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350 Followers Celebration!!

Well yeah. So this happened a few days ago and I just wanted to thank all of you for not only clicking that small button but also making me smile so often and sending me cute messages and just talking to me in general (hmu if you wanna chat about whatever bc I really love getting to know you guys so much 😊). Y’all have been so amazing and sweet idek what to say I just really love y’all so so much. Thank you for everything💕
(why am I always this soppy in those things? idk… deal with it, ok??😅)

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7 Fresh Pieces of Fan Art Inspired by the Captain America: Civil War Trailer

The new Captain America: Civil War trailer saw the Avengers (and the Marvel fandom) picking sides: Team Cap or Team Iron Man? It’s a pretty tough choice. Luckily, times of conflict often bring about surges of great creativity. With that in mind, we’ve tomato picked some of our favorite pieces of fan art inspired by the trailer. 

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