Part of the family. || Jules and Chris

Jules sat on her bed, playing with her phone in her hands. Secretly, she knew they should get there the night before because she had a lot of maid of honor duties to attend to tomorrow. Jules loved Gina like a sister and seeing her marry James was perfect. She was finally going to be part of the Marcott clan. Pressing the number 9 on her phone, the blonde listened for the ring on the end. It echoed loudly in her ear until she heard the static of her brother’s voice, “Sup Jules?” “Hey James, Chris and I headed out tonight.” Taking a small pause, she let out a sigh, “You got what I asked for right?" 

Jules walked back and forth in her room, clutching her phone in her hand. Her breathing heavy and her hands shaking. The blonde knew their one month was about a week away and she knew exactly what she wanted to give him. Pressing the number nine, she waited. "Hello?” called out James’ voice on the other end. “Hey you. It’s Jules.” Sitting down on the bed, she kept her lips pursed. “I know, please don’t tell me you are calling to bag out of our wedding. I don’t think Gina could handle that right now” A small chuckled echoed through the phone. Shaking her head, the blonde was flustered, “No. Obviously not. I’m calling because, well, I need you to do me a favor. My one month is coming up with Chris and I want to hive him the Marcott family ring. You know the one that every man in our family has with our crest on it. You have the newest one and I was wondering if you could go get his made and then give it to him on the wedding day to welcome him into the family. You know like how dad gave on to you. How Uncle Pat gave one to Annabelle’s boyfriend….” Her voice trailed off. There was a long pause before James’ response, “Jules, don’t you think it’s a bit early. You don’t want to scare him off now. I mean I’ll give it to him with pride, but I don’t want him to be like fuck no and hurt you.” Jules let out a sigh and shook her head, “No it’s not like that James. I love him. I really do… And I know he loves me. Please believe me. I can’t explain it okay? It’s just, he makes me happy. Always.” Jules’ heart was in her chest. What was James going to do? If he didn’t get the ring made there was no hope she could do it. “Fine.” James muttered. “I’ll do it. I knew a week into dating Gina I loved her, so fine." 

"Obviously” James’ voice called out, snapping her back into reality. “Okay, I love you bro, see you soon.” Jules walked over to her dresser and placed on the necklace Chris’ had given her the day before. Her hair in a side braid, wearing a loose fitting t-shirt dress with a belt, the blonde looked at the brides maid dress one more time. Placing it in the garment bag, she zipped it up and grabbed her suit case. Jules made her way across the commons and to Chris’ room. She kicked the door, seeing as she had no free hands and waited for the boy to answer. 

Sou sua. Totalmente e completamente sua. Entende isso? Eu sou sua garotinha, sua princesa, sua pequena. Sou sua amiga, sua amante, sua confidente, sua irmã. Sou sua heroína, sua musa, sua inspiração. Sou seu sonho, seu desejo, seu suspiro. Sou sua força, sou sua fraqueza. Sou teu medo, sou sua proteção. Sou tudo aquilo que você precisar contanto que você também seja meu.
—  Andressa Araújo (spaceofdreams)