I know someone may have already posted the info about how it’s gonna go for later this year, but I’ll post it here again:

Q&A from SAMURAI JACK Crew on Reddit:

1) Is the art style going to differ, or are we going to see the same Jack style we are used to?

The art style will be as close to the original as possible. Jack is slightly taller and just a bit older but basically the same. The backgrounds for the original series were hand painted but now we’re forced to paint them digitally due to the overseas production pipeline. I’m trying my best to match the original look. This 5th season is a continuation NOT a reboot so we want it to look and feel like the original show.

2) How much of the recent IDW comic run do you guys consider canon?

The IDW comics are NOT canon! They are completely separate from the animated series.

3) Will the opening theme song stay the same as always, or will we get a new one?

There are no plans to record a new theme song. There will be a new opening sequence but it’s not clear how the original song will be incorporated. It’s too early to say anything definite about the opening yet.

4) Seeing as the series is now going to be shown on adult swim, does that possibly mean that we are going to see a more dark and violent art style?
5) How do you plan to approach this next season? Is it the final one?

4) & 5) The studio doesn’t want me to say too much at this point but off the record I’ll say this…. Genndy’s goal with this 5th season is to give a proper ending to the series. Naturally the intensity and drama will be higher this time around due to the story reaching it’s conclusion. Being on Adult Swim will make it easier to push things dramatically and visually.

6) Are there any returning characters that you are excited to work on again besides Jack and Aku? (Like the Scotsman?)

Can’t say anything about returning characters, sorry.

7) Do you know if the original team/people who helped compose music for the show will return?

Genndy has been working with Tyler Bates since Sym-Bionic Titan and I think he’ll be doing the music for Jack.

8) Where you guys surprised to see Samurai Jack get so much traction and respect so many years after its cancellation/abrupt ending?

Yes, we were all very surprised by the reaction! We realized that there’s a whole generation that grew up with Jack and they have a huge amount of love and nostalgia for the show. I suppose it was also kept alive on Boomerang, Netflix and of course Youtube. It’s wonderful to see so much excitement for the return of Jack and we really want to deliver something truly amazing.

9) Unfortunately the Mako Iwamatsu who famously played Aku is no longer with us, however have you casted the new actor who will play Aku?

The voice of Aku hasn’t been cast yet. There are several ideas floating around and Genndy is starting auditions next week.

10) And finally, What would you like to say to the fans of Samurai Jack, and how best can we support the show besides watching of course?

Obviously promoting the show on Facebook, Instagram, or any social media is always great. I also really love Youtube episode reviews or talkback videos. It’s a nice way to interact and support the show.

We really appreciate all the fan love for Jack and we’re working to create something surprising, intense, moving and funny but still remaining true to the spirit of the original series.


Samurai Jack: Season 5 Behind the Scenes