Summer Sun, Winter Moon

Written for this week’s @synchronisedscreaming flash fic challenge.  

Prompt: Emil/Lalli - summer sunshine and winter moonlight

(Also on AO3)

Emil glows golden no matter the time of year. But in summer, draped languid on the grass with his hair spilling across his discarded shirt, he’s incandescent. Lalli shakes off his own lethargy and rises on an elbow to get a better look. Just a look, nothing more—as much as he wants to trace the lines of Emil’s body with his fingers, or maybe his tongue, he also doesn’t want to wake him. Time enough for that later. It’s June, and the days are long. They won’t have to rush to get back before dark.

Lalli should probably nap too—especially if he intends to keep Emil up late tonight. But instead he watches the breath rise and fall in his lover’s chest, the breeze stirring his hair. He drinks the vision in until Emil’s eyes crack open, two pieces of cloudless sky looking up at him.

“Hey,” Emil says. His voice is thick with sleep, and he licks his lips. “Guess I drifted off for a minute. Sorry.” He starts to sit up, but Lalli stops him with a gentle hand. It’s easy enough to swing a leg over, to brush aside the golden hair and lower his mouth to Emil’s. Everything is easy, on this lazy summer afternoon. Just like Emil makes things easier all the time, with that spark of summer he carries inside him.

Lalli kisses him again, and tastes sunshine.

It’s far too cold to sleep alone, even if they wanted to. Luckily for Emil, Lalli doesn’t want to—they’ve come a long way from the days when he couldn’t sleep unless he was under a bed. It still gives Emil a little thrill though, seeing the moonlight reflecting off Lalli’s skin. He comes to bed after Emil most nights, which means Emil gets a fine view as Lalli peels away his uniform and stacks it neatly on the chair next to his side of the bed. Emil has taken to leaving the curtains open a crack, just so he has better light to see by. If Lalli’s noticed, he hasn’t said anything.

He doesn’t say anything now, either, as he pushes aside the covers and crawls into bed. He does his best to disturb the blankets as little as possible, but a shiver of cold air still worms its way in. That’s fine, though; it makes the next part easier.

“Come here,” Emil whispers. He reaches out, and Lalli eases into his arms. His skin is ice-cold at first—Emil can’t help flinching a little—but soon warms where their bodies meet. Lalli tucks his face against Emil’s neck and sighs.

“Tired?” Emil asks. He’d been about to drift off, but Lalli’s proximity has given him other ideas.

“Mmm.” Lalli leans back so Emil can see his face. His eyes catch the moon, wide and silvered and deep enough to drown in. “Not really.” He tilts his head to the side. “You?”

Emil smiles and tucks Lalli’s hair behind his ear. “Not at all.” It’s late, and he has to be up before the sun. But when Lalli pulls him down for a kiss, it feels like they have all the time in the world.

Something I was reminded of today by @strawberry-jambouree

When I was growing up (aged 8?) I had a vinyl record that was the words and music from Disney’s Robin Hood. It was recorded onto a cassette. I never saw the film, but I know every word.

So anyway when Robin Hood came out on DVD in about 1996 I was amazed that they were all animals. They never mention that! I saw Alan Adale singing ‘ooh de lally’ and I was like HE’S A FUCKING ROOSTER?!

And no, her being called Lady Kluck didn’t help me know she was a chicken, cause Cluck was my childhood nickname.