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I’ve been metaphorically leafing through Sass-Badger and I’m having trouble finding the exact conversation where Altaïr asks Malik about breakfast food. Do you remember the name of the food Malik said his mother made? Also, you’re a fantastic writer, and I cannot say enough about how much I love your work!

In Chapter 19, Malik has a brief moment of panic because he can’t think of any breakfast food that wouldn’t instantly reveal him to be a man (more or less).  This is brought on by hippo pancakes.

In Chapter 23, Altair mentions (for the first time) that his Grandmother used to make him Mamuneh'ya.  In later chapters he admits that he has no idea if it’s something his Father would have ever eaten (because Lamah doesn’t remember having it/it being a frequent part of her diet) just that his Grandma wanted him to have something that connected him to his father/Syria.  

I don’t remember Malik specifically ever having any breakfast food he liked?  I don’t have the most reliable memory but I don’t remember them having a breakfast food conversation?  There’s also a comfort food conversation after the accident (chapter 34) in which Malik says his Mom used to make them cinnamon sugar cookies. 

(I just want to say that I don’t have these chapter numbers memorized, I just remember certain phrases from conversations and I find those in the document.)

Thank you for the lovely compliment!  I hope I kind of helped?  If not, I can try looking again.