Laurens: *Moaning* Oh, Alexander that feels nice.

Washington: *Stops walking*

Alexander: Really?

Laurens: Yeah don’t stop just keep going and be a little gentle.

Washington: *Leans against Alexander’s door and listens through to the convention.*

Alexander: Okay, how does this feel?

Laurens: *moans* Yes, right there! Don’t stop!

Washington: * Burst through Alexander’s door* WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HERE!

Washington:*sees Alexander’s hands on Laurens shoulders*

Alexander: Just giving Laurens a massage sir.

// I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory
this is where it gets me //

Hamilton Ship: Fluff Headcanons


• Alexander holding Laurens close while John is sleeping on Alex’s chest.

• Alexander kissing Laurens while carrying him bridal style.

• Laurens kissing Alexander’s neck.

• Alexander kissing every freckle on John’s face.

•Laurens would put a blanket on around Alexander whenever he has his late nights in his office.


• Every morning Hercules will wakes up Lafayette by kissing him on his forehead.

• Lafayette would sit on Hercules’s lap while watching tv.

• They would always go on top of the roof and watch the sunset together.

• Lafayette whispering sweet things into Hercules’s ear.


• Whenever Madison would get sick Thomas would always make soup and feed it to Madison in bed.

• Thomas would put his arm around James’s shoulder.

• Madison would sometimes sleep on Jefferson’s shoulder.

• Madison would make Mac & Cheese for Jefferson for a special dinner date.


On June 14, 2017, 38-year-old UPS worker Jimmy Lam arrived for work at the Potrero Hill distribution center in San Francisco, California and attended a meeting with fellow employees. Shortly after 8:50 a.m., he opened fire with a MAC-10 pistol equipped with a 30-round magazine, killing coworkers Benson Louie and Wayne Chan and injuring two others. Lam then exited the building and shot to death Michael Lefiti before returning inside. Within two minutes of entering the facility, police officers located Lam still armed with the gun to his head. They ordered him to put the gun down, but he committed suicide instead. He fired 20 rounds total from the weapon and an unused pistol was also recovered at the scene, along with a backpack containing one box of ammunition. Both of the guns were stolen. A motive has yet to be established, though Lam had recently filed an overtime grievance and police believe his victims were targeted.

A Mullette Fathers Day Gift!
  • Lafayette: *Comes in with a Fathers Day gift* Happy Early Fathers Day Hercules!!
  • Hercules: *Looks up and confused* But I'm not a dad Lafayette.
  • Lafayette: *Nervously Laughs* Yeah about that....
  • Hercules: *Faints*
  • John: I told you he'd do that!!
  • Alexander: *Laughs Hysterically*

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U: Coming home

So uh. While reading @because-cur-non‘s Revolutionary Fuckboys, I made a joke about future Thanksgivings at the Laurens residence to Alex. And so this is kind of a fic of that fic, though it also completely works independently:

“Okay okay okay. If you could add anything to this house, what would it be?”

Martha Laurens looked over her wine glass at Alex. They had just finished the pies, and since Henry and John and his brothers were still watching the game, Martha had announced that she and Alex deserved an early Thanksgiving drink or two for their patience.

Maybe, in retrospect, he had had a few too many.

“I have no idea,” Martha said. “Why?”

“Well, you know.” He stroked the white marble countertop. Martha raised an eyebrow. “John gets the house eventually, right? So we’ll be living here. And since the fact that he gets the whole house is some patriarchal bullshit, I thought I’d let you know now that you will always be welcome to move in with us.”

“Thank you for your generosity. I cannot wait to live with my older brother in the house I grew up in. For the rest of my life.”

“No problem. But like I was saying,” Alex said, gesturing towards the room behind him with his glass. Martha reached over and gently took it from him. “what would you want? Because like, no offense, I love the… size… of the house, but there are some things here I would change.”

“Would you now.”

“Yeah. So…?”

“Mmm.” Martha took a sip of wine. “Have you talked to Jack about this?”

“Yeah, but you know. He’s all—“ Alex took on a British accent, “—‘don’t talk about that Alex, it’s gauche.’” He shook his head. “I think he might actually like all the wood panelling.” Martha looked down and Alex stared at her dubiously. “Seriously?”

“I didn’t know there was anything wrong with it!” she protested.

“It’s in almost every—“ Alex stopped himself as Henry Laurens and John walked in to the kitchen.

The two looked between Alex and Martha in the sudden silence. Finally, Henry asked, “So what have you two been talking about?”

“Mutual friends,” Martha said immediately.

“Yeah, Eliza’s moving into a new place,” Alex added. “And she’s doing some redecorating now. Have you done any of that recently, Henry?”

Martha gave him her most poisonous smile and Henry frowned slightly. “Not anything significant, that I can think of. We put seasonal decorations in the entryway, of course.”

“Of course!” Alex said, snapping his fingers. “They went very well with the chandelier. How is that thing installed, by the way?”

“Did you guys need anything here?” Martha asked loudly.

“Just some beer,” John said. He turned to his father. “You know, I think I hear the game starting back up. You head on back, I’ll be there in a second.”

“Thanks, Jack.” Henry looked between Martha and Alex one more time. They both smiled brightly. He turned and headed back towards the sound of the TV.

“Thanks again for finishing up cooking, you guys,” John said as he slipped past Martha, squeezing her shoulder as he went. He disappeared behind the enormous fridge door and reappeared with a case. He started back to the living room, then stopped at the island. He turned, his back to Martha, and smiled at Alex.

“What?” Alex asked.

“Nothing. I’m just… glad you and my dad are getting along now.”

Martha gesticulated wildly in frustration behind his back. Alex smiled serenely. “Of course, J. I know how to behave.”