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: april playlist :

lens - frank ocean
crowded places - banks
loyalty (feat. rihanna) - kendrick lamar
sign of the times - harry styles
teenage fever - drake
now or never - halsey
bloodstream - astrid s
no promises (feat. demi lovato) - cheat codes
charger (feat. grace jones) - gorillaz
dont leave (ekali remix) - snakehips
cool kids - kwaye
hey, did i do you wrong? - san cisco
9 (after coachella)(feat. mo) - cashmere cat
don’t take the money - bleachers
humble. - kendrick lamar
savage (feat. nyne) - paces
someone that you love - jarreau vandal
fall for you - emir hermono
glorious – tkay maidza
solid gold - sam rui
lust for life (feat. the weeknd) - lana del rey
afraid, unafraid - slumberjack
in motion (feat. japanese wallpaper) - allday
hard times - paramore
stoop so low - alextbh
whippin (feat. felix snow) - kiiara
electric touch - arizona
so close (feat. guy sebastian & bugzy malone) - tinie tempah
shelter - sachi
believe (triple j like a version) - dma’s
dreaming - bowtye


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Kendrick called it

J Cole called it

Lupe Fiasco called it

Capital Steez called it 

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Bino called it ,but yall aint hearin em though
Mick Jenkins and Isiah Rashad up next but yall wouldn’t hear them either


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Beach City - the last safe haven for humans on Earth?

If you wish to not speculate theories about Steven Universe and desire to enjoy the show with a clear mind with no expectations, then stop reading here.

If you shall continue on, then just think about it.

The Gems sing that “the people of this world believe in [them],” but what other people of the world do they actually protect other than the very small population of Beach City?

Remember the story Greg told to Steven about the messy history of the Gems in the episode “The Return”?

He stated that not only Gems were destroyed in the battle for Earth, but “people too.” And Rose could only save a “handful” of her closest friends.

So it’s possible that there was only a small amount of people left on Earth after the battle. And thus, the Gems created Beach City as the last safe place on Earth for humans, making it their central hub for protecting what’s left of humanity.

But the Gem battle took place MANY years ago right? So how could the citizens of Beach City be alive for so long? And how are they oblivious to the truth of their existence?

This has led me to believe that the citizens of Beach City have been brainwashed and left in a strange daze that causes them to believe that everything in their world is okay. Additionally, it could be possible that humans don’t age in Beach City. This seems like something the Gems could accomplish, simply for the sake of preserving human life on Earth. Why do I believe this?

Pearl backs up this theory in “Shirt Club” when freaking out over Steven and Buck Dewey’s t-shirts. She clearly states,
“Are the shirts destroying the wearer’s will to continue on in this mortal coil thereby shutting down Beach City?!”

Shutting down Beach City? Mortal coil? C’mon now. What else would Rose want but to ensure that humans could be safe, stay alive, and enjoy the simple pleasures of humanity while being oblivious to the terrible state of their planet?

So I think there’s room to assume that Beach City has a protective energy over it created by the Gems in order for humans to remain safe, alive, and oblivious.

Furthermore, there’s the “Now Leaving Beach City” billboard on the outskirts of the city. Something fishy seems to be going on around there. For the most part, the citizens of Beach City seem to not go past this sign very often. Or something always happens when they get there.

There is the exception of Steven going pretty far past this billboard with the cool kids Jenny, Sourcream, and Buck Dewey.

But they WERE with Steven, so perhaps his presence allowed them to leave without issue. He DOES have Rose’s gem, and she being the one that most likely created the daze-inducing nature of Beach City, enabled them to leave the city.

But what could really be left out there for humans?

It’s worth to note that in the episode “On The Run”, where Amethyst and Steven run away from Beach City, an interesting and confusing thing happens when they board a train.

See that radio tower (or whatever it could be) in the distance?

They pass this same tower quite a few times while on the train, in a very short time-frame. Here it is again when they’re inside one of the train cars.

And again a few moments later.

And AGAIN another few moments later.

Considering the speed of the train, it’s odd that it would stay in that same view for such a long time.

OKAY, it could just be the same use of the background and it could have no significance. But with the reputation of Steven Universe? With their extremely close attention to even the tiniest of details? I’m not convinced that this could be just a coincidence.

Perhaps that train is on a never-ending loop that goes no where, similar to the loop that Beach City appears to be in.

Okay so there are a few holes to this theory.

Like where exactly does Connie live?

Who are all these people at the Beach City parade where Steven first sees Connie?
Where are all those people now?

And did Jamie the mailman really go to Kansas on his long absence?

A lot still remains to be seen.

It is worth mentioning that on the Wikipedia page for Steven Universe, Rebecca Sugar, creator of SU, says that the show is influenced by the 1978 anime series Future Boy Conan.

This series centers around a boy named Conan who is born into a post-apocalyptic Earth. Basically, a devastating war between two major nations destroyed most of the Earth, resulting in the continents breaking apart and sinking deep below the sea. Humans attempted to flee into space but failed and crashed their ships. One ship manages to survive and crashes onto a small island, and it’s there that they settle. Conan is born when most of the population is already dead, bringing a new ray of hope to the earth.

…HMMMMMMMMM. Sounds a lot like the circumstances surrounding Steven’s birth.

It has been stated multiple times by the Crewniverse that any similarities Steven Universe holds to any existing anime, it’s most likely intentional.

So Beach City possibly being the last safe haven for humans (and whatever Onion is) on Earth and Steven being the new hope to save what’s left of the world? I’m sold to that theory.

Of course, this is all speculation, and I could be completely off. But nonetheless, Steven Universe is a completely amazing show, and the Crewniverse constantly proves that they’re many steps ahead of the fans, but still make it really fun for us. So whatever Rebecca and them have planned, it’s going to blow us all away. No doubt about it.