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For the record, the pole was not mentioned as an amenity when I booked this thing. #queserasera #roadtrip #TheLucky13 #itstoofuckingearly mojojojo firestarta, quickasquicksilver, sassysouthernbelle, rajuncajun

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raggedyannabel: SOMEONE’s seen Magic Mike XXL, I see #roadtrip
yeralizardharry: Exciting! Have fun Cole!
deardiedra: Come to Texas! I live 5 mins. from the courthouse<333
lalalandon: For the record, any pole dancing videos of you would be funny as f*** lol.
generaleecool: Awww that means no MFW pix of you? :( Booo
spicensugarr: Post a selfie so I can MCM you tomorrow!
ob100: Jealous of all the fun you’re having this summer. 
luv2luvlola: Oooo a road trip! Mad jellie! Why would you leave your wife behind?!!
hearteyesmthrefr: Where are you going????
sexybitchh8181: Bachelor party??? ;)))
turnitupforwill: Admit it. You have an inner pole dancer just dying to get out. See you soon, bro.
therealjmurren: IT’S THE FINALL COUNTDOWWWWWN. :D Have a safe trip C.

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