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Messi GOAT series | Lionel Messi scored a brace against Bayern, in Camp Nou, for the Champions League (14/15). His second goal exploded the internet, causing a influx of memes and vines featuring Leo destroying Boateng primarily, but also Neur and Xabi. To quote Kevin Williams, there are no words to make Leo’s “superhuman performance on this colossal stage make some sort of linguistic sense”. In the end, Pep was right: Messi can’t be stopped. [gif quotes from Gary Lineker and Rafael Hernández]


Guys! I forgot to show you the stuff I bought at the Opera Garnier! They had an entire section dedicated to the Phantom in their souvenir shop… and with my limited budget, I had to slap myself violently to avoid over-spending. But at least I could afford this PotO comic by Christophe Gaultier!

(and some other small things, some of which I might use for a future giveaway)

(shhh don’t tell me I fell into the tourist trap, not listening LALALA)

For some strange reason, they’ve changed the names of several of the main characters in the comic, but I can live with that.


Eeeh I decided to post some of my headcanon designs for some of the Tolkien elves. Those are just some quicker or slower sketches [that’s why most of them are so horribly horrible :“‘DDD] with flat colors slapped on them, generally I’m not sure, I might redesign some of them o: And clothes, oh god, how do I clothes.

  • Fingon [to whose braids I forgot to add some gold, sigh], Maedhros, Aredhel, Amarie
  • Findis, Fingolfin, Lalwen, Finarfin
  • Olwe, Earwen, Thingol, Luthien
  • Indis, Miriel, Elenwe, Galadriel
  • Luthien, Amarie, Anaire, random Teleri lady [whose design i like so maybe I’ll make her a someone], two Avari ladies [that are 100% done with the Exiles’ shit]

And I know most of those designs are far from canon but um. Headcanon, right? 'w’