My Lalilu

Assalamualaikum everyone!
I am currently on my laptop doing stuff for my mooting oral submission on thursday but i run out of ideas of what to write and also im very the lazy to read the full cases 😩 on top of that, i am thinking of my outfit for tomorrow that i had to stare at my closet for a good 5 minutes. Craaaazyyyy.

I had an amazeball long weekend recently & i went to see my girlfriends whom some of them i havent seen in the longest time! Its really a blessing when we can gather around like old times just talking and laughing again, damn now i really do miss high school. No dramas, less stress (in fact no stress at all) and you can see your girlfriends everyday, if they come to school 😂😂 and just when i thought our characters have changed as we grow older, we are still the same person who love to tease each other and laugh about it right after.

Ever since high school, we called ourselves “The Lalilu”. We came up with that name when we were 14 and created a whatsapp group when we were 17 (bcs before that no whatsapp whatsoever). There are 6 of us, Anis, Shera, Erin, Iman, Hudda and myself. There wasnt a day that went by where we did not talk to each other, theres always a topic for us to borak, be it personal or general. Since we parted ways and left highschool, we didnt see and talk to each other very often but we always know this friendship has to last.

Right now, im in Uitm shah alam while Hudda & Erin are just nearby in Msu (but very very hard to jumpa) doing diploma in Human Capital Management & degree in Tesl respectively, Iman in Segi Damansara doing medic, Anis in Mmu Melaka doing Law degree and Shera in Utem doing degree in Engineering.

Im the kind of person who is easily touched when i read and look at photos of friendships & the meaning of togetherness. My mum always taught my siblings that we should value our friends no matter where we go & what we do. Bcs lets be real, we cannot survive our lives without having friends. There isnt one person in this world who doesnt have at least one acquaintance or friend.

In all circumstances, my Lalilu will always be among the important people in my life. When i get married, when i have kids in sha Allah one day, i want them to witness it all. I really wish that we can hold on to this friendship even though we have 10 million other friends. Cant wait for one of us to get married. I wonder who will go first haha. Love them long time! 🌸❤️