a couple of Old Selfies bc I think I’m cute idk


Some time ago someone asked me to do a tutorial so i tried something. 
If there are any questions feel free to ask!! Or if you have any kind of advice please feel free to message me!
Even if it isn’t helpful in any ways you can see how i draw (mainly fast art but the routine doesn’t change much for regular pictures). The examples you can see here don’t take much time (and also less layers & folders). Usually i need around 30 mins and 1 hour for this kind of piece. Due to occasional neck pain & hurting wrist i’m used to draw really fast that’s why i don’t mind if i mess up somewhere. 

And yes i did’t finish Squalo since his shirt is white and i’d just add one more layer haha blame lazy me. I put the folder for clothes in between skin and hair. Yup, that’s it.

Exo’s reaction to you kissing them on the doorstep after your first date.

Xiumin: “You didn’t need to do that, I would have done it for you.” *kisses you again*

Luhan: “I should’ve kissed you first you know, cause I’m manly and stuff. That was cute though.“

Lay: *can’t stop smiling* “Ehh, that was cute, I definitely wanna see you again now.”

Tao: *Afterwards brags to all his hyungs how he kissed you even though it was the other way around, taking all the credit*

Chen: “Oh no my lips are so lonely, wanna do that again to cheer them up?”

Kris: *After you leave he tastes your lipgloss on his lips and thinks about the kiss* “Yep, it’s strawberry.”

Baekhyun: *After the kiss he’s somewhere else in his own universe blown away by the kiss* “lalalaa congrats Baek you got yourself a ladyyy” *sings on his own*

Chanyeol: *You’re on your tiptoes trying to reach for him, he picks you up so you’re on his level* “That’s better.”

Sehun: *When you get embarrassed after the kiss* “Don’t be embarrassed, I would have kissed me too.“

Suho: “And I definitely wanna see you again!”

Kai: *Liked it so much he doesn’t want the night to end there, you two end up sitting on the porch and talking for another hour*

D.O: *doesn’t know what to do so he just smiles and says you goodbyes, he blows you a kiss from the car before he drives off*

*gifs are not mine, credit to owners*



nah they actually have schedule to make breakfast
Wait.. Does this count as ritual too? o.O
so messy coz this is the 1st challenge i finished QwQ
also made a short comic as an apology for half-assed the coloring and.. AND OMG ADD’S CLOTHES CHANGE FROM V-NECK TO TURTLENECK I’M SORRY AGSHJAKWMSO