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PART 1 of my Project 9 Years with Seungri 

09.28.2006 LALALA
12.21.2006 DIRTY CASH
09.16.2007 LIES
11.05.2008 STRONG BABY
06.04.2009 GARAGARA GO
06.29.2010 TELL ME GOODBYE
01.20.2011 VVIP
02.23.2011 TONIGHT
08.12.2013 GOTTA TALK TO YOU

MADE Era is extra special because of the endless comebacks. Therefore, it’ll be a separate section/part by itself ! Will be doing 7 chibis from MADE era, including If You because that song is my life and my love.

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You think you left and Lilith came and we all died in a beautiful blast of… white light? If only. 45 minutes.
Over 45 minutes. Lilith said she wanted to have some fun. The secretary was first. Remember her? Nancy, the virgin. Lilith filleted Nancy’s skin off piece by piece. Right in front of us, made us watch. Nancy never stopped screaming.
I was the last.