• <p> <b><p></b> <b>Person A:</b> Do you work at Dick's because you're sporting the goods~<p/><b>Person B:</b> Do you work at Sporting Good's because you're a dick.<p/></p><p/></p>

since everyone loves the beauty and the beast au so much i redraw these screencaps i saved a while ago???????? john needs to stop fighting wolves and yelling at alex for tryin to help (dw alex but him in his place by bein like “listen bitch im trying to help u”)

if people in my life had decided to shorten my first name Jonathan with John like every normal person does, then in combination with my second name Alexander I would be Lams and i feel like i missed out on something great there…

Why people gets so mad when artists draw black characters as whites, but no one seems notice when white characters are drawn as blacks?

I don’t mean to be rude.

Actually I don’t give a fuck about the color of the characters.

I’m just.


  • Me: but the thing is like it wouldn't have been hard to incorporate more lams into the play. It followed true to history, and we have the evidence to back it up. Even in today's progressive society it might have even created more of a nationwide phenomenon to see sexually ambiguous founding fathers on broadway. I don't know. It just would've been so easy and worked so well. Eliza and Angelica could've shared the opening line "Me? I loved him" with Laurnes and then Mariah could've said "Me? I lied for him" thus taking care of Laurnes' previous line. Y'know?
  • Uber driver: we're here.
Sometimes I like to tease

Part: Chapter 2/?

Pairing: Jamilams, Mentions of Platonic Lafferson.

Inspiration: I have the best friends and fans and I’ve been encouraged so much to write this au??

Summary: John Laurens was an art student, he loved it, it was his passion. His passion turned elsewhere as they had a new model. Thomas Jefferson, the guy was so hot, John swore that even Alex wouldn’t be able to resist. He told Alex about him and now there they were, both Alex and Laurens taking an art class where Thomas was a naked model and very flirtatious with both of them.

Warning: Nudity, Laurens having more balls than Hamilton and Kissing Thomas??

Word Count:

Tag Buddies: @ahyesfandoms  @spoiledbuni @quelledsilence @man-idk @kink-george @happinessanontotherescue @hamiltonhistory @iceprincessofthenorth @star-blooms

Dedication: All the people who asked for it especially a few people who encouraged me and read it and told me it was amazing

Warning since nudity and both Alex and John being sinful babs.

It had been a month since Thomas agreed to being a naked model. It had been about 2 weeks since he met John Laurens and 3 days since he met Alexander Hamilton.

If anyone had told him that these 2 guys would change his life he would have laughed at them and called them crazy.

Thomas was sitting on his bed, writing in a journal, that’s what he did when things happened. It was cliche, but it helped.

‘Dear stupid little notebook that I tell my thoughts,

I met Alexander Hamilton only a few days ago. I feel sad… But I shouldn’t. He and John are perfect for each other but my concentration has gone to shit. I like them both but I shouldn’t. They’re together. Maybe I should just stick with being alone. I should avoid them both… Maybe it’l help my stupid fucking school girl crush. I mean honestly, what am I? 12. No, I’m 25, I need to act my age.’

He set his pen down, grabbing his phone and looking at the time before cursing and falling off his bed in his panic. “Oof! Fuck-” He gets up, putting on his shoes and rushing past Lafayette.

“Thomas, what’s-” Thomas cut him off, putting on his signature purple varsity jacket.

“No time! We’re gonna be late for your art class!” He heard Lafayette curse and they both sped out.

Within 20 minutes they were there. Thomas wasn’t ready to see the two guys he knew he was in love with, because they were together and Thomas knew they were happy together but it hurt.

The second they walked in, John and Alex were at his side.

“Hi, sweetness.” John cooed, winking at him.

“Hello, Laurens.” He crossed his arms, but a smile grazed his lips even though he tried to fight it back.

“Morning, Jefferson.” Alex greeted him, at his left side, basically pushing Lafayette aside as he smiled up at him.

Lafayette rolled his eyes, annoyed. “I’ll see you later, Thomas.” He walked to his station.

“Good Morning, Alexander.” He smiled awkwardly and fidgeted. “I should..Uh… Go get ready. Bye.” He quickly fled to the dressing room where he always changed and let out a sigh of relief as closed the door behind him.

John looked at his boyfriend with a weird look, questioning what had just happened and Alex shrugged. “Let’s just go sit down, Johnny.”

Thomas had always been afraid to get close to people, ever since he was 14, his parents had died in a car crash but he survived and since then he never dated anyone, well that wasn’t true, his girlfriend, Martha died a few years back and since then he refused to date because he didn’t want to get hurt and yet here he was, hurt again.

It had been a week since Thomas had started to avoid them. He only have few words responses and just avoided them completely and John and Alex were growing annoyed.

“Did we do something? Why is he avoiding us?” John paced around the art room, while Thomas changed.

Lafayette was too concentrated on what he was doing to notice.

Alex looked at him with concern as he shrugged, sighing. “I don’t know but he have to confront him about it.” He said and John nodded.

Thomas was just walking out of the dressing room when John popped up next to him, Alex behind him and Thomas let out a shriek of shock. “What the fuck Laurens!?”

“You’ve been avoiding us and we want to know why.” He said, watching him.

“Whaaat? Psshh, no i haven’t.” He said, nervously, avoiding their gazes.

“Thomas. You won’t even come near us and you make every excuse to get away from us.” Alex spoke for the first time.

Thomas crossed his arms. “I don’t have to say anything.”

John couldn’t take it, he needed to kiss him. It was driving him crazy. John leaned in, his lips crashing onto Thomas’s.

Thomas felt lips on his and his eyes widened. He finally realized what was happening and his face went bright red. Suddenly John pulled back and Thomas gulped, looking at him with a bright red, shocked face,

Alex huffed, pushing John aside. “That’s not fair, John!”

“I couldn’t contain myself, Alex! You know how hard it is.” John protested.

Alex looked at Thomas. “Is this okay? Can I kiss you too?”

“I– I…Um…” He stuttered out and nodded hesitantly. He would be lying if he said that the kiss wasn’t good. His heart sped up and Alex leaned in closer, kissing him gently.

Thomas closed his eyes, savoring the kiss before he pulled back.

‘What mess have I gotten myself into?’ He thought as they left. Thomas tried to concentrate as he walked to the small stage and stripped off his robe.

Alex and John in their seat, looked him over before turning to look at each other. “We need to ask him out.” They both said at the same time.