groups roaming the fields in search for berries to it, and only the most colorful ones; eating only makes the most colorful berries makes their wool shine with the most amazing color.  Since their digestion is so slow, the berries they eat remain so much time inside they become naturally crystalized, which makes them a very unique and rare candy, but as to date selling this candy is against the law, for to get it, it must be taken from inside the MACHEEP before it is fully digested.”
    -Magical Leaf
    -Natural Gift
    -Happy Hour
    -Cottong Guard

–>Evolves from MACHEEP at lv 30 with no affection<–

188-KRAMPURRITO [Krampus-Burrito]
-The Steel Frame Pokemon
-Ability:  Intimidate - Stamina (HA)
-Dex: “Many tales are told about KRAMPURRITO and how it cames to be, many beleiving it as a malevolent creature who eats misbehaving children with its iron teeth although many think that is only a legend to scare small kids. This pokemon who was once a small herbivore has now evolved into a vicious carnivore that will pray into any small creature, pokemon or human, and will require a strong hand to tame, it is not strange to hear of a trainer that has been attacked by its one KRAMPURRITO, many with the missing fingers to prove it .”
    -Wood Hammer
    -Iron Head
    -Metal Sound

–>Evolves from MACHEEP at lv 30 with 2 levels of affection<–

189- PAPIERAPHIM [Papier Mache-Seraphim]
-The Paper Dress Pokemon
-Ability: Pixilate - Serene Grace (HA)
-Dex: “This pokemons body is lighter than paper and can easily take flight into the air, yet, it can witstand a storm without moving an inch, such power has made people to believe this pokemon to have supernatural powers, to be blessed or even to be considered a divine messenger. To raise this pokemon one must take deep care of it, to always keep it clean and groomed, for it will react with adversion to any form of impurity, and the sight of blood can make it fall ill.”
    -Hyper Beam
    -Petal Blizzard
    -Dazzling Gleam
    -Nature Power


Say hello to my brand spankin’ new persona!

Kulu is now officially a sheep demon, a very fluffy and smol one at that.

May I also say that for once I’m actually quite proud of this design and will most likely keep it as my main form

Name: Kulu (obviously)
Age: 20 in human years
Gender: non binary (uses “they/them” pronouns, but others are fine too)
DOB: October 26, 1997
Species: Demon
Height: 3 and half feet
Weight: 40 pounds
Abilities: Limited shapeshifting (can shift into other persona designs, and even has a monster form); Pathokinesis (the ability to read and manipulate emotions); The bell on their collar can emit pathokinetic energy to either soothe or unease the listener.
Personality: Usually friendly and cheerful around others that they trust. When alone, they like to talk to their self a lot. When upset, sad, or angry, they tend to act a bit carried away with their emotions to the point that the bell rings off waves of that particular emotion that is being currently expressed and affects other people around them.