My bby Laura singing one of Taylor’s new songs, State of Grace. If you don’t know who Laura is, seriously watch and subscribe to her channel. I promise she rocks.

vessaliusbunny asked:


❣- An unpopular opinion I have

I hate when people steal. headcanons, ideas, threads, icons. its all based off one thing ‘respect’ 

Someone has taken the time to create these things, and yet you just come along and take what you think is yours just because they don’t own the actual material. 

Coping is also another thing. I hate it. Just don’t do it. its not admirable, its not cute. its annoying. Don’t do it. agh.

❧ - Other websites I’m on

facebook (thought at as much)

Youtube! I edit, whenever i get the chance or have inspiration. I’m not very good at it though.

☑ - My real name’


Hindi ko maintindihan yung ibang lalaki. yung tipong, feeling mo MU na kayo kasi ang sweet niyo tapos biglang mawawala. yung feeling na, ang tagal-tagal niyang di nagparamdam (text, chat, sa personal) tapos dadating yung araw na bigla ka itetext parang walang nangyari. tapos, pag feel niya na nagkakatext na kayo, bigla na lang hindi mag-rereply. medyo bastos. -_-

hindi niyo lang alam kung gaano kasakit sa babae yung maiwan ng walang pasabi man lang. umaasa kasi kami. madali kaming umasa, sa sobrang dali naming umasa, sobra din kaming nasasaktan at nauuwi sa nga nga. -_-

bakit kaya ganun ano po?

My dad is jamming out to the Les Mis 10th anniversary concert (switching it up cause normally it’s 25th all the way) and I just realized I’ve been listening to Master of the House for 15 minutes on repeat. We’re a les mis family