So with the Thermians misunderstanding the truth as “a very clever deception indeed”, how did Laliari react to being in the “historical documents” herself? To the plywood sets and acting/pretending/lying. That there was no big ship after all. 

Or are we to suppose that the Thermian naivety runs so deep she wouldn’t question any of it even when face to face with the truth herself?

Talking to someone about it, he first kept repeating “DO NOT QUESTION IT”, in fear of ruining the movie - yes, I’m aware it’s a parody movie, but how would it ruin anything to think further on a character we know next to nothing about?

About how a member of a hugely naive culture would react when she got to look behind the curtains.

I’d like to think she could start questioning the world around her, but like the person I was talking to eventually (very grudgingly) supposed, she’d probably just assume they’re doing re-enactments of historical events for recording purposes.

Would the people around her keep lying to her to shelter her?

Or would they try to explain it?