The signs and why they can’t fall asleep

Aries: “Can i honestly kill him tomorrow yeah, i’ll do that, wait hm..”
Taurus: “Ughhhh, freaking homework and stresssss”
Gemini: “Lalallala, i’m not even tired, literally fuck this”
Cancer: “I have to go to school tomorrow for that big test…omg fucking SLEEP”
Leo: *Laughs at own jokes*
Virgo: “I hate her so much, what a fucking bitch, fuck…”
Libra: “Shes so beautiful goddammit stop smiling sleep comonnn”
Sagittarius: “How will i explain this tomorrow?”
Capricorn: *Plans out future goals*
Aquarius: *Creates theories about dark matter*
Pisces: “I hope she’s okay…”

When the 2Ps can't fall asleep
  • 2p!america: can i honestly just kill him tomorrow yeah i'll do that wait hm
  • 2p!china: she's so beautiful god dammit stop smiling sleep c'monnn
  • 2p!england: oh my goodness how will i explain this tomorrow
  • 2p!france: is it too late to go smoke a cigarette fuck this i'm gonna go smoke a cigarette
  • 2p!russia: *creates theories about dark matter*
  • 2p!italy: *plans out future goals*
  • 2p!germany: lalallala, i'm not even tired literally fuck this
  • 2p!japan: i have to go to school tomorrow for that big test... fUCKING SLEEp *proceeds to play hentai games*
  • 2p!canada: ughhhhh, freaking work and stresssss
  • 2p!romano: i hate her so much what a fucking bitch fuck
  • 2p!austria: *random fall out boy lyrics keep popping into his head*
  • 2p!prussia: i hope she's okay...