I remember a little more than 4 months ago, Toastyhat liked this one drawing of Rose that i did, probably forgotten by now but that was a very big deal to me back then, I was so ***>><EXCITED><<*** about that one like, I made it a personal trophy that it was worthy of the mighty toastyhat :P this was a huge inspiration to younger me so thank you for liking this dumb art post! have a redraw

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“Since you are reading this, chances are you have installed this game on your computer already.  If this is true, like many others, you have just participated in bringing about the end of the world.  But don’t beat yourself up over it.  There was never anything you could have done to prevent it.”

fullview please since tumblr likes making things blurryy

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Is being a therapist something you're interested in Rose?


I actually have an office of sorts. It is fairly makeshift, considering the school didn’t believe I was qualified enough for an actual office in the school. I’m working on that.

If you’d ever like to talk to me, you can schedule an appointment with me in the girl’s bathrooms and I can try to fit you in.