John Laurens, the courtesan.
First character sheet of tiashipyon and my Perfume AU.

Being the son of a fine noble man, John Laurens cold childhood was scheduled by his private education in literature, music and art.
At the age of 17 however his father disowns him after finding out about his sinful interest in men.
Finding shelter in Paris John tries to survive, selling art and giving lessons playing the violin.
One of his pupils including young Theodosia Burr, building a close friendship to her father Aaron Burr one of the police officers in Paris Suburb.
When his jobs don’t pay enough for living anymore Laurens is forced to hire as a courtesan, blaming his long auburn hair, angelic face and fragile frame covered in thousands of redish freckles on olive skin, earning quiet good money.
Not only getting paid for sex but for spying on several statesman for the   known all over town corrupt politician Thomas Jefferson, Burr starts worrying about his friends well-being. His offers for help being rejected by John who enjoys his life not being bound to one person, not owing anyone anything.
Till the day he stumbled over a young man, the owner of a little store producing and selling perfumes, named Alexander Hamilton.
The skinny pale boy himself, avoided by most people for his odd behavior and lack of empathy, quickly developes an obsession with the smal freckled man. John finds himself more and more fascinated by Alex’ view on the world, his weird social interactions and way of showing affection and feelings.
Slowly growing more than insight for each other, sharing their wishes and dreams, John tries to hide the secret that he’s incurably ill.
His scent is the first and only one, Alex is not able to name, but simultaneously the most seductive and strongest of all flavors he ever inhaled.
While most of the common scents the perfumer smells appear in one single color, he describes him as ‘all colourful sunsets at once.’

(thanks tiashipyon for writing most of the description for me <3)

Poly hamilsquad quotes #4

John:*is making chocolate milk*

Hercules:*starts beat boxing*

John:*rapping* don’t want no pop

Alex and Laf:No pop

John:Don’t want no juice

Alex and Laf:No juice

John:Just give me that milk

Alex and Laf:moo moo moo moo

John:That chocolate milk

Alex and Laf:moo moo moo moo

Hercules:*is still beat boxing *

John:Don’t want no drank

Alex and Laf:no drank

John:Don’t want no tea

Alex and Laf:no tea

John:Just give me that milk

Alex and Laf:moo moo moo moo

John:Delicious milk

Alex and Laf:moo moo moo moo

John:Just give me that milk

Alex and Laf:moo moo moo moo

John:Delicious milk

Alex and Laf:moo moo moo moo

Hercules:*finishes beat boxing *

John:Now that is how you make chocolate milk.

A/N This was a dumb idea,I know.

Dear Heathers Hamilton, Be More Chill Inktober Prompts! (read under the cut for specifications)

i made these for myself but please feel free to use them and dont forget to tag your artwork so i can share it! :) 

1. Okay, so we’re doing this
The first musical you’ve heard from the ones listed (aka the one that started it all)
2. How lucky we are to eb alive right now
Different time period AU
3. …And Heather
Draw characters that are not heathers as a heather!
4. Its from Japaaaaan!
Draw a character who isnt from BMC with a SQUIP
5.-I am not the one who the story’s about…
Supporting characters appreciation day
6. It changed the meaning, did you intend this?
Swap the plots of two different musicals!
7. A place where the grass is greener..
Favorite AU
8. Have you read this?!
Favorite fanfic/fanfic scene
9. This way too good for a school play!
Favorite scene from one of the musicals
10. How they perceive you…
Headcanon day!
11. You are my favorite person <3
Fandom Artist appreciation day
12. Upgrade!
Redraw your favorite panel from an animatic!
13. Your words flooded my senses..
Draw something that represents your favorite lyric
14. Sept Huit Neuf..
Angst. Just. Angst.
15. You will be found
Mental Health awareness day
16. Our love is god
draw your OTP(s)
17. But not beacuse we’re gay!
draw your BROTP(s)
18. I know this can be beautiful
Fix THAT part from a musical, you know which one.
19. A million words apart
Draw your crackship (An unpopular/not famous in the fandom ship)
20. My name is Alexander Hamilton
Hamilton AU (Or just revolutionary/old era AU)
21. No one deserves to be forgotten
Understudy/not OBC appreciation day
22. Who- Who are you?
Crossover day
23. A guy i’d kinda be into
Draw your favorite actor
24. If i could tell her
Draw your favorite actress
25. You play who you need to play
OTP personality/clothes swap
26. …Sacrifice?
The character that has sacrificed the most (in your opinion)
27. Maybe prom night?
Characters at prom
28. Theres no other half there..
Unrequited/One-sided ship
29. Anyone as trusting or as kind
The cinnamon roll
30. Hate the sin, love the sinner
the SINnamon roll
31. I’m halloween partying tonight
Last day! Draw characters on a halloween party/with costumes/trick or treating :)

Yes dating me comes with lots of snuggles and love, with but it also comes with my screeching of broadway musicals at 2am, but hey what a catch

Person A: I love you

Person B: I love you too


Person A: We’ve literally been married for 3 years

Person B: You were at the wedding, remember?

Person C: You totally like each other. You should go out

Person B: You made the DJ play Anaconda for the first dance

Person C: *doing finger guns and walking away backwards* I’ll leave you two lovebirds alone ;)