Town 25 – Lal Lal

Municipality: Moorabool Shire

Population: About 800 people, 228 residences.

First settled: 1845, originally as part of an extensive sheep run.

Main industries: Agriculture, mining (historically)

Claim to fame: The iconic and natural beauty, Lal Lal Falls.

Five fast facts

1. So nice they named it twice! Lal Lal means “dashing waters” in the original Wathaurong community.

2. Lal Lal holds the record for the highest crowd at a country race meet – more than 32,000 people on New Year’s Day, 1937. About 10,000 racegoers arrived by train.

3. Geologists say centuries ago, Lal Lal was a lake with a natural sand bank. A series of eruptions created the town’s surrounding rivers.

4. Gold prospecting dominated Lal Lal in the late 1800s and in 1981 there was talk of bringing a diamond drill to town.

5. Lal Lal Falls is the spiritual resting place of the Kulin people.

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